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John Boehner Now Seen More Unfavorably Than Nancy Pelosi



After all those years, all those hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on ads demonizing Nancy Pelosi, and it come down to this. The truth.

House Speaker John Boehner has now unseated his Democratic predecessor Nancy Pelosi as the least-liked major congressional leader, a title Pelosi has held for several years.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 51% of Likely U.S. Voters now view Boehner unfavorably, while 50% feel that way about Pelosi. Just 31% have a favorable opinion of the Ohio congressman, compared to 37% who look favorably on the San Francisco Democrat.


Rasmussen Tracking: Obama With A Ten Point Lead Over Romney


That's today's report after endless hours yapping on about the birth control non-controversy. Nice. Via TPM.

The Rasmussen tracking poll of a possible matchup between President Obama and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney shows Obama with a ten point lead in their polling. The Ras national tracking poll is an average of 500 automated interviews a night over three days. "This is the largest lead the president has enjoyed against Romney in regular polling going back more than a year," Rasmussen wrote in its analysis. "It’s also the first time that the president has reached the 50% level of support against Romney."


Rasmussen- Most Voters Think President Obama is More Liberal Than They Are


Notice the numbers have ticked down now as most of us realize he's leaning more rightward, but really, other than in Fox World, what could you point to that he did that was flamingly liberal? Health care? It included numerous Republican ideas by their own admission. DADT and some same sex partner benefits? Real Republicans are behind those 100%. Then again, it is Rasmussen.

As they have consistently, voters continue to believe that President Obama is more liberal than they are, though that number has reached a new low.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 52% of Likely U.S. Voters think President Obama is more liberal than they are.  In early June, 54% felt the president was more liberal than they are.  Prior to the latest survey, the number of voters who feel this way has ranged from 54% to 61%. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Just 15% feel the president is politically more conservative than they are, the highest level measured to date. Twenty-six percent (26%) believe the president’s ideology is about the same as their own.

Eighty-three percent (83%) of Republicans think the president is more liberal than they are. Among Democrats, a plurality (49%) say they share a similar ideology to the president, 26% say he is more conservative than they are, and 20% say he is more liberal. A majority (55%) of voters not affiliated with either major political party believe the president is more liberal than they are.


Rasmussen Poll: "Tea Party" more popular than Republican Party


Is it possible to overdose on schadenfreude? See also. Via TPM.

A new Rasmussen poll suggests that the Tea Party movement is far and away more popular than the Republican Party it seeks to influence -- so much so that if it were a full-fledged political party, it would overtake the GOP on the generic Congressional ballot.

The question was phrased as follows: "Okay, suppose the Tea Party Movement organized itself as a political party. When thinking about the next election for Congress, would you vote for the Republican candidate from your district, the Democratic candidate from your district, or the Tea Party candidate from your district?"

The results: Democratic 36%, Tea Party 23%, Republican 18%.