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God Of Republicans - Ghost of Reagan - Returns To Warn GOP



ReaganGhostw367h244Ah, yes, Ronnie's no longer with us. And if you're a Democrat you're probably not shedding too many tears considering the damage he caused this country. But if you're a Republican, we're talking here about their deity. The GOP hasn't had a convention since his first nomination that his name hasn't been invoked in the most pious of verse.

Ronald Reagan, Ronald Reagan, Ronald Reagan. Say it three times fast, click your heels together and Conservative wishes will come true -- or at least the conservatives think so.

I just discovered a video done by Drew Christie just over half a year ago, that captures the truth about gun control and the history of limitations, going all the way back to the framers of the Constitution. There's a short visit by Ronnie -- definitely worth watching.

But I warn you, this video features ghosts -- and what they have to say might be very scary. Watch this with someone you love -- or hate. The point is there. And as the Ghostbusters theme song goes: I ain't afraid o' no ghost:


Video- President Obama Honors the 1973 Super Bowl Champion Miami Dolphins



Live Streaming Video- President Obama Honors Super Bowl Champion Miami Dolphins 2:00p EDT




Video Overnight Thread- 'Pingpong diplomacy' figure Zhuang Zedong dies


I remember thinking at the time this was stupid and neat at once.

BEIJING -- Three-time world table tennis champion Zhuang Zedong, a key figure in the "pingpong diplomacy" between China and the United States, died Sunday, China's official Xinhua News Agency reported. He was 72 and had struggled with cancer since 2008.

Zhuang won fame by presenting a gift to American player Glenn Cowan, who had inadvertently boarded a bus carrying the Chinese team at the world championships in Nagoya, Japan, in 1971.

Zhuang and Cowan were photographed together, creating an international sensation that eventually led to the establishment of diplomatic ties between the Cold War rivals in 1979.


Romney's Jeep lie outdoes Richard Nixon in the mendacity dep't.


Your Daily Dose of BuzzFlash at Truthout, via my pal Mark Karlin:

Steve Benen, who writes the Maddow blog, has documented more than 500 Romney liesin 30 weeks. [...]

When the CEO of Chrysler, Sergio Marchionne, rebukes an uber-capitalist such as Romney, you know the candidate has embraced the big lie as his main ally in the last week before the election. [...]

Yes, Chrysler is planning on hiring more Chinese for their production plant in China for Jeeps to be sold there.  But that is not taking away US jobs.  It's the kind of global expansion of sales to new markets that Romney advocates for.  And wasn't Romney's Bain Capital an innovator in real, not made up, movement of jobs to China anyway?

The stark reality for a Republican presidential candidate is that he or she cannot win a national election anymore running on the GOP platform.  They will lose on the issues in such a case.  So we have seen Bush, McCain and now Romney dissemble in order to attempt to win.

But Romney has entered uncharted territory when it comes to mendacity.  He and his campaign are lying with abandon and without shame.

The Romney philosophy is lying doesn't matter, because the victor can dictate what the truth is.

You can read the entire post here.


VIDEO- Carl Bernstein: "Now more than ever we need real reporting"


At about 10:30...

Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward reflect on their coverage of the Watergate break-ins and talk about the need for good reporting of national security issues and the White House today.

Imagine real reporting, if you can. It's pretty rare these days, but it's out there. But would people care, be attentive to it, or even recognize it if they saw it after being barraged by fake news, care of Fox? Or would the current ignorance and oblivion persist?

Here's a link to the transcript:

BERNSTEIN: I think first you've got to be very careful about creating a witch hunt for sources, and a witch hunt in which you go after reporters, because now more than ever we need real reporting on this presidency, on national security, on all these areas. And the press is not the problem here.

We've got plenty of laws and if somebody inside is doing things with real national security secrets that he oughtn't or she oughtn't to be doing in terms of giving them to the press, that's one thing. But let's be really careful before we start a witch hunt here.

WOODWARD: Yes, and I completely agree with that. And by having an investigation, I mean, was there real harm to the national security? I think that question needs to be addressed at a policy level. And it's very difficult, I know from doing stories like this, where you are dealing with sensitive government secrets, to modulate and be careful, at the same time hold the government accountable for what they're doing.

So this is an area that needs to be handled with great delicacy and I'm not sure we have a political system that knows how to do anything with great delicacy.

BERNSTEIN: The record of the press, you know, is really quite good in protecting real genuine national security secrets which we often know about. Don't put -- you know, think of what you are carrying around in your head that you don't put on the air...  I mean, we know a lot that we don't put in there.


Video- Ben Stein To O’Reilly: Obama Not A Smart Man, Not In ‘Same League Of Presidential Genius’ As Nixon