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Raiders Of The Lost Ark Original Ending


Raiders of the lost ark

One of my favorite movies of all time is Raiders Of The Lost Ark. For pure matinee fun and adventure along with some nervous laughter and cliffhanging moments, this film has no real competition (except two of the sequels). I can watch it over and over again.

Recently, a lost version of the original ending of the movie resurfaced. It was considered too "violent" and would have gotten the movie an "R" rating. So Spielberg went back and came up with the ending we've all seen.

If you're interested here's the original ending before Spielberg changed it. Exploding heads and graphic carnage were in the director's early versions. Funny how times change things. Today, you'll see more shocking carnage on AMC's Walking Dead, but then again, Midnight Cowboy was rated "X" when it won the Oscar for Best Picture.


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The Heir, On-Air, Blows Square To The Spare With Fair Hair


Guthrie Gregory

Let's get down to it. Gregory or Guthrie? They're not just two pretty faces. They are the front (wo)man for NBC's most durable public affairs program, the prestigious MEET THE PRESS.

This year the Boston Red Sox miraculously went from worst, to first. MTP threatens to do the same, but in reverse.

They have steadily been the standard bearer for decades and the erosion has been felt ever since the untimely passing of Tim Russert. From the founding days of Lawrence Spivak until now, MTP has been a gold standard in the Sunday morning punditry and political gab.

But now there's a change in the air.

The heir (a little play on words there,) David Gregory, is dragging down the ratings of the show. It's gotten to the point that the topic of his replacement is being discussed more and more as the ratings continue to soften like an over-ripened Dixie peach. He won't go willing, but he'll go if he's told to. There will be some face-saving manipulations required but NBC has had much success in covering up their failures. Just look at their recent past in prime time.

I would venture the most obvious move will be Gregory's stepping aside to become a special 2014 election consultant. And if that's not face-saving enough, he might become special NBC Presidential Campaign guru. Sadly for David G, (no, the other David G., I'm DG) Savannah Guthrie sat in this past week as host and she did an unbelievably fine job.

The Twitter was all atweet with kudos for the fair Miss Guthrie. She totally "manhandled" Rand Paul, something mush-mouthed Gregory never could do. He always stops short of probing and is more concerned with his next question and going to commercial on cue than nailing someone who's deceitful or lying. David's adequate. Savannah's great. So in case you missed it, here's Savannah Guthrie putting the screws to Rand Paul with "follow-up." Got that David G. "Follow-up."


Fox News Giving More Coverage to Naked Student Exhibit, Than Government Shutdown


peep show

Ah, journalism. It comes in all shapes and sizes. There's hard hitting investigative, Pulitzer Prize level stuff. There's straight news reporting. There's specialty journalism as well; the snarky/fun kind (like Political Carnival) and there's the sensational (National Enquirer), straight and gay news rags and those that run from informative, light, frothy entertainment to more satirical, edgy, or politically slanted. And finally, at the bottom of the barrel, we find Fox News.

They've hardly met a story they couldn't slant or a personality so out of touch with reality that they didn't fit in seamlessly with their goon squad. They really have faux news down to a science.

With the government "slimdown" (they refused to call it a shutdown) there isn't a lot they have left to cover. Their "all defense of republicans, all the time," programming  is working  just fine for them.

Brown University students

Until now. The news editors got wind of an art exhibit at the Ivy League's Brown University, and they thought they could run with it. They would take an honest artistic exhibit called Nudity in the Upspace and give it to resident pervert (at least politically) Bill O'Reilly's people to cover. Their task -- to take something genuine and artistic and end up exploiting the nudity of young college students to make ratings and money.

That sure sounds like a Bill O'Reilly worthy segment. Take something genuine and twist it into seedy. They mock an art exhibition that explores race, gender and equality in relation to nudity and the human body.  This could win Bill O. the "Pulitzer-My-Finger"  Prize for his coverage. We'll find out next week after it airs.

Brown students felt duped by the subterfuge of the stated purpose these old white men reporters used to get their interviews and explain their presence on campus. They claimed they were doing a story on student life, burdens of tuition and a highly intensive curriculum.

What they really focused on was the "naked art." Any Ivy Leaguer (like myself) knows how hard it is to get in to one of the elite eight institutions, academically. We go because of educational achievment. If we wanted to see naked bodies, we could just search for them on the Internet and save tons of money.

The students of Brown have made a video about this experience and Fox TV. Maybe Bill should exploit this, instead of getting his rocks off with more of his slanted, non-news.


Cumulus Radio planning to drop Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity



I'm not breaking out the champagne until the deal is done, but I'm guessing there's not as much money in Hate Radio as there used to be.

In a major shakeup for the radio industry, Cumulus Media, the second-biggest broadcaster in the country, is planning to drop both Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity from its stations at the end of the year, an industry source told POLITICO on Sunday.

Cumulus has decided that it will not renew its contracts with either host, the source said, a move that would remove the two most highly rated conservative talk personalities from more than 40 Cumulus channels in major markets.

The decision comes after negotiations between Cumulus and Premiere Networks, the division of Clear Channel that distributes Limbaugh and Hannity's shows, broke down due to disagreements over the cost of the distribution rights, the source said. Cumulus is known to drive a hard bargain on costs, and Clear Channel is known to seek top dollar for big names.


Back in May, a source close to Limbaugh told POLITICO that the host was considering ending his affiliation agreement with Cumulus because CEO Lew Dickey was blaming the company's advertising losses on Limbaugh's controversial remarks about Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown law student. On an earnings call two days later, Dickey reported a $2.4 million first-quarter decline in revenue related to talk programming, which he attributed, indirectly, to Limbaugh's remarks about Fluke.


