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Stick it to Rush, Glenn, Sean... and Clear Channel for giving Stephanie Miller, Randi Rhodes the boot in L.A.


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I was fuming yesterday, and I continue to fume today. However, I am turning that fume-itude into constructive revenge, if you will, by writing this post.

Yesterday I discovered that my local Los Angeles Progressive radio station, KTLK-- the only one that exists to serve the area, including "Liberal Hollywood"-- is dumping all Progressive programming and handing the air waves over to the far right. In other words, what was left (no pun) of the left will be gone: No more Stephanie Miller Show to wake up to and point and laugh with, no more Randi Rhodes to inform us and rant with, no more liberal voices on L.A. AM radio. At all. Anywhere on the dial.

Instead, we get Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and who knows who else spewing lies and slinging mud. And by "we" I don't mean me. Hellz to the NO.

Au contraire, I had a lovely chat with Steph's producer extraordinaire, Chris Lavoie, yesterday who filled my weary, outraged little noggin with options and information that I am now sharing with you, below.

Meanwhile, there was an article about all of this ins-hannity in my morning Los Angeles Times, which has now been inexplicably edited for the online version.

You can read what's left of the article to see what's going on in California's "liberal media" here, but one very important excerpt that was cut is the following:

Tom Taylor, an independent reporter who has covered the radio industry for two decades, noted that the creation of "The Patriot" [the new lineup for KTLK] comes as the United States enters a midterm election year, meaning there will be ample money spent on political advertising. "The calendar's important here," he said.

Got that? Timing is everything. So is money, apparently.

Just FYI, I've listened to KTLK since Day One, back when Air America was barely alive and kicking, and there was absolutely no promotion of that station whatsoever, anywhere. How could they attract listeners without advertising? Uh huh.

The then-station manager and I were in contact often; he relied on me in KTLK's early days "to be his ears" because I would email him when there were audio glitches, and there were many. We'd email back and forth about how the infant station was doing, but still, there were no ads letting Progressive listeners know that there was a radio outlet especially for them.

But as time passed, the general manager lost his job, Air America went away, Thom Hartmann was replaced, and gradually "Your Progressive Talk Station" morphed into something less-than. Steph and Randi are the only remaining nationally known hosts, and now their voices-- and ours-- have been stifled by the usual corporate conservatives. They already monopolize the news media, but that's not enough for these greedy, war-on-everything that's not old, male, and white bottom-feeders.

Should you be searching for a way to stick it to KTLK, to the right wing extremist schlock jocks, and to Clear Channel, Stephanie and Co. have provided different ways to access her show:

The Stephanie Miller Show can be heard on Broadcast radio, SiriusXM, Streaming via Progressive Voices on TuneIn and Premium On-Demand Subscription Podcasts.

You can listen to The Stephanie Miller Show at any of our affiliates that stream live. Here is a partial list of those affiliates with the local times.

  • KPHX-AM Phoenix, AZ :   M – F 6-9AM
  • KTLK-AM Los Angeles,CA:   M – F  6-9a
  • KPTR-AM Palm Springs, CA: M – F 6-9a
  • WCPT-AM Willow Spng/Chicago ,IL: M – F 8-11a
  • KTNF-AM St Louis Pk/Minnpls,MN: M – F 8-11a

A full list of stations  can be found here.

I went to the KPHX website, downloaded their free app, and will be streaming it on my iDevices through my nice, clear Bluetooth mini-speaker.

And to listen to a live feed of the Randi Rhodes Show, just go to and click on Listen Live at the top of the page. Again, PLEASE donate to get Steph and the Mooks back on the Tee Vee machine here.

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VIDEO-- Harry Reid: "The anarchists have taken over" House and Senate


jim crow obamacare

Harry Reid:

We’re diverted totally from what this bill is about. Why? Why, Mr. President? Because the anarchists have taken over. They’ve taken over the House and now they’ve taken over the Senate.

... People who don’t believe in government-- and that’s what the tea party is all about-- are winning, and that’s a shame.

As the right wing continually tries to repeal Obamacare (after 40 previous attempts), as the tea party once again piles on the obstruction bridge to nowhere, Harry Reid calls them out. This time the tea baggers are trying to hold up an energy efficiency bill by pitching amendments to screw with the Affordable Care Act.

Via The Hill:

On Wednesday, Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) said he would prevent votes on lawmakers' amendments to the energy bill until he's assured he'll get a vote on his amendment, which would require some congressional and executive branch staff to enroll in the ObamaCare health exchanges.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) also introduced an ObamaCare-related amendment that would delay the individual health insurance mandate for one year, and codify the Obama administration's one-year delay of requirements that employers provide insurance.


Video- Ann Coulter: Syria Shows 'You Cannot Trust Democrats to Be Commander-in-Chief'


It's all about Obama, totally ignoring the massacre and the real villains. Sigh. Via.


