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The GOP crap chimichanga


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The GOP is imploding. Again. They continue to eat their own, self-destruct, squabble amongst themselves, offend enormous groups of people, and present themselves as the "crap chimichanga" of Congress. I can't take credit for that Very Special term. It belongs to Rep. Steve Stockman, who can keep it after this post is finished:


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I'm not alone in calling out the GOP. Doyle McManus has an entire op-ed in the Sunday Los Angeles Times devoted to them titled, "See the Republicans flail." That first L in "flail" must have been a typo. Butanyway. Among other things, his piece examines the House GOP's humungous infighting disaster as they struggled to pass an immigration bill that they knew would go precisely nowhere. The Senate wouldn't go for it, and the president would certainly veto it. It was purely symbolic, a big ol' crap chimichanga hat tip to right wing extremists who have House Speaker John Boehner on one of these:

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Let's let McManus do the talking:

The disaster was a public humiliation for both Boehner and his newly elevated majority leader, Kevin McCarthy (R-Bakersfield) — on McCarthy's first week in his new job.

But it was only the most recent of many such battles in the House Republicans' unresolved civil war. Their challenges to Boehner's leadership on major issues have become an annual affair. In 2011, the issue was the federal debt ceiling (conservatives wanted a crisis; Boehner didn't). In 2012, it was the “fiscal cliff” (Boehner wanted to make a deal on tax rates; the tea party rejected it). In 2013, it was a 16-day government shutdown forced by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and other conservatives over Boehner's warnings. [...]

[T]he deep division among Republicans has added another dimension to the gridlock... [T]ea party members made reversing the [DACA] program a conservative litmus test; any bill that didn't include such a mandate, Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas) tweeted, would be a “crap chimichanga.”

He aptly ends his op-ed this way: "Under these circumstances, perhaps it's a good thing that Congress is heading off for its five-week summer vacation — excuse me, 'district work period.'”

How's that reinvention thing workin' for ya, GOP?

And this concludes another episode of Republicans Eating Their Own... while devouring democracy.

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Cartoons of the Day- GOP March Madness



"A Lot To Swallow" (Mark Streeter/Savannah Morning News)

Clay Bennett editorial cartoon



Dear GOP: Grow up.


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Here's something you'd never see at CPAC (h/t: @IndpndntThnkn):

"WhackJobPalooza!" aka CPAC 2013 laid bare the rifts in the GOP as well as their hypocrisy and the vile "rock stars" they groom, pamper, and strut out like well-trained dogs at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. I personally couldn't bring myself to watch much of it, but occasionally a standout moment would come to our attention:

VIDEO: Ann Coulter calls Bill Clinton a “forcible rapist” at #CPAC2013

#CPAC2013 VIDEO– Jeb Bush: People think “Republicans are anti-immigrant, anti-woman, anti-science, anti-gay, anti-worker.”

VIDEO: “Now step away from the teleprompter,” said Sarah Palin reading from a teleprompter at #CPAC2013

Video- Michele Bachmann: If We Cared, We’d Cure Alzheimer’s Disease In Ten Years

Video- CPAC Women’s Panel Fights ‘Sexist’ Obamacare and ‘Liberal Indoctrination Camps’

“Romney: The misery of working people makes America great.”

VIDEO: Bobby Jindal makes waterboarding joke at #CPAC2013

Video- CPAC 2013: Mitch McConnell Says Hillary Clinton-Led 2016 Field Like ‘A Rerun Of The Golden Girls’

Video - CPAC 2013: Alan Keyes: “Semi-Psychotic” Obama Establishing “Totalitarian Communism”

Video - Allen West at CPAC: Civil War, Nazism, and Barack Obama

Video - Louis Gohmert At CPAC: “Vietnam Was Winnable But People In Washington Decided We Would Not Win It”

Do those sound like people who are evolving and who want to reinvent themselves, broaden their appeal, and open their hearts to more Americans?

This is not a party that is making any real effort to see the errors of their ways and go out of their way to rectify them. Instead, they continue to insist on spewing infantile nastiness while still residing in an earlier century and trying to convince America that saying they're changing is tantamount to actually changing. Some even inexplicably expressed no desire to evolve, maintaining that everything is hunky dory except the way their message is framed.

National Harbor, Maryland (CNN) -- Under a large banner that proclaimed "America's Future: The Next Generation of Conservatives," the Oak Ridge Boys and Lee Greenwood belted out tunes such as "The Wind Beneath My Wings" and "Elvira" over back-to-back nights at the just-wrapped Conservative Political Action Conference.

Hardly Justin Bieber or Carrie Underwood.

As Republicans struggle with an intra-party feud over the direction of the party, the bold blue sign that hung over the stage here at National Harbor and the choice of artists at the evening dinners headlined by former Sen. Jim DeMint and former Gov. Jeb Bush seemed to send a mixed message. [...]

