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Doonesbury snarkitude-- "Fox": If rumor "proves to be false, we STILL pass it on!"


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How do I love thee, Garry Trudeau? Let me count the ways: 1. Your snarkitude. 2. Your snarkitude about Fox. 3. Your snarkitude about Fox spreading lies and propaganda based on rumor and/or headlines of their own creation. 4. Your snarkitude as a vehicle for telling the truth. 5. Did I mention your snarkitude?

Bill Maher touched on all those Republican lies on his HBO show, "Real Time." You can watch the video of that segment here. He referred to the GOP habit of perpetuating provably false b.s. as "Zombie Lies." They keep schlepping around threatening real journalism and democracy itself, way after their apparent demise, influencing voters despite being utter fiction, figments of what's left of conservative minds (assuming they had minds to begin with).

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Which brings us to Trudeau's "Doonesbury" strip, in which he brings journalist Roland Hedley back to skewer the Fox fact-mangling machine. Hedley welcomes us to another edition of "Inside Fox News" in which he reports about their "elite team of mongers" who "break rumors." And what rumors they are! He ticks off a list of memorable Fox lies from President Obama being Kenyan to the War on Christmas to "Islamic sleeper terrorist Bowe Bergdahl."

Take it away, Roland:

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Maher: GOP "Zombie Lies won't stay dead." (VIDEO)


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On Real Time last night, Bill Maher's rant was a particularly good one, all about how the GOP perpetuates lies. He started out mocking (what else?) politicians in both parties and how they invented their own euphemism for lying: "I misspoke." He then went on to nail Republicans on one of their own rules: "When they get caught in a lie, they don't have to stop telling it," as opposed to Democrats, who are more apt to admit their lies and correct the record. Maher noted that Dems understand that "there's this thing called observable reality." Republican talking points, he continued, "which have been disproven, remain! Like a guest who's been asked to leave a party, but does not! It reminds me of a horror movie where you think you've killed the lie, but it won't stay dead. Which is why I call them "Zombie Lies."

He came up with a whole ballot box full of examples, such as the mythical Obamacare "job killer" (that didn't happen) and "death panels" (there were none), not to mention the big bad "government takeover" of health care (that never materialized). He brought up nearly as many Zombie Lies as the House GOP has ACA repeal bills. He slammed "trickle down" economic policies, fracking, you name it. Watch:

Take it away, Bill Maher:

Finally, New Rule: Now that there's been an uproar over all the neocons who lied about the Iraq war with no consequences, someone must tell me why there isn't a similar uproar over all the Republicans who lied about Obamacare with no consequences.

It's been four years since the bill passed. Has anybody come across even one death panel? The next liberal to tell a Republican "You’re entitled to an opinion but not your own facts" should really just admit they’ve never seen Fox News....

Zombie Lies are neither alive nor dead-- like Dick Cheney...

They pass a Zombie Lie down to dumber and dumber people who believe it more and more...

And when you think the Zombie Lie has finally gone to die at the Idea Hospice of the Absolutely Stupidest People on Earth, there it is being retweeted by Donald Trump.


Big hat tip to Heather over at Crooks and Liars for the video.


VIDEO-- Maher: CA not worried about "nonsense that keeps Fox up at night, " NRA = "Nuts, Racists, A-holes."


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On HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher" last Friday, Maher capped the show with one of his best rants ever. This one was about my home state of California, a"moderate liberal nation" that the rest of the country should, and eventually will and actually does, emulate.

DKos provides the transcript. Here are some excerpts:

California is creating the kind of modern, liberal nation the country as a whole can only dream about.  And not only can't the rest of the country stop us — we're going to drag you with us.

But in 2010, when other states were busy electing whatever Tea Partier claimed to hate government the most, we elected a guy who actually liked it — Jerry Brown.  And without a Republican governor and without a legislature cock-blocked by Republicans,  a $27 billion deficit was turned into a surplus.

How?  Well it's amazing, really.  We did something economists call cutting spending and raising taxes.  (audience applause)  I know, it sounds like crazy science fiction, but you see, here in California, we're not just gluten-free and soy-free and peanut-free, we're Tea Party free!

I mean, Texas could do it too, but they love "freedom" too much. Like when that unregulated fertilizer plant blew up.

No, California is not perfect, but it is in our nature to try new things.  For example, now that it's clear Obamacare is going to be a success here, the movement to just go all the way to single payer is gathering steam.

You know, it's so ironic, the two things conservatives love the most — the free market and states rights — are the two things that are going to bend this country into California's image as a socialist fagtopia.

Maybe our constipated Congress in Washington can't pass gun control laws, but we just did.  Because we don't give a shit about the NRA.  Out here, that stands for "Nuts, Racists, and Assholes."

And while other state governments are working with Jesus to make abortion more miserable ... California is making it easier.  And while immigrants are demonized in Washington and elsewhere, in California we just OK'd driver's licenses for undocumented aliens.

That's right, we're letting them drive cars — just like white people!  Because we can't be worrying about all the nonsense that keeps Fox News viewers up at night...


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Friend of #TPC La. teen science activist Zack Kopplin to be on Friday's "Real Time with Bill Maher"


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My now-nineteen-year-old Louisiana pal Zack Kopplin is still fighting creationism law, and yes, Zack (@ZackKopplin and @RepealTheSEA) is one remarkable teen. Our previous posts by and about Zack here. His mission is to just say NO to creationist vouchers. Well, not just say no, he’s an activist after all.

In fact, he has now become a leader in the fight to repeal the Louisiana Science Education Act, which allows creationism to be taught in public schools.

And if all that isn't enough, he's about to be on Real Time! He told me about this appearance a few days ago, and I nearly forgot, but that's okay. We DVR it every week.

Here's the press release:

Louisiana Science Activist Zack Kopplin Is a Guest on "Real Time
with Bill Maher"

Who: Bill Maher, Zack Kopplin, Sebastian Junger, Abby Huntsman, Senator Bernie Sanders, Stephen Moore

What: Zack Kopplin, a Louisiana native and Rice University sophomore who, as a high school student, launched a campaign to repeal Louisiana's creationism law, will be interviewed as the mid-show guest and panelist on this week's episode of HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher."

Last year, Kopplin's research on hundreds of creationist voucher schools generated international attention. Kopplin has been named the first-ever "Troublemaker of the Year."

He is also a recipient of the Hugh Hefner First Amendment Award and National Center for Science Education's Friend of Darwin Award.

His activism has been previously featured on “Moyers and Company,” “Viewpoint with John Fugelsang,” and "Hardball with Chris Matthews." Kopplin was highlighted as a “Footsoldier” on "The Melissa Harris-Perry Show."

Kopplin is organizing a movement calling for a Second Giant Leap for humankind, which will be achieved by increasing science funding and teaching evidence based- science.

When: Tomorrow, Friday, April 5, 2013

Where: HBO