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Maddow blasts conservative media for "bullpucky" headLIES, hypocrisy


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Last night Rachel Maddow rightfully blasted the conservative "news" media for creating false headlines, spreading "bullpucky," inventing their own news, and indulging in the worst kind of self-serving hypocrisy and propaganda. Here is the entire segment, well worth a watch. Further down is a much shorter clip in which Maddow skillfully and effectively gets to the heart of the matter.

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Maddow bullet pointed several scandals, including this one:

Hooker scandals are about as rare in politics as hot days in July. We have a lot of them. But just because we have them all the time... it doesn't mean that they're ever anything but awkward. But here, perhaps, is the mother of them all.

vitter pillVitter madame phone list

And then she documented the blatant hypocrisy of the right wing commentator who founded the conservative media outlet The Daily Caller, Tucker Carlson.

They [the conservative media] decided that Sen. David Vitter's history with hookers just wasn't a big deal. Nothing that we should 'bother' the Senator about. Tucker Carlson [said], "That's barely illegal."

Tuck compared that felony to "double parking." Yes. He said that. Just watch the video above, it's at about 16:20. He tossed that out just before he blurted out that "one out of three women" patronizing New Orleans restaurants was "for sale." And then he claimed he'd defend any Democrat as zealously as he defended Vitter. An equal opportunity defender of hooking up with hookers. What a guy.

Maddow's Moment of Mockitude followed:

Who among us has not paid a hooker for sex while serving in the United States Senate? Can't these people solicit hookers in peace without us bothering them?

But oops! Carlson's own Daily Caller called out Democratic Senator Bob Menendez for... guess what?

daily caller gop fail hypocrisy hooker scandal

Of course, the Daily Caller pushed the story hard, and before you know it, that paragon of accurate reporting, Fox, ran with it. And ran with it. And ran with it. Right before the 2012 election. Of course, the story turned out to be bogus, but hey, that never stops the liberal right wing media, now does it? Oh, and Menendez won the election.

As it turns out, the only time the GOP defends paying for sex is when their fellow Republicans engage. But the minute a Democrat gets caught with his pants down, fugetaboutit. All bets are off. Peddle that story. Sell it hard. Make it sound legit. Smear the opponent. Condemn the Dem.

Here is how Rachel Maddow ended the segment. It's a concise history of right wing "news" headlies. That's no typo, it isn't meant to read "headlines." It's headlies. Because that's what they sell, and that's what eager and/or willfully ignorant and/or gullible audiences buy.

The most pointed part of the Rachel Rant came at the end. Here's the clip:

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...Bullpucky that has been invented by and for the conservative media who are happy to tell each other for years that this is news and not just stuff they made up. While the real media, and frankly the politicians who have to swim in that sewer, have to worry about this parallel track of paranoid, fake information, that traffics as news on the American political right, but that is disproven everywhere else outside their echo chamber...

It is one thing for us to be domestically inventing this stuff for ourselves. It's another thing for this weird, fake channel in our supposed news media to allegedly, at least, to become a conveyor belt to foreign countries' disinformation about U.S. government officials...

[This] has to do with our own intelligence as a nation and what the consequences are for all of us, of a conservative movement that has now spent a full generation telling people, telling Americans, "Do not trust the actual news," and to instead invent their own conservative version of it. And they did that. And this is where it got us.

And apparently, at least, Cuba, maybe, appears to be delighted with the results.


"Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is even more scary than I realized."


 (Credit: Reuters/Yuri Gripas)(Credit: Reuters/Yuri Gripas)

Today's Los Angeles Times letters to the editor, because our voices matter:

Re "Scalia the 'originalist' holds court on his views," Oct. 13

Oh, wow: Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is even more scary than I realized.

He implied that a reporter who was apparently surprised that Scalia believes in the devil is "out of touch with most of America" yet admits to getting his news largely from conservative talk radio. He said he ignores mainstream print media.

I do wish, though, that courts would actually follow his "originalist" philosophy when it comes to gun laws. I'm OK with people owning a musket, since it only fires one shot per loading.

Brenda Guertin

San Pedro


Scalia is, by far, the best argument for term limits for Supreme Court justices.

First of all, he is largely unconcerned about the influence of money in politics; he says $3.5 million given to a campaign is "not a heck of a lot of money." He admits he gets his news from talk radio, the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Times but won't read the Washington Post or the New York Times because they are "so shrilly, shrilly liberal."

Scalia certainly doesn't get the fact that Thomas Jefferson's idea of separation of church and state — the necessary ingredient for democracy — is a distinctly liberal idea that conservatives are still not wiling to accept. And that the original "originalist" who wrote the the Constitution, James Madison, kept all mention of God out of the document.

Madison never mentioned the devil either.

Richard Parr

Santa Monica


Video- Fox's Megyn Kelly And Ed Henry Ponder Why Obama Called Henry Mitt Romney's Spokesperson


Even you guys aren't that stupid, you know exactly why. Via.