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VIDEO: Alaska Republicans think the idea of civil unions for gay couples is funny, burst out laughing


separate but equal gay marriage civil unions

The Republican-led House Majority Caucus in Alaska thinks civil rights are a real knee-slapper, especially for those icky gay people who have-- ew!-- sex and stuff. Because that's what this is all about: gay sex. Not lasting relationships, not commitment, certainly not equal rights, but-- ew!-- sex.

Towleroad has the appalling video:

Alaska's Republican-led House Majority Caucus really gave had themselves a good laugh on Friday, when Mark Miller from the Juneau Empire asked if their upcoming initiatives include civil unions or domestic partnerships to same-sex couples.


I’m looking at a recent Public Policy Polling survey of Alaska that found that only 30 percent of respondents believe there should be no legal recognition of gay couples’ relationships in Alaska. I was just curious, would the caucus support the idea of having domestic partnerships or civil unions open to same-sex couples?

(giggles, laughter)

House Leader Lance Pruitt:

"...We focused on the things that really allow people to have a great life... We didn’t have a discussion here about what happens inside your home. We had a discussion here about whether you can make money, whether there's a great economy, and whether or not you’re going to have the opportunity to live in Alaska with a great future. Now, your discussion on that, we didn’t talk about that. I'll be straight, we didn't talk about that particular issue... It wasn't something that came up in our discussion.

Ohhh, I see, they want to "allow people to have a great life"... unless they're gay.

In case you didn't catch the eleventy times Pruitt mentioned it, civil unions JUST DIDN'T COME UP.

And as he suggested (subliminally), he'll "be straight," see, because, in case you may have thought otherwise, HE'S NOT GAY.

Are Republicans trying to become obsolete, or are they truly so dense that they cannot recognize what's happening to their own party? The GOP can’t stop losing, and a big, thick, juicy, new, improved Civil War is infecting the Republican Party.


A big, thick, juicy, new, improved Civil War is infecting the Republican Party


gop disaster zone

Today’s guest post by the one, the only, Will Durst:


Relax. It’s not necessarily the flu making you confused and feverish. Could be spatter from that big, thick, juicy, new, improved Civil War infecting the Republican Party. Yes, again. The Rebs inside the Reds are rebooting themselves for the umpteenth time over the past few election cycles. Have to assume these self- proclaimed frugal guys purchased their huge caches of defibrillators and CPR paddles in bulk. “CLEAR!”

Change may emanate from the top, but in a blast from nearer the rump of the totem, Karl Rove announced the formation of a brand new Super PAC. It’s the first of what might be called the Super Duper PACs. And a mere foreshadow of the Holey Moley The Hell is That Super Duper PAC to be unveiled immediately following the midterms. Initial reports have the man known affectionately as Turd Blossom and Bush’s Brain calling his Frankenstein fund- raising monster the “Conservative Victory Party.”

Sounds like a natural response coming from the guy who famously threw an Election Night Hissy Fit on Fox News because Mitt Romney wasn’t being properly victorious enough. “Wait, wait, wait. No, I’m telling you, it’s not over. There’s a cul- de- sac in a suburb on the outskirts of Shaker Heights that hasn’t checked in yet. Hey, oww. Let go. My arm doesn’t bend that way.”

Rove plans to siphon big money from donors and use it to support moderates in primary elections so Republicans no longer have to enter the generals defending some bat guano crazy candidate like Christine “I am Not a Witch” O’Donnell or Todd “Magic Fallopian Tube” Akin. Of course the Tea Party has taken great offense to this move, seeing it as incredibly counter productive to the chances of their bat guano crazy candidates.

So, you got those two blocs going at it. And with looming demographic flips in mind (Texas turning blue because rich white folks are not having enough babies while other folks are having plenty) there’s a move afoot to make the party more attractive to Hispanics. This undertaking has fallen into two camps: those arguing to temper policies opposing immigration reform and those favoring more cosmetic solutions like wearing sombreros.

Another rift surfaced when Kentucky Senator Rand Paul insisted on giving a blood- thirsty unofficial response to the official State of the Union Response by the agua thirsty Florida Senator Marco Rubio. This, right after Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal gave a speech pleading for the GOP to stop being the “stupid party.” And the fact that he said it out loud was… well, stupid.

