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Convicted felon to challenge Sen. Lindsey Graham for US senate


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Who better to challenge a self-righteous South Carolina conservative chickenhawk than a "libertarian-leaning" former state Treasurer, convicted felon, and reality TV show star ("Southern Charm" on Bravo)? How fitting. How entertaining.

How implausible.

Then again, this is good ol' Southern "charm" we're talking about. And what could be more charming than a 51-year-old ex-felon with a 3-month-old daughter married to a 22-year-old fellow state politician? Especially a guy who was busted for dabbling in cocaine who claims "he has the right ideas to save the country."

Why, Ah do declay-uh, Thomas, you're about as confused as a fart in a fan factory. Which makes us Dems as happy as a puppy with two tails.

Get out the mint juleps, the fainting couch, the feather fans, and the popcorn, because a new reality show is about to debut.

Via The Hill:

Reality TV star and former South Carolina state Treasurer Thomas Ravenel is launching an independent bid against Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.).

Ravenel, a one-time rising star from a famous political family in the state Republican Party, was forced from office in 2007 following a bust for cocaine possession.

Ravenel will need 10,000 signatures by July 15th in order to qualify.

John McCain's BFF doesn't have a lot to worry about. He easily won his primary against the Tea Poopies, so an independent with a record won't faze him.

As for the rest of us:

get out the popcorn


Video- Morning Joe Asshats Get Thumped By Thomas Roberts, Mika Brzezinski Over "Duck Dynasty" Kerfluffle



Quickie- Todd Palin Throws Himself Back Into Spotlight for "Stars Earn Stripes"


Seems like the whole family is addicted to the attention now. How much longer before Trig has his own children's show?

After lurking in the shadows of his wife's television show, Sarah Palin's Alaska, and daughter's Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp—not to mention what is arguably the greatest reality show of them all, the presidential campaign, as the GOP vice presidential nominee's "first dude"—Todd Palin is stepping into the spotlight himself, headlining NBC's Stars Earn Stripes.

Palin, with the coaching of real-life special operative veterans, will complete various military-inspired missions. He competes with other celebrities including Nick Lachey, Picabo Street, and Laila Ali, to win money for military, veterans, and first responder charities.


Reality TV show ad: "If you think they're ain't no party like the Tea Party we want you!"


Get those crayon family portraits Popsicle stick figures 8x10 glossies ready, Minneapolis tea baggers! Whiten those teeth, lift those eyes, tan those faces, put on your Sunday best, get those talking points down pat, dig out all your dopey hats, scribble some misspelled "Obummer is a French Gay Marxist Socialist Kenyan Commie" signs, ham it up for the ol' Polaroid, and toddle on down to the nearest government-run post office! You've got some mailing to do!

(click to enlarge)

Of course, they're assuming the Tealoaders can read.

There ain't no party like the tea party!

H/t: Wonkette