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Apparently, the US Government Will Be Overthrown on Friday


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GOP Rep. Gingrey on climate change: Gov't should “put surgical mask on rear ends of every cow”


Rep. Phil Gingrey

Back in 2010, our dear Paddy (R.I.P.) posted a video of Rep. Phil Gingrey: Seniors Would Lose Care To Save Money For "Injured Professional Athletes." In that post, Paddy said, "You've got to admit that they get pretty creative when they're desperate."

A couple of days ago, Phil Gingrey joined six other Republicans in a debate hosted by the state GOP. Or to put it another way, seven conservatives tried their level best to out cray-cray each other to win a Senate seat. Roll Call:

In front of a couple hundred voters at the Columbia County Exhibition Center just outside Augusta, the candidates sought to fortify their conservative credentials on immigration, the Second Amendment, abortion and what can be done to improve confidence in the economy.

Wait. Didn't we recently hear that Republicans were backing away from issues like abortion and gay rights because they were losers with voters? So much for that. And so much for that Big Outreach Effort they insist is mandatory in order to win elections. But I digress. Back to the Whacko Zone...

Rep. Jack Kingston, trying to make a case for electing creaky old DC insiders, said “I’m not going to apologize for being a long-term soldier fighting for the conservative cause." Since when has he ever apologized for anything? Moving on.

And anti-immigration (there's that outreach thing again), anti-John Boehner (there's that Republicans Eating Their Own thing again) Rep. Paul Broun decided he would “die for your right” to carry a lethal weapon. Note to Broun: Innocent people die because of such irrational reverence for killing machines.

But the big winner of the Questionable Sanity Award goes to Rep. Phil Gingrey:

Gingrey highlighted his three decades as an OB-GYN to prove he was no professional politician, noting he has delivered 5,200 babies. On government regulations meant to curb climate change, Gingrey quipped that maybe the government should “put a surgical mask on the rear ends of every cow” to stop the release of methane.

Speaking of face coverings, how about a soundproof surgical mask that covers the speaking end of every right wing radical?

Note to Gingrey: Regulations keep us alive by protecting us from poisons in our food, air, and water. Or perhaps you'd prefer Chinese milk laced with melamine instead?

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'Tis the season to be hateful... to liberals


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Heads up: Some adult content is included in this post. Hide the kids.

It's become a tradition here at The Political Carnival to provide anyone who has a worthy product or service with free promotion opportunities via our daily holiday posts. Whether it's a book, art work, soaps, charitable groups, good causes, you name it, we're more than happy to help you get more exposure every holiday season.

'Tis the giving season, after all, and Progressives are generally very giving people.

Most readers find our endeavors to share your endeavors to be a positive thing, something worth celebrating, something that benefits everyone involved.

Key word: "Most."

Below is a comment that I deleted under one of those recurring posts, Send In Your Suggestions For Cool Things 2013! Please note the political leanings of the author (who has since been banned from any future attempts to leave a comment). I may be wrong, but I don't recall liberals being this vile. I don't see tree-hugging, commie French gay Kenyan Marxist socialist Muslim liberal peaceniks spreading such violent hatred and vividly foul outbursts at conservative sites.

This kind of desperate, needy cry for attention is, sadly, not uncommon among extreme right wing commenters, both here at TPC and in my Twitter stream. Here's what this particular bottom-feeder felt obligated to dislodge from deep within his decaying bowels:

Could we get t-Shirts with the following photos:

Martin Bashir being beheaded.
Rachel Maddow in a rape room in Libya.
Obama giving Reggie Love head.
Mooshelle selling tickets to the deflowering of Sasha and Malia by Harry Reid.
Hildabeast being eaten by Huma while she corn holes Nancy Pelosi.

These thinks would sell like hot cakes at the next democratic convention.

"These thinks" were apparently so irresistible in the vacuum that place-holds for this cretin's cesspool of a brain that he couldn't wait to find just the right post at TPC to deposit them.

Imagine what his/her home life is like. Imagine how he/she must have been raised.

I usually just delete and ban (again, I did), but in this case, I admit I felt compelled to respond. Maybe it's because I'm more stressed out and less patient than usual, as you can read about here; or maybe it's because I've simply had enough and occasionally feel the need to follow the advice of "Network's" Howard Beale and scream, "I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!"

And that's essentially what I did in my response:

"Lessthantolerant" is apparently compensating for his shortcomings, which appear to be plentiful. I'm sure the warden will return him to his cell shortly. Meantime, he's banned from our place. He can jack off to his sick little, self-entertaining musings somewhere else until what's left of his brain disintegrates along with his psyche and tiny penis.

Yeah, I went there. So sue me. Sometimes enough is enough.

Happy holidays.


"If there's anything a member of Congress values more than democracy, it's his own financial security."


wingnut alert

Today's Los Angeles Times letter to the editor, because our voices matter:

Re "GOP's unhealthy obsession," Editorial, Sept. 12

Your thoughtful editorial encourages compromise by House GOP members who want to shut down the government to defund the Affordable Care Act, or who propose defaulting on the national debt by refusing to raise the debt ceiling if any of the borrowed money funds the healthcare law.

Alas, the House GOP's lunatic tea party members owe their jobs to primary voters who chose them over more moderate Republican candidates. These wing-nuts created the great lie that the Affordable Care Act is a danger and an insult to democracy. Those who compromise risk losing their seats to activists even more extreme.

If there's anything a member of Congress values more than democracy, it's his own financial security. I doubt many tea party House members could find jobs that pay as well as the ones they have.

Marvin J. Wolf

Mar Vista Heights

in greed we trust