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Video- MoonBat Peter King: NSA Should Monitor Congress In Case They're 'Talking To An Al Qaeda Leader'


He never fails to say something stupid. Via.


Rep. Peter King (R-NY): "Cruz is a fraud, he's a false prophet, he's leading us into the valley of death."


valley of death

Rep. Peter King (R-NY) had a thing or two to say to the Associated Press about a Rafael "Call Me Ted" Cruz thing or two. He's angry and he's not gonna take it any more. Or something.

Not only does he think the GOP shutdown of the government served no purpose (ya think?), but he also expressed his disgust with some in his fellow party members who haven't stood up to Reckless Raffy.

King popped out with this little nugget referring to the repeatedly futile and insane attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act:

King called on GOP leaders to "denounce him by name, say Ted Cruz is ruining the Republican Party." ...

"I actually went and said, 'This is crazy, Cruz is a fraud, he's a false prophet, he's leading us into the valley of death.'"

Raffy's your guy, Republicans, because, hey, he's a "real leader," right? And he's leading you straight down the toidy (of death).


flush flush again toilet


VIDEO- Rep. Peter King wants Glenn Greenwald prosecuted for NSA leaks + "Republicans, conservatives becoming Michael Moores"


stfu lights camera

Fox's Megyn Kelly:

To take it another step and to say the journalists who published the information, the guys who published what he leaked, that they should face prosecution, that is news. Do you believe that? Do you stand by that, both Greenwald and the Washington Post reporter?

Rep. Peter King (R-NY):

I’m talking about Greenwald. Greenwald, not only did he disclose this information he has said that he has the names of CIA agents and assets around the world and they’re threatening to disclose that. The last time that was done in this country, we saw a CIA station chief murdered in Greece. No right is absolute. And even the press has certain restrictions. I think it should be very targeted and very selective and certainly a very rare exception. But in this case, when you have someone who has disclosed secrets like this and threatened to release more, then to me yes, there has to be legal action should be taken against him. This is a very unusual case with life and death implications for Americans.


What is the difference between Glenn Greenwald, who broke this story in the Guardian who is an American citizen but he’s living abroad, and James Rosen, and the Associated Press?


James Rosen never said he was going to release information that was going to kill Americans. He was never going to disclose the names of CIA agents and operatives around the world the way Greenwald is saying he is threatening to do...


Do you think that Glenn Greenwald should be prosecuted for what’s been released so far? ...


It certainly should be considered and the reason I say that is because he’s putting American lives at risk. This was clearly done I believe to hurt Americans...

King also said "Too many Republicans and conservatives are becoming Michael Moores" because they refer to "spying and snooping."

I'm sure he didn't mean that as a compliment, which is how I took it.

Ahem. Note to Pete, via Think Progress:

While Greenwald has said that he will report on more newsworthy secret information that was allegedly provided to him by a former NSA contractor, he has never said he plans to expose or out any CIA agents. And as this blog has previously noted, there is no known example of a U.S. official prosecuting a journalist for their own reporting or publication of material. Doing so would be an unprecedented expansion of government invasion into the free press, and would prompt an immediate deluge of constitutional challenges as a violation of the First Amendment.


Video- Rep Ellison Fights Back Against Peter King's Call For Religious Profiling




VIDEO: Hey GOP Rep. Peter King, if Boston police officers are heroes, then stop cutting public sector jobs!


my hero smaller

The entire segment can be found here.

Rep. Peter King (R-NY):

The Boston police department is an outstanding police department, the FBI, homeland security, ATF, they're all working on this, the president is leading it, No, this is not a time for Democrat or Republican politics. I think the president is putting in place, putting in motion the counter-terrorism and anti-terrorism units we have in our country that have been developed over the last 11 1/2 years and they're going to do an outstanding job. I have no doubt of that whatsoever.

1. "Democrat" is not an adjective. "Democratic" is.

2. If the Boston Police Department did such a great job, then why does the GOP want to keep cutting budgets that would provide for more "outstanding police departments"? Oh, that's right. They're "union thugs." And King is a hypocrite.

3. ATF? ATF? They're "working on this"? Anyone seen the director?

tweet kristof atf block

4. Wait. Did he actually admit that President Obama *gasp!* leads?

5. This is no time for politics, says King. Oh really? Then what's up with this? Rep. Peter King (R-NY) implied what now? “Pressure cooker bombs described in Al Qaeda magazine.” Nothing prejudiced or premature about that at all. Appealing to your base, are you? Some-body is looking for more do-na-tions! Have dark skin or a "funny" name? You're guilty. Next!

Oh, and if you really don't want to play politics, rehire all those police officers you and your party fired.


VIDEO: Rep. Peter King (R-NY) implies what now? "Pressure cooker bombs described in Al Qaeda magazine."


pressure cooker

Although Andrea Mitchell didn't stop Rep. Peter King (R-NY) in his tracks and suggest that he was implying that this was an Al Qaeda attack, when in fact, it could be a (white) domestic terrorist who set up the explosives in Boston, she did follow up with, "We don't know who it is." Points for that, Andrea.

Here is King admitting his own ignorance while emphasizing that pressure cooker bomb instructions were found in an Al Qaeda magazine, so obviously this was the work of those icky evil Muslims:

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My understanding is that those pressure cooker type bombs were described in "Inspire" magazine several years ago, the magazine of Al Qaeda in the Arabian peninsula. That's the extent of what I know about pressure cooker bombs. That's the one where they were telling Americans to how to make bombs against their own country and the magazine did call for a attacks on iconic athletic events.


I've checked with the official sources I have; we don't know what it is, who, whether a single suspect or a group, foreign or domestic, intelligence communities now, going back over any information to see whether any incoming in the last weeks or months, even had any hints of this. and tasking bureaus around the world.

If "that's the extent of what he knows about pressure cooker bombs," then maybe he should stop pointing fingers before he learns more about what actually happened and who is responsible.

Indulge me here, because I'm repeating what I wrote in Sen. Dianne Feinstein: Saudi national ‘not a suspect’ in Boston bombings:

As Nicole Sandler and I discussed on her radio show today, there has been way too much speculation about the tragedy– some of it irrational, much of it erroneous, some of it thoughtful. What has been appalling is the default position of those who automatically blame any attack on anyone who they conclude is a "Muslim terrorist." Never mind the white American terrorists who killed and/or threatened abortion providers or the Timothy McVeighs in this country.

Here is the entire segment:

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PhotOH! Rep. Blake Farenthold as an orangutan, Sen. Ted Cruz as an elephant seal, Rep. Peter King as an albino gorilla


say cheese smile

Benny Johnson over at BuzzFeed had a little photo fun. He compiled images of 30 members of Congress who have animal doppelgängers, both Republicans and Democrats. He's an equal opportunity doppelgängerer.

These are strictly visual comparisons, of course. He omitted any and all commentary on personality and other similarities (mental capacity and temperament come to mine) to animals or humans. Of course, we more than compensate for those omissions on a regular basis in our posts here at TPC.

Here are three of the thirty; you'll have to follow the link to see all of them. Smile! Say cheese!

Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-TX) as an orangutanRep. Blake Farenthold (R-TX) as an orangutan

ted cruz elephant sealSen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) as an elephant seal

peter king gorillaRep. Peter King (R-NY) as an albino gorilla