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Sec. Eric Shinseki and Press Secretary Jay Carney resign (VIDEO)


President Obama announces Shinseki resignation

President Obama made a statement to the press and announced the resignation of Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki. Meet Sloan Gibson, Shinseki’s replacement at the VA. The new appointee is the Department of Veterans Affairs Deputy Secretary. He will serve as temporary head of the VA until he decides on a permanent replacement for Eric Shinseki.

Following his remarks, he popped in again to announce Press Secretary Jay Carney's resignation. Carney will be replaced by Josh Earnest.

According to MSNBC, this announcement came as a complete surprise. President Obama said of Josh Earnest,"His name describes his demeanor. Josh is an earnest guy, you can't find a nicer individual."

The video includes both the president's remarks and Jay Carney's.

More from the president:

"Jay has become one of my closest friends and is a great press secretary and a great adviser. He has good judgement, good temperament and he's got a good heart. I'm gonna miss him a lot."

And from Carney:

"It's an important interaction that takes place here. It's not always pretty. It could certainly be better. But to be a part of it is an honor and a joy for me. And no matter how tough the briefing is, I walk out of here having been glad to stand here."


Former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner pleads guilty to false imprisonment, battery



Via an L.A. Times email alert:

Former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner has been charged with one felony count of false imprisonment and two misdemeanor counts of battery, San Diego Superior Court officials said today.

The charges were filed by the state attorney general’s office and are expected to be announced at a 10 a.m. news conference.

The charges are related to three victims, identified only as Jane Doe 1, 2 and 3, a court official told The Times.

Filner, 71, the city's first Democratic mayor in 20 years, resigned Aug. 30 after cutting a deal with the City Council for the city to defend him against a sexual-harassment lawsuit filed by an ex-staffer.

For the latest information go to

And a CNN email alert piles on with a couple of more details:

The former San Diego mayor who resigned this summer over accusations of sexual impropriety has been charged in connection with allegations made by three women, the San Diego County Superior Court said today.

Bob Filner was charged with a felony count of "false imprisonment by violence, fraud, menace and deceit," and two misdemeanor counts of battery, the court said.

Filner, also a former nine-term Democratic congressman, resigned from the mayor's post in August after at least 19 women accused him of sexual harassment and boorish behavior.

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And as I write this, I am getting updates. This one is from the Times again:

Former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, who left office in August in a scandal over allegations of sexual harassment,  pleaded guilty today to one felony count of false imprisonment and two misdemeanor counts of battery.


GOP candidate for serial groper Bob Filner's job allegedly caught openly masturbating in restrooms



Republican Carl DeMaio is running for Congress, but he also may run for former Mayor Bob "The Slobbery Groper" Filner's old job.

The New York Post (yes, yes, I know) and investigative site are reporting that DeMaio has been caught openly masturbating in restrooms on multiple occasions.


According to the reporting, when DeMaio was in the City Council, he would leave during meetings to masturbate in a men’s room, per former City Council president Ben Hueso, a Democratic state senator who claims to have actually walked in on DeMaio during the act more than once.


[O]thers suspect his inappropriate activity was more frequent. [...]

“DeMaio was masturbating,” Hueso told the website. “He jumped, caught by surprise. He jumped to the sink ... saying ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry’ about six times. Then washed his hands, darted out.”

T.M.I. people...

Marti Emerald, a City Councilwoman, confirmed Hueso's story:

Ben was in a state of shock, face red, eyes bulging,” Emerald said. “I said: ‘You look like you just saw the devil?’ He said: ‘DeMaio is masturbating in the middle of the room.’”


San Diego officials said masturbation could be a fireable offense for a municipal employee, but not necessarily for an elected official.

See? Elected officials get perks!

Such an activity could have criminal implications, according to director of the city’s personnel department Hadi Dehghani, with the city attorney’s office making that decision.

Okay, time to get serious. Filner abused a whole lot of women. DeMaio (allegedly) pleasured himself, as embarrassing and shocking as his not-private-enough activities were to anyone who awkwardly encountered them. He clearly should have had better judgment, like, you know, waiting until he got home and understanding when and where to engage in masturbation, but that said, he's no Filner.

And if the allegations are true, he's also not exactly living up to those so-called Republican "family values" we hear so much about.

Bottom line: San Diego needs to clean up its political act. Enough with sordid situations like these to divert voters away from serious debate on policy positions.

By the way, the Post went out of their way to point out that DeMaio is "openly gay." That was irrelevant to the story and served no other purpose than to wrongly imply that gay men are icky and have no self-control. DeMaio's sexual orientation had no place in this article. None.

A DeMaio spokesman calls the masturbation accusations “absurd and ludicrous.”

So was the Post's "openly gay" reference.


Serial groper Bob Filner faces criminal investigation


Mr. Toast 2

Serial groper Bob Filner agreed to resign as San Diego mayor, so he's gone, vamoose, outta here. Good riddance.

Of course, you know he's filled with remorse, embarrassment, and shame for the repeated assaults and nauseating tongue action he inflicted on at least 18 women (and counting), right?

The Los Angeles Times:

In an emotional and defiant address to the council after the vote was announced, Filner apologized to his victims and supporters but also said he had been victimized by "the hysteria of the lynch mob" caused by politicians and the media once the allegations by some 18 women became public.

Alrighty then.

To make matters worse, the City Council approved a deal to pay for some of his expenses from a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by a former aide. They did that, per council members, "in the best interest of the taxpayers" and to limit any damages the city might face from the lawsuit.

