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VIDEO: In debate, Michigan's Lance Enderle accuses GOP Rep. Mike Rogers of selling out to large contributors, taking "blood money"


My dear pal (and former school teacher) Lance Enderle is running to represent Michigan’s 8th Congressional District, and he better win this one. He got a good start in this debate; as you can see in the clip above, he's not exactly a shrinking violet.

As he says in the video, he doesn't take a dime of corporate money, but his opponent Rep. Mike Rogers sure does. Of course, Rogers also supports the Tar Sands Keystone XL Pipeline and wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Lance is a Progressive, sort of an Alan Grayson with a James Earl Jonesish voice. He has no PAC, and he depends on no special interests.  He’s not your typical candidate, and most certainly not a packaged product.

His website is here.

Via The Livingston Daily:

In a tense, often harsh, 60-minute exchange, Democratic underdog Lance Enderle accused 12-year Republican Congressman Mike Rogers of selling out to large contributors, including an accusation that Rogers had taken "blood money" from a contributor whose safety violations led to the death of 29 coal miners in West Virginia. [...]

In a shot at Rogers' campaign funders, he asked, "Are we working for the pharmaceutical companies or are we working for our constituents?" [...]

In closing, Enderle said, "We need to get our voice back in Washington and we are only going to do that when we send people there who are willing to change the game."


White House threatens to veto House's CISPA cybersecurity bill


The Hill:

The White House threatened to veto a controversial House cybersecurity bill on Wednesday, saying the measure would fail to protect critical infrastructure systems and would undermine Internet privacy.

The House is expected to approve the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) on Friday. [...]

The administration said it supports increasing information-sharing but that CISPA lacks adequate privacy protections.

You know who one of the authors is? Reps. Mike Rogers (R-Mich.). If you're in Michigan and are not a fan of Rep. Rogers, please vote for Lance Enderle, who I've written about often.

Lance is running to represent Michigan’s 8th Congressional District, a Progressive who absolutely must unseat Rogers.

You can see all our previous posts about Lance here, and read more about him at his own site here. Please consider donating, because his campaign is 100% grassroots.

Coincidentally, I just got this email from Demand Progress:

This is HUGE: President Obama just threatened to veto CISPA if it makes its way through Congress.

CISPA is up for a vote this week. It would obliterate any semblance of online privacy in the United States, giving the government -- including the military -- broad new powers to spy on Internet users.

The White House's letter expresses precisely the concerns that we've been highlighting over recent weeks -- and is a result of the public pressure against CISPA:

  • The White House says that any cybersecurity legislation must preserve "Americans' privacy, data confidentiality, and civil liberties and [recognize] the civilian nature of cyberspace."
  • It says that, "The bill also lacks sufficient limitations on the sharing of personally identifiable information between private entities and does not contain adequate oversight or accountability measures necessary to ensure that the data is used only for appropriate purposes."

And the letter goes on to assert that:

The American people expect their Government to enhance security without undermining their privacy and civil liberties.

Without clear legal protections and independent oversight, information sharing legislation will undermine the public's trust in the Government as well as in the Internet by undermining fundamental privacy, confidentiality, civil liberties, and consumer protections.


Rep. Mike Rogers' support of Keystone XL is about fear mongering, disregard for environment


The following is a cross-post (with permission) from my friend Lance Enderle's site. Lance is running to represent Michigan’s 8th Congressional District in 2012, a Progressive who absolutely must unseat Mike Rogers.

You can see all our previous posts about Lance here, and read more about him at his own site here. Please consider donating, because his campaign is 100% grassroots.

If you need a reason to vote for Lance Enderle, here is one of many:

LANSING-- Democratic candidate for the 8th Congressional District Lance Enderle today slammed Congressman Mike Rogers (R-Brighton) for his support of the ill-fated Canadian Keystone XL pipeline project.

The project would have traversed 1,200 miles of American soil, often in environmentally sensitive areas including a major aquifer, to transport tar sands oil from Canada to Texas. The oil in question is environmentally dangerous to remove from the earth, requiring massive amounts of water, steam and heat to remove, and must be mixed with other, lighter oil products to be transported under high pressure in pipelines. The oil is also tainted with toxic heavy metals like mercury.

The Obama administration on Wednesday announced it would reject the proposal for the pipeline. The move has been heavily criticized by Republicans, including GOP Rep. Tim Walberg, who represents Michigan's 7th which suffered thelargest environmental disaster in midwest history in July of 2010. At that time, the Enbridge Energy Partners Lakehead Pipeline 6B burst open spewing an estimated 1.1 million gallons of toxic tar sands oil and the petroleum "diluent" into the Talmadge Creek and the Kalamazoo River. Cleanup continues from the spill, with the company and the EPA having trouble removing a heavy tar-like substance left behind from the spill which is now covering acres of the bottom of the river.

On his Facebook page, Rogers called the Obama administration decision "short-sighted," claiming the move will "force" Canada to sell it's toxic oils sands product to China, and enrich Iran in the process.

"Evidently, Mike has no clue about the internal politics of Canada," said Enderle. "The First Nations of Canada have been very clear -- they won't allow pipelines to traverse their tribal lands, which would be necessary to fill tankers on the Pacific coast to tank over to China. And why do they oppose this? Because they know what residents of Calhoun County discovered in 2010 -- oil sands oil is toxic, dangerous and nearly impossible to remove from the environment."

"To claim that somehow Iran will ultimately be the beneficiary of Canadian oil to China is ridiculous on its face," Enderle continued. "China is currently getting oil from Iran, and getting more oil from Canada will simply reduce the demand for Iranian oil, reducing Iranian oil money. Mike is scare mongering."

"And all those jobs Mike is talking about? How many of them are 'indirect' jobs created by toxic, life-changing spills caused by improper handling of this toxic goo?" Enderle asked. "Yes we need jobs, but more jobs produced by scraping the bottom of the proverbial barrel of oil production helps no one, and makes the U.S. put off the important job of leading the world into the development of renewable energy sources which do not cause environmental catastrophes.”


VIDEO- GOP: We need mental health services, yet we want to repeal aid


Republicans were for mental health care before they were against it before they were for it, against it, for, against, for, against...

Oh that's right. Health care reform was President Obama's baby, and we mustn't provide for the robust health, safety, and welfare of Americans if it has his name on it anywhere.

Nice. Country first. Way to go.

Via Think Progress:

President Obama’s health reform legislation — which all Republicans now want to repeal — would go even further in helping Americans with mental illness. By 2014, families and individuals will be able to enroll in insurance through an expanded Medicaid program or the exchanges, where private companies will have to offer mental health and substance use disorder services as part of the essential package of benefits. The law also expands parity to a much wider pool, “making it possible for millions more people to get the same coverage for substance abuse and illnesses like bipolar disorder, major depression and schizophrenia as they would for, say, diabetes or cancer.”

To refresh your memories, Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) ran against my buddy Lance Enderle. Lance plans on running again, so let's get his name around whenever possible, so that by campaign time, voters are familiar with him, and he can beat the pants off Rogers.