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Quote of the Day- Republican Daddy Edition



"If Republicans were once the daddy party, now they're the abusive ex-husband with a substance abuse problem party." -Josh Barrow, Business Insider

h/t and kudos to Taegan for giving me the laugh of the day too.


Quote of the Day- John Boehner Style



GAK. Brain bleach, STAT. Via Taegan.

"Slow down. Slow down. How about a little foreplay?"

-- House Speaker John Boehner, quoted by ABC News, joking that with bipartisan conversations on immigration reform taking place it's too early to talk about specific legislation.


Haley Barbour: "We had some shi**y candidates. We pissed away two seats."


Today's Quote O' the Day belongs to former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, by way of Ben Smith at BuzzFeed. He was discussing the shellacking Republicans got on November 6th, but ignored the part about the GOP being too extreme, way too far to the right, too-- What's the word again? Oh yeah-- insane:

"We do have to do some things to fix this... We had some shitty candidates. We pissed away two seats."

Among other things, yes.


ENTIRE VIDEO & Quote O' the Day: Pres. Obama pokes fun at birthers in Nashua, New Hampshire speech


Here is the entire great Nashua speech, including a great list of his accomplishments and promises kept, and a few great zingers.

President Obama poked a little fun at birthers during a rally in New Hampshire. Via Mark Knoller:

Here's the clip of the joke in context. Snap:

It's nice to have a president with a good sense of humor as opposed to say, a robot who lies, a la Mitt Romney.