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Let's see how much the Republican Party has evolved today. If you're a regular reader, you know I've been keeping track. After all, they've promised America that they're undergoing a major makeover, reinventing themselves, reaching out to all Americans, and showing the country what a swell party they really, truly are.

But rather than altering their extremist positions, rather than compromising, rather than meeting the president and the Democrats half way, they're resorting to their usual obstructionist tactics. Again.

The GOP's only real goal is to destroy President Obama and his legacy, despite how their negativity and attacks affect their fellow Americans. What matters to them is more power and profit. That's why they're so relentless in pushing their loony conspiracy theories, that's why they're on that insane Benghazi Witch Hunt (with the added bonus of trying to smack down Hillary Clinton and her possible 2016 presidential run), and that's why they have done all of this:

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But back to the legislation and nominees at hand. Via David Hawkings at Roll Call:

Speaker John A. Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced they would simply ignore a provision in the health care law calling on each leader to pick someone for a new panel with the power to dictate Medicare spending reductions without fear of congressional reversal.

The two said in a letter to Obama that such a bureaucratic maneuver was the best way they knew to protest the new Independent Payment Advisory Board, in light of their inability to kill it by repealing Obamacare completely.

At the same time, all eight Republicans boycotted this morning’s meeting of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, which under a wrinkle in the rules prevented the panel from advancing Gina McCarthy’s nomination to run the EPA.

The protest came less than 18 hours after the Republicans on the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions panel leveraged another obscure procedural obstacle to stop Thomas E. Perez’s nomination for Labor secretary from getting to the Senate floor.

See how evolved they are?

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By the way Harry Reid, how's that that “gentleman’s agreement” with Mitch McConnell workin' for ya?


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You know that "Obama phone"? Oops! More like "Reagan phone" and "GW Bush phone."


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This post is dedicated to every ignorant right wing conspiracy theorist troll who has proudly left comments here at The Political Carnival slamming Big Bad Marxist Kenyan Socialist Obama for allegedly giving out free phones (false rumors) to The (black) Takers, those slovenly (black), irresponsible (black) moochers who just want a (black) free ride from Big Guvm'nt; blah (black) voters who say they're broke but actually have extravagant, frivolous appliances like *gasp!* refrigerators!

"You food shilling motherf***ers! How DARE you?"


Not. So. Fast conspiracy theorists.

Via the Washington Post:

“Obama phone” is the widely used — and misleading — nickname of a 28-year-old federal program known as Lifeline. It provides discounts, averaging $9.25 a month, on phone service for 13.3 million low-income subscribers. [...]

In the 3 1/2 years after false rumors started that the Obama administration was giving free cellphones to poor people — and six months after a racially charged video about it went viral — a once-obscure phone service subsidy is getting renewed scrutiny on Capitol Hill. [...]

Lifeline was begun not by President Obama but under Ronald Reagan. It expanded to include cellphone service during the presidency of another Republican, George W. Bush.


Conservative talk radio went full-on nuts, pushing the “Obama phone” stories, accusing President Obama of distributing them to get poor people and minorities to vote for him. As I mentioned at the top, I continue to get smug comments about this, yet the phones were originally Reagan and W projects.

You know, kinda like when President Obama inherited the recession. And I wonder how these finger-pointers felt when they saw Reagan insisting that Social Security has nothing to do with the deficit...


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I do believe the correct response is....


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