Video- Joe Scarborough Suggests Hannity Has Used Trayvon Martin Killing "To Gin Up His Ratings"


Ya think? Via MM.


Fox "News" [sic] ratings at 12-year low



maddow o'reilly

Need a lift? Tired of all the political bickering? In the mood for a little upbeat news? Well, wait no more.


Fox News had its worst prime time TV ratings in twelve years, since back in 2001. HuffPo:

...Fox News had its worst prime time ratings in the coveted 25-54 demographic since August 2001, and its lowest total day ratings since June 2008.

There now, wasn't that fun?

but wait there's more

It gets better. Per Politico, The Rachel Maddow Show was the only non-Fox News program to enter the top 10:

And “The Rachel Maddow Show” topped CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight” this month, and also ranked number one among the 18-34 demo.



...and if Maddow were to continue creeping up the list, it would mean a real sea change. Overall, MSNBC... was the only cable news channel to grow its ratings from 2012.

Poor Fox. On 3, let me hear as insincere an "Awwww" as you can muster up. Ready? 

1... 2... 3!



Chart: Gun groups rate U.S. senators


guns cartoon nra card

Here is a chart of the NRA and Gun Owners of America ratings for all 100 members of the new Senate in 2013, via The Fix. For a rundown of Scott Brown's record, go here (MA-Sen: Scott Brown (R), The Gun Lobby's Favorite Senator). He got $7,000 from Smith and Wesson alone. He may end up back in the Senate, so it's worth a look.

As John Dean tweeted, the "Double Fs looks great." We need to continue to replace Blue Dogs with Progressives, if that's even possible.

Starting next month, more than half the Senate will have served one term or less. And because gun issues haven’t really come up very often in recent years, many of those members have yet to build substantial voting records. That suggests there could be some surprises.

1 Senator State Party NRA Gun Owners
2 Inhofe Okla. R A+ A+
3 Thune S.D. R A+ A+
4 Cruz Texas R A+ A
5 Wicker Miss. R A+ A
6 Chambliss Ga. R A+ A-
7 Crapo Idaho R A+ A-
8 Sessions Ala. R A+ A-
9 Shelby Ala. R A+ A-
10 Hatch Utah R A+ B-
11 Baucus Mont. D A+ D-
12 Boozman Ark. R A A+
13 Coburn Okla. R A A+
14 Vitter La. R A A+
15 Barrasso Wyo. R A A
16 Blunt Mo. R A A
17 Burr N.C. R A A
18 Cornyn Texas R A A
19 Fischer Neb. R A A
20 Flake Ariz. R A A
21 Heller Nev. R A A
22 Hoeven N.D. R A A
23 Johanns Neb. R A A
24 McConnell Ky. R A A
25 Moran Kan. R A A
26 Scott S.C. R A A
27 Cochran Miss. R A A-
28 Enzi Wyo. R A A-
29 Grassley Iowa R A A-
30 Isakson Ga. R A A-
31 Risch Idaho R A A-
32 Roberts Kan. R A A-
33 Toomey Pa. R A A-
34 Ayotte N.H. R A -
35 Murkowski Alaska R A B
36 Portman Ohio R A B
37 Graham S.C. R A B-
38 Alexander Tenn. R A C
39 Corker Tenn. R A C
40 Donnelly Ind. D A C-
41 Heinrich N.M. D A D
42 Manchin W.Va. D A D
43 Casey Pa. D A F
44 T. Johnson S.D. D A F
45 Warner Va. D A F
46 Lee Utah R AQ A
47 Paul Ky. R AQ A
48 Heitkamp N.D. D AQ -
49 R. Johnson Wis. R AQ -
50 Begich Alaska D AQ D
51 Tester Mont. D A- F
52 Rubio Fla. R B+ A
53 McCain Ariz. R B+ C-
54 Reid Nev. D B F-
55 Coats Ind. R C+ C
56 Collins Maine R C+ D-
57 Bennet Colo. D C+ F-
58 Landrieu La. D C F
59 Leahy Vt. D C F
60 M. Udall Colo. D C F
61 Pryor Ark. D C- F
62 T. Udall N.M. D C- F
63 Rockefeller W.Va. D D F
64 Sanders Vt. I D- F
65 Coons Del. D F D
66 Baldwin Wis. D F F
67 Brown Ohio D F F
68 Cantwell Wash. D F F
69 Franken Minn. D F F
70 Hagan N.C. D F F
71 Harkin Iowa D F F
72 Hirono Hawaii D F F
73 Inouye Hawaii D F F
74 Kaine Va. D F F
75 Klobuchar Minn. D F F
76 McCaskill Mo. D F F
77 Merkley Ore. D F F
78 Murray Wash. D F F
79 Nelson Fla. D F F
80 Shaheen N.H. D F F
81 Stabenow Mich. D F F
82 Warren Mass. D F F
83 Blumenthal Conn. D F F-
84 Boxer Calif. D F F-
85 Cardin Md. D F F-
86 Carper Del. D F F-
87 Durbin Ill. D F F-
88 Feinstein Calif. D F F-
89 Gillibrand N.Y. D F F-
90 Kerry Mass. D F F-
91 Kirk Ill. R F F-
92 Lautenberg N.J. D F F-
93 Levin Mich. D F F-
94 Menendez N.J. D F F-
95 Mikulski Md. D F F-
96 Murphy Conn. D F F-
97 Reed R.I. D F F-
98 Schumer N.Y. D F F-
99 Whitehouse R.I. D F F-
100 Wyden Ore. D F F-
101 King Maine I - -