But Republicans lost the 18-29-year-old vote by a 23-point margin in the 2012 presidential race. ... [T]hey agree on this point: Recruiting younger voters to the GOP is a priority. "Elvira" doesn't seem to be the appropriate rallying cry.

Note to conservatives: It's not just about the music, which would be yet another cosmetic patch to slap on that might appear updated, more attractive and exciting, but in reality would be too insignificant to cover deeper problems.

Younger voters support marriage equality and immigration reform, including the DREAM Act, climate change, and equal rights, to name a few. In fact, young Republicans are more liberal on social issues than most people assume. Plus, eighteen-to-29-year-olds are more likely to approve of Obama’s performance.

When young voters are more mature than the so-called party of "adults," it's about time for Republicans to grow up, or just grow, if that's even possible.

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#CPAC2013 VIDEO-- Jeb Bush: People think "Republicans are anti-immigrant, anti-woman, anti-science, anti-gay, anti-worker."


jeb bush cpac 2013

Jeb Bush:

"All too often, we're associated with being anti-everything. Way too many people believe that Republicans are anti-immigrant, anti-woman, anti-science, anti-gay, anti-worker, and the list goes on and on and on."

Gee, ya think?

Why would that be? Republicans? Extreme and small-minded? Anti-everything? Via a post I wrote back in 2011 during the Wisconsin protests:

The GOP has no foresight or grasp of the health of our planet and wants to do away with the Environmental Protection Agency.

The GOP wants to do away with unions.

The GOP wants to do away with the middle class.

The GOP wants to do away with the Democratic party.

The GOP wants to do away with free speech and expression.

The GOP wants to do away with human dignity.

The GOP wants to do away with civility toward anyone who is not like them, meaning white and/or Christian.

The GOP wants to do away with health care for anyone but the wealthiest AmericansEspecially women’s health care.

The GOP wants to do away with allowing two people who love each other to marry each other.

The GOP wants to do away with freedom of choice.

The GOP wants to do away with taxes for the very wealthy, not to mention productive spending and job growth at the expense of the health and welfare of this country.

We need to do away with the extreme demands of the GOP.  We have no choice… but that’s exactly what they want.

Which brings us to 2012, when Mitt Romney famously said, “It would be helpful to be Latino.”

And Bobby Jindal said, “If we want people to like us, we have to like them first.”

Karl Rove’s advice to his fellow Republicans was just don’t *sound* intolerant.

And according to a Republican strategy memo, “Republicans have run out of persuadable white voters.”

Which brings me to 2013, when RNC Chair Reince Priebus wants to play hero with minorities GOP hasn’t wanted to touch with a 10-foot car elevator. Check out the list of "anti-everythings" in that post.

And let's not forget the Rolling Stone piece that warned us, “Don’t be fooled” by the so-called GOP makeover. “Rarely has it been more dangerous.”

Finally, Jeb said this:

"We need to be larger than that."

Insert obvious large Republican joke here. I can't bring myself to do it. It would be too anti.


Oh my! #CPAC2013 Tweet o' the Day reveals more GOP infighting, as does this VIDEO of Sarah Palin


palin cpac 2013

Recently there has been a whole lotta civil warrin' going on among those in the formerly-march-in-lockstep Republican Party. Here are a couple of examples of their post-November election infighting:

Republicans Eating Their Own: Angry tea party activists tell donors to shun “inept” Karl Rove

The terrible, horrible, no good, very bad GOP dissension-slash-implosion

One would think that their Big CPAC Event would bring them together. Instead, we're seeing more of the same. Even Sarah Palin aka Former Half-Gov Mouthy McEarSplit couldn't resist criticizing her own party:

So yes, that happened.  And so did this...

...Oh me oh my:

tweet michael steele re reince priebus cpac 2013

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Republicans Eating Their Own: Angry tea party activists tell donors to shun "inept" Karl Rove



Back in January I wrote about the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad GOP dissension-slash-implosion. Unfortunately for them, things have only gone downhill from there. Karl Rove has failed in the advice department recently, like when he told the GOP, essentially, just don’t *sound* intolerant, just pretend to be inclusive and nobody will be the wiser. 

Wrongy McWrongerson strikes again.

Then Bush's Brain decided to push for more "electable" (read: not totally and utterly extreme times infinity) candidates who he thought could win Republican primaries. Guess who didn't like that. Hint: It rhymes with Schmea Schmarty and schmonservatives.

So a few of them wrote a letter. They wrote a letter that went to people with a lot of money. People with a lot of money who donate to Republican candidates and causes. And they did that because they don't like feeling betrayed by one of their own.


Leaders from other conservative and tea party groups–including Tea Party Patriots, Family Research Council, Tea Party Express–co-signed the letter, which went to donors who've made six- or seven-figure contributions to Crossroads. [...]

Critics, including Bozell, argue Rove is using the Conservative Victory Project to push out tea party voices from the Republican Party. He's expected to make the same argument when he speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Saturday.

