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VIDEO: All those stunts, GOP comes up empty. Former GOP Rep: "'But we stood up to Obama.' That's crap."


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David beat me to it with one of these videos, but that's okay. It's worth a second look, and I added one more to the mix.

Rachel Maddow's analyses included the very public collapse of the GOP, the tea party 's plunging poll numbers, the repeated failed attempts by Republicans to make ridiculous, unmet demands, their irrational strategy, and their persistent delusions of success while being pushed by conservative groups into fiasco after fiasco and humiliation, all without a single victory.


The total collapse of the Republican party's effort here to try to end Obamacare, to try to get their way on policy by threatening and then causing a government shutdown, and then by coming right up to the edge of hitting the debt ceiling. The failure to achieve anything by that strategy, other than harm to the economy, and to their own standing with the American people, that failure does not mean that everybody on the right thinks that what they just did was a bad idea.

...The American public's view of the tea party has never been more negative.

That said, look at the title on the poll as they put it out. The overall plunging of popularity with the tea party, basically saying that nobody identifies with the tea party anymore, Americans are starting to hate them more and more.

But that said, the last few people that remain in the tea party, well, Ted Cruz' popularity is soaring with them.

Nobody in American politics wanted a shutdown, except for the right. Nobody in American politics thought a debt ceiling standoff was a good idea, except for the right. Nobody thought maybe a debt ceiling crash might even be a good thing, except for a very narrow sliver of the right.

Former Rep. Steve LaTourette (R-OH):

The thing that kills me. They're going to go home and say -- "Well, it is a rhinos and the squishes, joined with the Democrats, reopened the government. And did this thing. But we stood up to Barack Obama." That's crap.


Note from moderate Republican group: Get the "R" word (Republican) out of our name


R word republican

Previously I posted Here’s what GOP extremism looks like… and these are just headlines from the past 24 hours and The terrible, horrible, no good, very bad GOP dissension-slash-implosion. Republicans are struggling, to say the least, and their radical policy positions aren't helping.

The far right wants a government shut down and to them, compromise is a dirty word, gun safety is unconstitutional, and don't get me started on immigration reform.

The Republican party is a mess, and rational Republicans are more than aware of that embarrassing fact. Intransigent tea baggers (they coined that name themselves) have done the party no favors and a GOP civil war is a-brewin'.

In fact, in some circles, the "R" word is verboten. Via Yahoo:

The Republican Main Street Partnership, a Washington-based group that has promoted moderate GOP lawmakers and policies, will remove the word "Republican" from its title and welcome center-right Democrats in 2013, Yahoo News has learned.

The organization's board of directors voted Tuesday morning to scrap party identification from its title and be known simply as "The Main Street Partnership." The group's new president, former Ohio Republican Rep. Steven LaTourette, told Yahoo News that he plans to begin conversations with Blue Dog Democrats and centrist groups in the coming months.

Before we get too cocky, it's important to note that Tourette and his group are still "right of center" Republicans. As for Blue Dogs and ConservaDems, their numbers are diminishing. We need Progressives and Dems in Congress who vote like Democrats, not Republican Lite.


GOP Congressman: "The president has won this round relative to the [tax] rates..."


Multiple polls show public support for the Democratic position of allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire the way they were meant to... two years ago. During negotiations, President Obama Version 2.0 has been refreshingly strong and even said he is willing to go over the fiscal cliff speed bump/blip/crossroads putting the GOP on the defensive, blaming them holding up a deal.

Now Republican Rep. Steve LaTourette of Ohio is coming right out and saying "the president has won this round":

(CNN) – The nine-term congressman, who's retiring in January, said he noticed a turning point on Wednesday when Republicans held their weekly meeting with House Speaker John Boehner–but he added Democrats need to meet them in the middle, too.

"The sense was that there's a growing number of folks in our party that are saying, you know what, the president has won this round relative to the rates, but we need to you to sit down and get the second half of the deal and that's the spending," LaTourette said on CNN's "Starting Point with Soledad O'Brien."[...]

Known as a center-right Republican, LaTourette has been circulating a letter with some Democrats urging leaders of both parties to give some ground on their sticking points, rather than stay entrenched on opposing sides of the battle line.


VIDEO- GOP Rep: "I don’t know who the pin head & weenie is at Fox News..."


Let me start by saying that "weenie" has always been one of my favorite words. It's expressive, it has a unique ring to it,  has a nice lilt and plenty of vowels. I use it often. I use it playfully.

Today, Rep. LaTourette used it... but not playfully:

This morning, Fox and Friends characterized Sen. Bob Casey’s (D-PA) Create Jobs & Save Benefits Act as a “$165 billion bailout” of union pensions.   [...]  Later in the day, the network went after House Republicans for co-sponsoring similar legislation in the House. On America Live with Megyn Kelly, the network showed a chart of the nine Republicans supporting the measure and questioned their sanity.

This didn’t go over well with Rep. Steve LaTourette (R-OH), a co-sponsor of the House measure, who took to the floor this afternoon to criticize Fox for its coverage.

First, ClusterFox's ClusterFox:

Next, the weenie quote-o--the-day. I am Laffy and I approve this message:

"It’s a good Tiberi bill and I don’t know what they’re doing at Fox News, but they should stop smoking it and get back to reporting the facts."

That was so weenietastic, I'll even overlook the "I hate MSNBC" moment.

Think Progress has the details.