Video- On Fox, Brent Bozell Likens Al Sharpton To White Supremacist David Duke


Always classy. Via MM.


The Ball's in the U.N.'s Court


Thanks to Angelina Jolie, maybe the U.N. will get to work protecting women.

Let's hope their efforts are faster than our very own Congress. They seem intent in forcing rape by foreign instrument upon women. That's what FORCED transvaginal ultrasound is. It's rape by a foreign instrument -- make no mistake.

You will lie down on a table with your knees bent. Your feet may be held in stirrups.

You will have a metalic/plastic probe, called a transducer, placed into the vagina by a doctor. The probe is covered with a condom and a gel.  Obviously this is large enough to require both a condom and lube. It's not a tiny tube. It's capable of tearing the vaginal walls and canals without  proper precautions. The health care provider will move the probe around the area to see the pelvic organs.

And who says that might not be painful?

Let's wise up. See how many of these men want a colonoscopy (a long tube forced up their butt hole) whether they want or need  it. Oh, and let's have the vote come from a predominantly white, female group.

Show of hands?


Republican Talk Dictionary


Sunday talk show hosts

For those of you who watched today's talkers and were left bit confused about some of the terms and how this blather was applied in the hard-line, outreageous Republican discourse, here's another installment of your Republican Talk Dictionary (RTD)

Job Creators – Modern day heroes, generally well-to-do, sophisticated though tongue-tied people who deserve our praise and tax relief protection at all cost.  Repeatedly over-taxed and ridiculed for their sole desire to eliminate the pesky middle class.  Arrogant and superior yet most often uncaring, unsympathetic and unemotional - they perpetuate the perfect personality.  A person to be emulated or position to aspire to.  A hero. Generally they have a II, III, or Jr. after their last name to designate inherited wealth.  Examples: Mitt Romney, Thurston Howell III, The Koch Brothers, Sheldon Adelson.  Synonym: The good ol’ boys, Off-shore hidden bank account holders, top 2 per centers club, Pally, GOP role models, the Scare Club for Men.

Food stamps – handouts,  favors given out by President Obama used to buy votes. Freeloader food. Lazy folks lunch program.  SNAP, Crackle and pop (the budget).  Overfeed the poor program, Immigrants and minorities subsidy bill. A handout which should be avoided at all costs -- generally tacked onto Farm Bill so Republicans can cut the amount spent while making Democrats look bad if they fail to approve these cuts. Synonym: Junk Food program,  the ISMOOLTTYGTSFAWW ("I-spend-more-on-one-lunchtime tip-than-you-get-to-spend-for-a-whole-week") legislation.  Synonym: Belly fillers, poor kid relief, illegal drug subsidies, beer ballots, lazy man's way to  dinner, the plague, dumpster diver's supplement.

Immigration Reform – passing legislation for increased competition among low income workers who were scofflaws and came here univited.  Reform should allow them to pay fees, be punished and then kept here, with no status.  Examples: Gardners, fast food workers, janitorial staff, box car packers.  the bill does allow for huge border patrol subsidies which, though not needed, make the GOP look like they are protecting everyone else. Good selling point to spend more money, increase national debt, and blame it on the Democrats. Synonym: wetbacks, beaners, Manuel laborers, Paki's, scroungers, Hebs, and Ching-Chongs .


VIDEO: GOP #NCGov #McCrory accused of ducking children delivering petitions; he was playing catch, er, "in a meeting"


mccrory protest kids petition education public schools

mccrory protest kids petition education public schools wagon

Rose Higgins:

"I think their mentality is, in your face, 'Na na na na na na. Have your little hippy protest and we're going to carry on with our day.'"

More than 50 public education advocates accompanied by several children pulling little red wagons schlepped petitions signed by 16,000 people to North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory at the State Capitol.


ABC affiliate WTVD:

They asked to see the governor, and were told he was in a meeting.

And by meeting, they meant he was playing catch with Chief of Staff Thomas Stith and a state trooper. Of course, his story is that the photos of him tossing a ball around were snapped after the petitions were delivered. Uh huh.

Kim Genardo, McCrory's communications director:

"Taking the advice of First Lady Michelle Obama, the governor each day attempts to get some exercise, yesterday throwing the baseball and today walking from NC State's campus back to the Capitol.

"Governor McCrory will be back out tomorrow throwing the baseball perhaps with children who share his All-American passion."

Ohh, we get it now. He's a Michelle Obama fan who gets sudden urges to heed her advice whenever he gets wind of activist kids, kids who aren't as "American" as the kids who "share his all-American passion."

See what a coward role model Gov. McCrory is? He not only dodged children delivering petitions about cutting funds for their education and then implied they weren't real Americans, he also taught them that lying, avoiding, and deceiving are the keys to handling anyone who disagrees with him.

Family values, right Pat?

McCrory North Carolina playing ball

family values my ass

Other Pat McCrory/North Carolina Moments: