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No state lawmaker in Colorado history has ever faced a recall vote, but a Democratic gun control supporter will


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This is what happens in Colorado when you want more people to stay alive instead of getting shot by other people with guns. Via the Denver Post:

DENVER—Gun-rights activists in Colorado turned in petition signatures Monday to set up the first recall in state history of a state lawmaker after he backed some of the strictest gun control measures to become law in the U.S. this year.

There has never been a Colorado state lawmaker who has been recalled, ever, in the history of ever... until now. Until Democratic Senate President John Morse, who backed some gun control measures that managed to pass." So why him? Because all those "right-to-lifers" demand access to more killing machines, regardless of stats that show that common sense gun safety laws work.

Here is what Bill Adaska, a retired engineer from Denver who volunteered to gather recall signatures, had to say:

"This is the race, right here, that's going to show Washington and Chicago that when you come after our guns, we're going to take you out."

Interesting choice of words there, Bill. Are you one of those people who call themselves "pro-life"?

For the (not) last time, nobody is coming after your guns. You can still own guns. Guns will still be owned by you.

The radical changes he's worried about-- and by radical I mean sensible-- call for expanded background checks on private and online gun sales, plus a 15-round limit on gun magazines. Oooo, scary. There goes the Second Amendment, right down the toidy!

Nobody could possibly take out a deer or an unlikely intruder with only 15 rounds. Nobody could possibly find a way to redundantly own more firearms if they have to endure five-minutes of questioning about whether they're unfit to buy their twelfth assault rifle.

So of course, the solution is to remove a Democrat who's for reducing gun violence and saving lives. Silly John Morse, what could he have been thinking?

Click over to the Denver Post for more.


CA Tea Party group spent thousands on Scott Walker ads in recall election, but didn't comply with state election law


Here is a press release from The Center for Media and Democracy (CMD) asking the Elections Board to investigate a tea party group that supported Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

This is important because it could also affect the November elections.

By the way, Lisa Graves is awesome:

“Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama” Spent Tens of Thousands of Dollars on Ads Backing Walker in the Recall Election, But Did Not Comply with State Election Law

The Center for Media and Democracy (CMD) has filed a complaint requesting that Wisconsin’s elections board investigate a Tea Party-affiliated group from California that spent tens of thousands of dollars on ads supporting Governor Scott Walker in the June 5 recall election, but did not register as a political committee in the state or report its funding and spending, as required by Wisconsin election law.

The complaint, filed today with Wisconsin’s Government Accountability Board (GAB), identifies at least four ads run on Wisconsin television by the California-based Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama (CDBO) that clearly met the definition of “communications for a political purpose” under Wisconsin law. Any group spending over $25 on communications for a political purpose must register as a political committee and disclose its funding and spending to the public. CDBO reported to the Federal Election Commission that it spent tens of thousands of dollars on ads in Wisconsin this spring, but has not filed required disclosures with the state detailing how much it spent on ads supporting Walker, or where that money came from. CDBO also made national fundraising appeals expressly asking for donations to air pro-Walker ads on Wisconsin television.

“The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama is one of the secretive groups headquartered out-of-state that spent heavily on political ads in Wisconsin’s recall election without fully disclosing to the people of Wisconsin how much they spent or who bankrolls this Tea Party-affiliated group,” said Lisa Graves, CMD’s Executive Director and former Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the Office of Legal Policy at the U.S. Department of Justice. “We ask the GAB to expedite its investigation of CDBO, which also bought ads last summer in connection with the state Senate recall elections, without full disclosures to the people of Wisconsin, and may run more ads about state candidates in the months leading to the November elections.

Added Brendan Fischer, CMD’s Law Fellow: “We are asking the GAB to protect the integrity of Wisconsin elections and the transparency requirements in state law by holding this California group accountable for what appear to be multiple violations of Wisconsin's election statutes.

The Center for Media and Democracy’s complaint can be viewed here, and the supporting exhibits can be viewed here.


WI Gov. Walker and Republicans had nearly 2-to-1 advantage on broadcast TV


Let's talk about that recall election that took place in Wisconsin. Let's talk about how lopsided the TV ad buys were.

Pro-Republican spending on broadcast TV totaled $13.1 since November, as opposed to the $6.9 million spent by Gov. Scott Walker's opponents.

And that was just broadcast TV. Per WisPolitics, spending on behalf of Walker totaled $80 million. None of this includes cable TV buys or ads run by the MacIver Institute and Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin, which didn't specifically mention the recall or Walker by name, but did refer to his budget.

Go Citizens United!

We need to get money out of politics and back into providing what this country needs. Think of what $80 million could do for people in need, who are ill or hungry or homeless. Think of the bridges and roads that need repair. That we're wasting millions and millions this election year on nothing but selling candidates is insane.

And even more appalling...  so many ads are misleading or downright dishonest, so obscene amounts of money are being poured into spreading lies rather than informing voters about who our future public officials really are and what they stand for.

"Wrong" is not a strong enough word to describe this corrupt system.

Via WisPolitics:

Here’s the breakdown from November, when the recall started, through the election:

*Scott Walker 24,087 ads, $7,454,250
*Right Direction Wisconsin PAC 8,637, $3,113,360
*Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce 4,947 $2,161,280
*Ending Spending Fund 193, $162,140
*Coalition for American Values 413, $160,310
*State Tea Party Express 78, $94,820
Total: 38,355 ads costing $13,146,160

*Tom Barrett 9,416, $2,467,120
*Wisconsin For Falk 5,187, $2,147,090
*Greater Wisconsin Political Fund 6,075, $1,845,280
*Democratic Governors Association 615, $111,520
*Kathleen Falk 1,102, $266,060
*Doug La Follette 129, $21,380
*PCCC Recall Fund 63, $24,140
*Arthur Kohl-Riggs 1, $110
Total: 22,588 ads costing $6,882,700


VIDEO- BLUNT: Citizens United is Democracy's Castration


I couldn’t resist writing another song parody, this time about Citizens United. It was the best way I could think of to pull me out of my post-Wisconsin recall slump, and it worked. I hope it does the same for you.

The hilarious and lovely DC Debbie and Karl Knox (yes, he's lovely, too) were kind enough to provide the vocals:

You have a voice, now use it.

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It’s your turn. Go.