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Former WI Gov. Scott Walker aide tied to major No Call List violator



Former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker aide and campaign worker, Kelly Rindfleisch is in hot water. As deputy chief of staff for pre-Gov. Scott Walker (then-Milwaukee County executive), Rindfleisch did campaign work on the job, for which she is now facing misconduct charges:

Kelly Rindfleisch, a former Walker staffer, was charged with four felony counts of misconduct in public office. Another staffer was charged with two misdemeanor counts of political solicitation by a public employee. And both have been accused of fundraising activities, which is a no-no when you do that while working at a taxpayer-funded job.

Associates of Scotty’s were accused of using personal laptop computers and an unofficial “secret e-mail system” to solicit money for Walker’s campaign and that of Brett Davis, who was running for lieutenant governor.

All this happened right under Walker’s anti-union nose.

That was from a previous TPC post back in March.

Rindfleisch is the owner of National Lending Solutions, and the business address for that company is identical to the address of First American Funding Company, which allegedly contacted more than a million consumers on the state's No Call List with mortgage solicitations.

First American Funding is owned by Michael Eisenga.

The plot sickens:

COLUMBUS (WKOW) --  A former aide and campaign worker for Governor Scott Walker ... registered a business with ties to the largest violator of the state's No Call List. [...]

Columbia County court records show tax warrants filed by the Department of Revenue against Eisenga list the address of the Republican Party of Columbia County.

The rest of the details are at the link.


Wisconsin recall news round-up



Unions that backed Falk get behind Barrett:

MADISON, Wis. - Major Wisconsin unions that had endorsed Kathleen Falk in the Democratic primary for governor are now backing the winner, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. [...] Leaders of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees said they will do everything they can to defeat Walker.

Walker accepts two debate invites; Barrett wants four

Voter turnout about 30 percent in recall primaries for governor:

Tuesday's turnout was one of the highest in state history for a partisan primary, adding to the already historic nature of the recall of Gov. Scott Walker.

Recall election brings confusion at the polls:

Unlike the normal primary process in which voters can select candidates from just one political party, Tuesday's recall primaries allowed them to vote for candidates from different political parties but not two candidates in the same race.

Scott Walker absolutely must go.


VIDEO: Wisconsin Gov. Walker raises two-thirds of campaign money from out-of-state


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Many thanks to Ed Schultz and Robert Greenwald for staying all over this.

Wisconsin Public Radio confirms:

Governor Scott Walker raised two-thirds of his campaign money from outside Wisconsin in his most recent report filed with the state's election agency.  

According to an analysis from the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, more than $8 million of the roughly $13 million the governor raised this year came from individual donors living in other states. That's 66 percent of all the governor's individual contributions. It follows a reporting period covering late last year where the governor raised 61-percent of his money from out-of-state donors.

Meanwhile, commie pinko Marxist socialist Scotty Walker is shelling out the big bucks for a legal defense fund in order to pay his criminal defense lawyers (previous post here) to help him with that pesky John Doe investigation.

He's your candidate, GOP. Be proud.


Chris Christie to campaign for WI Gov. Scott Walker in recall election


Via The Octopode Factory

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, like that master of good judgment Willard Romney, is aligning himself with one of the worst governors in the country, Wisconsin's anti-union, anti-education, delusional Scott Walker. I say delusional because he loves to tout all those jobs he's created, when in fact, Wisconsin's job losses are the worst in the country.

Under Walker, Wisconsin has lost 23,900 jobs, the only state in the nation with statistically significant job losses over the past year, per the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  6,100 of those were from the private sector:


Did I mention he has major legal issues, too?

Yet Willard refers to Scotty Walker as "a hero," and Chris Christie is campaigning for him next month to try to keep him from being voted out of office in the Big Recall Election in June.

Via a Patch report in Sussex, Wisconsin:

Details were sketchy, but it appears anyone who wants to attend one of the two events will have to contribute $20 to Walker and will then be entered into a drawing for the chance to take part. [...]

Those chosen to attend the two events would get a chance to have their photos taken with Walker and Christie, who the Walker campaign described as "two of the greatest voices for conservative causes in the United States."

If those clowns are two of the greatest conservative voices in America, the GOP is in more trouble than I thought. Then again, look who their presumptive candidate is...and who the others were. *coughCAINBACHMANNGINGRICHPERRYSANTORUMcough*

Birds of a feather...

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