When you've finished banging your heads against your walls, read the next part. You'll be more encouraged:

Within minutes of the council decision, a spokesman for the state attorney general's office confirmed that a criminal investigation into Filner's treatment of women "is underway." Investigators have been interviewing some of the women who have come forward with allegations.

Filner's resignation does not affect the investigation, a source close to the investigation said.

That's better.

If there is any justice in this world, he will have a future as a piece of toast.


BREAKING: Bob Filner to resign as San Diego mayor



I heard the news a few minutes ago on MSNBC, and now an NBC affiliate in San Diego has more:

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner has agreed to resign as part of a deal reached this week with city officials, NBC 7 News has learned.

Filner, spotted leaving City Hall with packing boxes Wednesday night, will formally vacate the office following a closed session of City Council Friday, according to several sources.

Other than the sixteen women this serial groper slobbered all over and pawed (including a great-grandmother), he is also being investigated for alleged “pay to play” schemes with developers.

He has now agreed to withdraw from office. Good riddance.

Next stop: Prosecution.

Council President Todd Gloria will take on the role of acting mayor under the city charter.

There could be at least one primary special election within 60 to 90 days.

UPDATE via an email alert from the L.A. Times:

In exchange for his resignation, the city will pay some, if not all, of Filner's financial damages from the lawsuit, said the sources, who spoke on the condition anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly. The City Council is set to vote on the settlement in a closed session Friday.

buh bye smaller


Rand Paul "Southern Avenger" aide resigns: "There's significant difference between being politically incorrect & racist."


rand paul southern avenger

Racism is being discussed a lot these days, and since the Zimmerman verdict and President Obama's speech in the White House press briefing room, it's been rearing it's very ugly head more and more overtly and brazenly.

One person who has gotten plenty of media attention is Senator Rand Paul aide Jack Hunter, aka the "Southern Avenger." Why? Because he does minor little things like write articles praising John Wilkes Booth, wears a mask printed with the Confederate flag, and is a proud neo-Confederate, pro-secessionist... who was Rand Paul's media director.

'Nuff said:

(CNN) - An aide to Sen. Rand Paul who had taken heat recently for his past as a pro-Southern secessionist has resigned his position as the senator's new media director. [...]

Hunter, who once used the persona "Southern Avenger" while hosting a radio show, will resume his career as a political pundit, according to the Daily Caller.

"I've long been a conservative, and years ago, a much more politically incorrect (and campy) one," Hunter said in an email to the conservative news outlet. "But there's a significant difference between being politically incorrect and racist. I've also become far more libertarian over the years, a philosophy that encourages a more tolerant worldview, through the lens of which I now look back on some of my older comments with embarrassment."

Yet Rand Paul stood by this lowlife. There's a difference between being politically incorrect and unfit to hold public office.


Remember Turner and Hooch? Meet Gov. Ultrasound and Cooch.


gov. ultrasound and cooch

Remember Turner and Hooch? Meet Gov. Ultrasound and Cooch.

In our last episode, we left off with reports of Va. Gov. Bob “Ultrasound” McDonnell negotiating his resignation. And Rachel Maddow pretty much destroyed him over all those pesky “gifts.”

Yet according to new Quinnipiac poll, voters say by a 44% to 36% margin that McDonnell is honest and trustworthy and only 16% of voters, most of whom are Democrats, think he should resign. I'msorrywhat?

As for Ken "Cooch" Cuccinelli, well...

Oy oy oy!

but wait there's more smaller

Jim Nolan at the Richmond Times-Dispatch just broke a new twist in Bob McDonnell corruption scandal (h/t: Rachel Maddow) to the tune of about about $2,800 per month:

Cash-strapped Gov. Bob McDonnell has found a way to defray part of his monthly real estate expenses on the millions in property he owns -- by renting his western Henrico home to his hand-picked state health commissioner.

Dr. Cynthia C. Romero, who took over as state health commissioner in January, has been renting the McDonnells' $835,000 home in the tony Wyndham residential community, a McDonnell spokesman confirmed. [...]

News that the governor entered into a financial relationship with a top state official under his supervision comes as federal and state investigators probe the gifts the first family and McDonnell have received during his time in office and his relationship with Star Scientific CEO Jonnie Williams Sr.

oh noes

Oh yesses!

but wait there's more smaller

You didn't think I'd forget about Cooch, now did you? He just can't seem to accept that oral sex thing. Think Progress:

In an unusual move, Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II (R), his party’s nominee for governor, launched a new campaign website Wednesday highlighting his efforts to reinstate Virginia’s unconstitutional Crimes Against Nature law. The rule, which makes felons out of even consenting married couples who engage in oral or anal sex in the privacy of their own homes, was struck down by federal courts after Cuccinelli blocked efforts to bring it in line with the Supreme Court’s 2003 Lawrence v. Texas ruling.

TP has the gory details.

It gets worse. According to a Roanoke College poll, Cooch is leading Democrat Terry McAuliffe 37% to 31% in the gubernatorial race. 27% are undecided. That's two polls in one post that make me want to stick a fork in my face.

(UPDATE: Here are two polls that tell a much happier story. Forks officially removed.)

But back to how that creepy old "Big Government" should never, ever intrude upon the private lives of Americans. Except when it comes to women's privacy and reproductive rights.

Except when it comes to consenting adults engaging in the type of sex that surely makes Cooch (no pun) cry "Waaah!" and hide under the covers (along with his grown-up magazines with grown-up images... allegedly... according to me... but come on, is there any doubt? Did I just type all that out loud?).

Hey Ultrasound and Cooch, how's that GOP reinvention workin' for ya?

extreme makeover my ass