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Bonus Cartoon of the Day- Paul Ryan budget baskets


LOL. Via.


Tim Pawlenty’s ties to Morgan Stanley executives scrutinized


Tim Pawlenty can't wait to give out more tax bonuses to the wealthy and cut taxes overall, which would severely reduce badly needed government revenue. Welcome to the "stupidest tax cut proposal ever advanced by a Republican frontrunner for the party's nomination for president":

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Timmy's a real man of the people, right? I wonder how the tea baggers will feel about this? Via The Minnesota Independent:

Former Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s presidential campaign and political action committee has benefited from a large amount of money from top executives of Morgan Stanley, a global financial services corporation which has been implicated in the financial and mortgage meltdown that brought about the Great Recession. A report by the Center for Public Integrity released this week scrutinized Pawlenty’s ties to top executives at the company, finding that he’s raised more than $800,000 in the last month with its help.

According to the report, Pawlenty’s Freedom First PAC got $79,500 from Morgan Stanley executives last year. Only Federated Insurance gave more to Pawlenty. Pawlenty has also tapped Morgan Stanley executive Bill Strong to co-chair his presidential campaign, and under Strong’s leadership, Pawlenty raised $800,000 in two events — one in Chicago and another in Texas.

Morgan Stanley happened to get a government bailout. Hmm. Who was it again who sworetogod he'd end bailouts? Ah yes, Corporate Tea Bagger Tim Pawlenty.

So while Timmy wants to starve the government, he doesn't mind what's left of that same "big government" money going toward aid for his donor buddies. Got it.

Tim Pawlenty: Hypocridiot-O'-The-Day.

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VIDEO: Patriotic Millionaires' Message to Congress-- "Tax Me"



Ten years ago, Republicans made a mistake. They gave tax cuts to millionaires. They decided our country needed less money and millionaires needed more.

Now our country doesn't have the money we need to build an economy that will work for all of us.

We need better roads to transport our products; faster internet for our technology companies; and more research at universities to spark our innovation.

Taking money from our future and giving it to millionaires is un-American.


ACT: Sign the petition supporting the Patriotic Millionaires as they demand higher taxes then call Boehner's office at (202) 225-6205 (


Intel led to killing Osama bin Laden, so of course, House GOP wants to cut intel funding


Is this typical of Republicans, or what? President Obama's team sifted through mounds of intel, assembled tiny pieces of information, and turned them into a mountain of clues that led to the death of the world's most wanted killer, so naturally, the GOP is doing what they do best: Chip away at something that worked.

True to form, House Republicans are about to pass a bill that would mean less money for those who do wasteful things like, you know, kill Osama Bin Laden. Timing is everything.

Via The Hill:

While many are still hailing the intelligence successes that led to the capture and killing of Osama bin Laden, the Republican-controlled House is expected to pass a bill cutting the budgets of various intelligence agencies.

The House is expected next week to debate and vote on a bill authorizing spending for the CIA, National Security Agency, FBI and several other federal intelligence agencies for fiscal year 2011.

The GOP bill would reduce the budget authority of the various intelligence agencies by $47 billion, lowering it from $708 billion under current law to $661 billion. Most of that authority would be used in FY 2011, but some is reserved for fiscal years 2012 through 2015.

Maybe cuts are necessary, and I'm not always a huge fan of intel agencies, but after such a major triumph, such a successful mission, this doesn't seem to be the best political move at this particular time.

GOP: Hey, let's find the one moment that America can cheer and screw with it.