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VIDEO: Gabby Giffords votes for Dem successor Ron Barber in Arizona special election


Yesterday I posted video of Gabby Giffords stumping for Ron Barber. He's running for her House seat in Arizona's special election and was wounded back in 2011 in the horrific assassination attempt on Rep. Giffords.

Today's Moment of Happy is the video above, of Gabby, her husband Mark and Ron Barber at the polls. That she's able to walk in on her own is a damned miracle.


Poll-itics: Democrat Ron Barber poised for victory in special election for Gabby Giffords seat


Yesterday's Moment of Happy was Gabby Giffords stumping for the Democratic candidate Ron Barber who is running for her House seat. He was wounded back in 2011 in the horrific assassination attempt on Rep. Giffords.

Here's today's Moment of Happy via The Hill:

The Democratic nominee to replace former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) has a double-digit lead over the Republican one day out from the special election, a new poll showed.

Democrat Ron Barber, a former Giffords aide, takes 53 percent to Republican Jesse Kelly's 41 in a survey by Democratic firm Public Policy Polling. [...]

Barber enjoys a favorable reputation among the slightly GOP-leaning electorate in southern Arizona, with 53 percent viewing him favorably and 41 percent unfavorably. Voters disapprove of Kelly 59-37, the poll showed.

If he does win the special election, he will only stay in office for six months. He'll have to jump right back into running for re-election, which is expected to be close.

The bonus good news is that early voting is expected to make up the majority of votes on Tuesday, and among the 57 percent of those who already voted, Barber leads by 21 points.


PhotOH! Gabby Giffords Giffords stumps for former aide at Arizona campaign rally


Via CNN: Former Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords holds hands with Arizona democratic congressional candidate Ron Barber at a campaign rally

Gabrielle Gifford's former aide, Ron Barber, was wounded back in 2011 when that deranged shooter tried to assassinate her. He is now running for her seat in a special election, and she fully supports him.

Whoever wins will only stay in office for six months. Then they start right in again running for re-election. In the fall, districts will be slightly different, leaning more Democratic, but it will still be close.

No matter what happens, it's so good to see Gabby out there again:

Tucson, Arizona (CNN) -- Former Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords made a rare appearance before a cheering crowd of supporters at a "Get out the vote" concert in downtown Tucson.

Giffords was joined by her husband, Mark Kelly, at the Saturday event for a special election race for the seat from which she resigned.

The standing-room only crowd gathered at a theater cheered as she walked on stage with her husband, who spoke on her behalf.

"It was incredibly hard for her to resign," Kelly said as Giffords smiled and held hands with her former aide Ron Barber. "And the person she knew could represent this district like she did is standing to my left."


VIDEO: Gabrielle Giffords attends event for new combat ship named for her



on Feb 10, 2012:

PENTAGON (Feb. 10, 2012) Former Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and ship's sponsor Roxanna Green, get a first look at a photo illustration of the littoral combat ship USS Gabrielle Giffords (LCS 10). Just moments before, Navy Secretary Ray Mabus announced that a new Littoral Combat Ship would be named for Giffords. Green's 9-year-old daughter, Christina-Taylor Green, was killed in the shooting. LCS 10 will be an Independence LCS 2-class ship. (U.S. Navy video/Released)

H/t: @rollingingraves, @keethers


VIDEO: One more time, Gabrielle Giffords’ husband is not running for her House seat


Back in July, I posted: Gabrielle Giffords’ husband: I’m not running for office.

Now I'm posting this video. So, if it already isn't crystal clear, Mark Kelly is not running for office, but he will be caring for his amazing wife:

"I'm not running for here Congressional seat. Why? My job right now is to make sure Gabby has everything she needs."

A great husband to a great woman.


PhotOH! Two Sides of Arizona


Photos: AP Photo/Haraz N. Ghanbari; Pete Marovich/Zuma

Two sides of Arizona, indeed. To quote the wickedly witty Andy Borowitz:

Jan Brewer Caption Contest: "See this finger? This is what I use to order another round.

The most shocking thing about the Jan Brewer photo is that she appears to be standing upright.

I'm fairly confident we could solve the illegal immigration problem if we posted a picture of Jan Brewer at the border.

Before we all get in an uproar, Jan Brewer does the exact same thing to bartenders when they threaten to cut her off.

Jan Brewer: "No one relates more to headless bodies than I do."

The shocking thing about the Jan Brewer photo is that her finger stopped shaking long enough to put it in his face.

H/t: @mrkallman for the caption, pics.


VIDEO: Rep. Gabrielle Giffords resigns from the House, Debbie Wasserman Schultz in tears


Tears. Immense admiration. More tears.

on Jan 25, 2012:

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz reads the letter of resignation that U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords submitted to Speaker John Boehner.