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War on #Obamacare continues, GOP political flatulence is chronic. Maybe they should sign up.


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And the War on Obamacare continues ad nauseam. Back to the future:

obamacare battle

Medicare for All would have been my first choice, but that's not what we have. My second choice was a public option included in the Affordable Care Act, but that's not what we have.

What we do have is Obamacare, and it has had a rough roll out. President Obama omitted a few words, so he is being called a liar. He isn't, but he should have included those clarifying words. How about calling out #Obamacare critics on actual lies? Serious lies.

And yes, the website has also been a mess. But not only is that temporary and not unusual (see Disastrous rollouts: Romneycare, Medicare Part D), it is being remedied, and it will become a thing of the past.

If we had a functioning government, if we didn't have dysfunctional Republicans intent on destroying President Obama, then Congress members would be working with the president to facilitate and rectify the problems.

Meantime, despite the endless, wearisome, nerve wracking fighting and drama, more lives are being saved, Americans are getting more comprehensive coverage at mostly better rates, and the GOP continues their political flatulence.

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How about calling out #Obamacare critics on actual lies?


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David Lazarus's column in the Los Angeles Times examines the so-called lies that President Obama told when he promised that if you like your health care insurance policy, it won't change. Lazarus opines that he did not lie at all, but more like misspoke, omitted, or as Lazarus worded it, "to put it charitably" he "oversold" the details of the Affordable Care Act.

He explains why he and others wouldn't call that lying, but he also points out something that most commentators haven't: President Obama's critics have told a few whoppers of their own, "serious" ones, and aren't being called out for them:

[T]he shapers of the Affordable Care Act assumed that people would jump at the chance to receive better coverage at a better price.

They didn't factor in the idea that some people, because of either ignorance or stubbornness, would remain loyal to their old plans, regardless of how much they could improve things under Obamacare. [...]

So, yes, the president wasn't as clear as he should have been. You can call him a liar if you want. But I see a clear difference between not offering the full story and making stuff up out of whole cloth.

I mean, it's not as if he publicly insisted that so-called death panels would decide people's medical treatment, or that most small businesses would be crippled by the reform law or that the government is taking over the entire healthcare system.

That's what his critics have been saying.

Those are some serious lies.

And the worst part is, way too many people bought into the destructive lies told by those critics.


Hey WI Gov. Scott Walker, explain what will happen to 77,000 parents forced off Medicaid. #Obamacare


family values my ass

Hey Gov. Walker, it was your choice to to have the federal government run Wisconsin's health care exchange.

Speaking of which, how nice that you allow yourself the freedom of choice, but you refuse to make that option available to women who seek health care services, including abortion. In fact, Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald says, ""We have a pro-life majority in the state Senate right now, and because of that there's always a willingness to work on" anti-abortion legislation, which caused one Wisconsin state Dem senator to expect "all out hell."

But I digress.

So Scotty, explain to all those families exactly what contingency plans you have if Obamacare enrollment is still glitchy, or if the federal government makes your plan impossible to implement. 77,000-plus inquiring minds want to know.

Because, see, there's a time gap that will affect people who will lose their BadgerCare (Medicaid) eligibility but would then have to meet the deadline to enroll in the Affordable Care Act via the marketplace.

How's that GOP outreach thing workin' for ya, Scotty?


Wisconsin health care advocates want Gov. Scott Walker to say what will happen with 77,000 adults being shifted off Medicaid in January if they are not able to get coverage through the new health insurance exchange in time. [...]

In late September, the state notified 77,000 people, most of them parents, that they might be affected. But letters letting people know for sure won’t be sent until Nov. 23, when the state expects to be ready to use new federal criteria to determine eligibility. [...]

In late September, the state notified 77,000 people, most of them parents, that they might be affected. But letters letting people know for sure won’t be sent until Nov. 23, when the state expects to be ready to use new federal criteria to determine eligibility.

Just in time for the holidays! Which party is waging a "War on Christmas" again?



Cartoons of the Day- Ted Cruz Fillibuster



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Poll-itics: Congress approval at 15%. Shhhh... They're in recess, they'll never know!


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Republicans' approval ratings of Congress edged up to 12% from 6% in January, while Democrats' ratings also were up slightly, from 15% to 19%. [...]

The overall average for congressional job approval since Gallup began measuring it almost 40 years ago is 33%, meaning that Congress' image is in significantly worse shape now than it has been throughout most of the last four decades.

Further, Americans' approval of Congress continues to be much lower than their approval of President Obama.

No surprise there, as I noted in Sequester schmequester: House GOP votes to recess for the week. Senate, too. Congress's approval numbers have been as low as 9%, so 15% is an improvement... although they're averaging around 15.6%.

Gee, some of those abysmal numbers couldn't be due to all that GOP obstruction and "reinventing" could it?

Jonathan Chait:

"Obama has been offering to reduce spending on Social Security and Medicare for two years now, in return for Republican agreement to spread the burden of the fiscal adjustment. They won't take the deal... if Republicans want to reform their party's identity and make it into something other than absolutist advocacy of low taxes for the rich, they need to come up with some negotiating position on fiscal issues other than 'no tax hikes for the rich of any kind no matter what we get in return.'"


Video- Roy Blunt: Republicans have votes to delay Chuck Hagel nomination


We try to keep this a fairly SFW blog or I'd tell you exactly what I think of those sniveling, cowardly, imbecilic, bitter old men. Via.

Sen. Roy Blunt signaled Wednesday that there may be enough votes in the Senate to delay debate on the nomination of Chuck Hagel to lead the Pentagon.

Blunt (R-Mo.) said he believed there were 40 votes in the Senate that indicated “it’s too quick to end the debate on this nomination.”

The GOP, which controls 45 votes in the Senate, would need 41 votes to block former Sen. Hagel from hitting the 60-vote threshold that some Republicans have threatened.


Video- Bob Schieffer Grills John McCain: Why Is The GOP ‘Against Every Single Person’ Obama Nominates?


Watch McCain try not to be an obsessive asshat! Ohhhh, and FAIL. Via.