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She Doubled Dowd


Maureen Dowd's poison pen is firmly fixated on President Obama again as she adds another coat of resentment onto her 'great disappointment' … she expected what, JFK and Nelson Mandela combined to sit in the Oval Office with nary a visibly difficult domestic or global challenge ahead of them?

The Dowd must have given cannabis gummy bears a whirl. Excerpts below and find the entire column here at The NY Times.

WASHINGTON — As he has grown weary of Washington, Barack Obama has shed parts of his presidency, like drying petals falling off a rose.

He left the explaining and selling of his signature health care legislation to Bill Clinton. He outsourced Congress to Rahm Emanuel in the first term, and now doesn’t bother to source it at all. He left schmoozing, as well as a spiraling Iraq, to Joe Biden. Ben Rhodes, a deputy national security adviser, comes across as more than a messagemeister. As the president floats in the empyrean, Rhodes seems to make foreign policy even as he’s spinning it.


Now why Dowd eviscerated the Dowd's bitterness toward Rev. Al Sharpton takes a bit more probing. Apart from Maureen's MO is frequently being petty, condescending, dismissive and almost personally insulting. Still from the Times.

Once civil rights leaders drew their power from their unimpeachable moral authority. Now, being a civil rights leader can be just another career move, a good brand … the one thing it was impossible to imagine, back in the giddy days of the 2009 inauguration, as Americans basked in their open-mindedness and pluralism, was that the first African-American president would outsource race.

When The Dowd is openly hating on the Democrat sitting president … buckle up, it's going to be a wild ride.




Peace and Justice in Ferguson, Very Elusive, says Rev. Al Sharpton

Image, Reuters

Image, Reuters

The Reverend Al Sharpton had plenty of things to say about Ferguson, police brutality,  from the NYDailyNews:

One shot, in critical condition as Ferguson, Mo., cops crack down on protesters, arrest seven for breaking curfew

A group of citizens refused to comply with Gov. Jay Nixon's midnight curfew and broke into a restaurant. Police responded by throwing smoke and tear gas to get them to comply. A man was shot and a police car was the target of another shooter as the tensions continued to escalate.

Photo courtesy JamesKeivom, New York Daily

Americans don't enjoy curfews, never have … but when your town looks like a bad day in Baghdad, tempers will flare and burn for some time. From Melissa Harris-Perry:

What is it going to take  to reform the country back to decent common gun sense? I don't see a whole lot of smiling going on after a night of curfews, militarized police/federal investigators and shooting victims - one death.

Back to MHP:

A turn of events was made possible by the decision of the White House and Eric Holder to order a Federal Examination of Michael Brown's corpse.

police brutality in Atlantic City

Brown's family had been asking for a thorough autopsy, looking for justice and truth. And kept calling the West Wing for an assist.

Some more perspective from the Rev. Al:

Sharpton also took the opportunity to rail against Police Commissioner Bill Bratton’s “broken windows” approach to policing, which critics say unfairly targets minorities.

“There is a connection” between Brown and Garner, he said. “Both of them were victims of this aggressive policing of alleged low-level crime. There ain't no difference between dealing with looseys and dealing with telling kids to get out of the street.”



#JaneCrow in Georgia - An ATL Call to Take Back Basic Women's Rights




Written by guest contributor, "hardybear" of the wonderful Free Range Talk site:

Reverend Al Sharpton was doing the obligatory MSNBC on-location rope line in Atlanta, Georgia on Friday  evening when a woman of a certain age stood tall and stated what was on her mind about Growing Hope in Politics Nation Live from that historic civil rights venue ... "What about the new Jane Crow?"

Whiplash. #JaneCrow. Eureka, some Southern belle nailed it. [Video at footer of the good Reverend.]

Jane Crow. It's SO sadly, infuriatingly, effing accurate.

Minding the gender gap is about far more than poll numbers and swing states, if the Regressives get their way we will be looking at the same rights for women that our great-grandmothers enjoyed. Be it pay equity or being the acknowledged bosses of our own bodies, the GOP is brashly moving the goalposts back with very little impunity.


Asshattery against women we would rather forget, never mind own as part of our collective Tea Induced history, is a motivating and mounting list of criminal Ick. 

  • God Given Rape or Legitimate Rape or any lunatic GOP Rape 'qualifier'.
  • Binders of Women with Raging Libidos wrangled by Uncle Sugar.
  • Trans-vaginal probes and the legislatures who love them.
  • Purity Balls and  birth control shaming, leading to rape or pregnancy shaming then capped with SNAP shaming.

And it isn't Regressive Ick restricted to the South. A frustrated friend in Kansas tipped me to this letter to the editor in the Topeka Capitol-Journal which sums up the Tea Party offenses against women handily from the heartland.

I can see that the tea party and Republicans have one thing in common — a desire to strip women of their rights as first-class citizens and take them out of the work force. Is this what they want for themselves and their daughters?

Hell Yeah! [But.But.But. … no, they really do want pre-Mad Men Amurrica back.]

Women and their spouses can talk Republican until they are blue in the face, but when it comes time to vote they are responsible for the choices they make in the voting booth.

That is the one place we are totally free, so I beg of women to use it wisely and vote Democrat in November to restore their place in society.

                                                                                      Image, Pink Progressives.

YES! Don't let the work of the suffragettes and the dames that came up before us get systematically stolen back, fellow liberals. The opposition is sly, slick and has more money than their God. Make that vote count and make your indignant voices heard.

Bring on the Lefteous Indignation. Jane Crow has got to go.


Video- Saturday Night Live: Rev Al Sharpton's "Politics Nation"