Here are a few excerpts from the email:

The 2012 election cycle saw our first billion-dollar campaign. Recently, the non-partisan Sunlight Foundation did an analysis of the money spent. They measured the effectiveness of political spending by the amount of money spent on a successful effort—either electing a chosen candidate or defeating a chosen candidate. They found that the success rate of the Crossroads effort was 1.29%.

Now, in an attempt to explain the astonishingly low return on the hundreds of millions of dollars investment in Crossroads, Karl Rove and others are attempting to blame conservatives and the tea party. [...]

It was firmly expected that Republicans would capture the Senate in 2012. It is inexcusable that they failed and, in fact, lost two seats. The facts speak for themselves. It was not conservatives.

Not one moderate Republican challenger won. [...]

Groups like Crossroads squandered hundreds of millions of dollars in what were arguably the most inept campaign advertising efforts ever. [...]

Mr. Rove and his allies must stop blaming conservatives for his disastrous results. It is time for him to take ownership of his record. He must also stop posturing himself as a conservative: his record supporting wasteful government spending and moderate candidates over conservatives spans decades.

No matter how he positions himself in this attempt at damage control, Mr. Rove's efforts will not elect the type of leaders who will come to Washington to fight for conservative principles. In fact, they are likely to stifle the emergence of candidates like Marco Rubio, Pat Toomey, and Rand Paul. [...]

As conservative leaders who represent millions of grassroots conservatives, we strongly urge you to consider this information as you are making your decisions about political giving in the future.

ouch smaller

And that concludes another episode of Republicans Eating Their Own.

Republicans eating their own smaller


A big, thick, juicy, new, improved Civil War is infecting the Republican Party


gop disaster zone

Today’s guest post by the one, the only, Will Durst:


Relax. It’s not necessarily the flu making you confused and feverish. Could be spatter from that big, thick, juicy, new, improved Civil War infecting the Republican Party. Yes, again. The Rebs inside the Reds are rebooting themselves for the umpteenth time over the past few election cycles. Have to assume these self- proclaimed frugal guys purchased their huge caches of defibrillators and CPR paddles in bulk. “CLEAR!”

Change may emanate from the top, but in a blast from nearer the rump of the totem, Karl Rove announced the formation of a brand new Super PAC. It’s the first of what might be called the Super Duper PACs. And a mere foreshadow of the Holey Moley The Hell is That Super Duper PAC to be unveiled immediately following the midterms. Initial reports have the man known affectionately as Turd Blossom and Bush’s Brain calling his Frankenstein fund- raising monster the “Conservative Victory Party.”

Sounds like a natural response coming from the guy who famously threw an Election Night Hissy Fit on Fox News because Mitt Romney wasn’t being properly victorious enough. “Wait, wait, wait. No, I’m telling you, it’s not over. There’s a cul- de- sac in a suburb on the outskirts of Shaker Heights that hasn’t checked in yet. Hey, oww. Let go. My arm doesn’t bend that way.”

Rove plans to siphon big money from donors and use it to support moderates in primary elections so Republicans no longer have to enter the generals defending some bat guano crazy candidate like Christine “I am Not a Witch” O’Donnell or Todd “Magic Fallopian Tube” Akin. Of course the Tea Party has taken great offense to this move, seeing it as incredibly counter productive to the chances of their bat guano crazy candidates.

So, you got those two blocs going at it. And with looming demographic flips in mind (Texas turning blue because rich white folks are not having enough babies while other folks are having plenty) there’s a move afoot to make the party more attractive to Hispanics. This undertaking has fallen into two camps: those arguing to temper policies opposing immigration reform and those favoring more cosmetic solutions like wearing sombreros.

Another rift surfaced when Kentucky Senator Rand Paul insisted on giving a blood- thirsty unofficial response to the official State of the Union Response by the agua thirsty Florida Senator Marco Rubio. This, right after Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal gave a speech pleading for the GOP to stop being the “stupid party.” And the fact that he said it out loud was… well, stupid.

The GOP remains so obstinate and unwilling to give the White House even the tiniest of victories they filibustered a Cabinet appointment… from their own party. Causing Democrats, usually known for eating their own, to salivate like perched vultures watching a field of hyenas tear each other apart for the last antelope thigh.

The situation sort of resembles those old Cage Battles Royale put on by the World Wrestling Federation back in the early 80s. Where 15 guys got into the ring with a chair, beat each other up and last one standing wins. Maybe that’s what the GOP needs: a Hulk Hogan to pummel everyone back into place. Although that said, Karl Rove has always seemed more like the Rowdy Roddy Piper type. “CLEAR!”

5 time Emmy- nominee Will Durst’s e- book “Elect to Laugh!” published by Hyperink, now available at, Amazon and many other fine virtual book retailers near you. Go to for info @ stand up performances.

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