The GOP remains so obstinate and unwilling to give the White House even the tiniest of victories they filibustered a Cabinet appointment… from their own party. Causing Democrats, usually known for eating their own, to salivate like perched vultures watching a field of hyenas tear each other apart for the last antelope thigh.

The situation sort of resembles those old Cage Battles Royale put on by the World Wrestling Federation back in the early 80s. Where 15 guys got into the ring with a chair, beat each other up and last one standing wins. Maybe that’s what the GOP needs: a Hulk Hogan to pummel everyone back into place. Although that said, Karl Rove has always seemed more like the Rowdy Roddy Piper type. “CLEAR!”

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Republicans eating their own smaller


That sucking sound you hear is the GOP leadership vacuum created by RomneyFail


The Republican party is in disarray, or as I like to call it, imploding. When Willard M. Romney lost the election to President Obama, he promised to remain "a strong voice for the party," something he vowed at his final meeting with campaign staffers at his Boston headquarters.

He wasn't even a strong voice during his own campaign. So much for yet another empty proMitts:

(AP) -- He has quietly weathered the fallout of the campaign from the seclusion of his Southern California home, emerging only momentarily for a private lunch at the White House with President Barack Obama on Thursday.

His loss and immediate withdrawal from politics, while welcomed by most, has created a leadership vacuum within his party. It's left the GOP rudderless, lacking an overarching agenda and mired in infighting, with competing visions for the way ahead, during what may be the most important policy debate in a generation.

The GOP is a leaderless party whose presidential candidate-- the one they swore by only weeks ago-- doesn't belong any more, and true to form, has lied once again.

Some "strong voice."

He's made no public comments about China, taxes, Medicare, immigration, his meeting with the president, and so forth, and so on, etc., etc. Nada. Zilch. Zero. Zip.

He's fading faster than his Just for Men hair color.

So what's he doing now? Funny you should ask:

The former businessman is subletting office space at the Boston-area venture capital firm, Solamere Capital, which was founded by his oldest son. Former aides expect Romney to stay out of the spotlight for the foreseeable future - spending colder months at his California home and warmer months at his New Hampshire lake house.

Gotta keep those car elevators warm. Let's hope he doesn't bring any family dogs along on his schleps between mansions.


GOP activists gunning for party Chairman Reince Priebus, planning protests


Watching Republicans these days is a like watching scenes from an old Three Stooges movie that look a little something like this:

Because of their inability to accept big losses in the November elections, Republicans have been pointing fingers at everyone but each other; they blame President Obama for anything and everything as they continue to obstruct and concoct insane conspiracy theories to compensate for their own ineptitude and failures, continuing to look like the fools they are.

Short version: Dealing with reality is not among their skill sets. Wait. That implies they have skill sets.

So once again, we find ourselves in the midst of another episode of Republicans Eating Their Own. Today's entrée is Reince Priebus.

Via the Washington Times:

A postelection civil war is brewing among Republicans, with some conservative activists angry over the party’s poor performance this cycle gunning for party Chairman Reince Priebus and planning demonstrations at the Republican National Committee’s annual winter meeting in Charlotte, N.C.

The protesting activists adamantly oppose the re-election of Mr. Priebus to a second two-year term and say they have a suitcase full of gripes about him. Some are blaming Mr. Priebus and other top party officials for the misspending of GOP donors’ money in President Obama’s clear victory over GOP nominee Mitt Romney Nov. 6 and also for the Republicans’ badly outclassed get-out-the-vote efforts. [...]

Most of the RNC’s 168 voting members have pledged to support him for a second two-year term. He also has the support of Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker John A. Boehner and is preparing a counterattack against his detractors for as early as Friday, a Republican close to the chairman’s office said privately.

McConnell and Boehner will never learn. They've gone on their oblivious merry way, whining and harrumphing, ignoring any lessons they might have learned from an evolving electorate, one that actually exists in this century.

An anonymous Virginia Republican official said some of the anger comes from resentment over consultants “more interested in profits that in winning elections."

"Profits over people" is pretty much the default GOP position. If that's what they're peeved about, then they don't belong in the party in the first place.