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Cartoons of the Day- Jeff Bezos Buys Washington Post



Lisa Benson

"Bezos Wapo" (Mark Streeter/Savannah Morning News)



Mike Smith


Quickie- Hunter's John Edwards Tell All Tanks At Barely 6k Copies Sold


I hope she tucked it away for little whatsamajiggers' college fund, 'cause she's going to need it. h/t Taegan.

Rielle Hunter has gone quiet after less than hoped-for sales of her memoir — she’s scheduled no additional tour dates to promote her tell-all about her relationship with John Edwards, “What Really Happened.” After a serious media blitz, which included interviews with ABC’s Chris Cuomo and appearances on “The View” and “Piers Morgan Tonight,” Hunter, the mother of Edwards’ daughter, Quinn, has sold 6,000 copies of her story, Bookscan told Page Six — enough to crack the New York Times best-seller list but “not big enough to make the major New York houses sorry” for not choosing it, Publishers Weekly said.


Quickie- Rielle Hunter's Tell-All Memoir Coming Out this Month


I will rejoice seeing this piece of crap in remainders bins tout suite. Lots of words to describe her, none that I'll demean myself by saying.

Rielle Hunter, the former mistress of John Edwards and the mother of their 4-year-old daughter, has written what the publisher promise to be a revealing memoir hitting the shelves later this month.

What Really Happened: John Edwards, Our Daughter, and Me is being billed as a tell-all about the events behind the dramatic downfall of Edwards, whose political corruption trial ended Thursday with an acquittal on one charge and a mistrial on others.

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Photo of the Day- MSNBC Takes out NYT Full Page Ad To Congrat Rachel Maddow


Via Mediaite who seems to think this is some big scandal, MSNBC paying TONS of money to laud Rachel. Let's put it this way boys, if there was a person with a brain over at Fox who wrote such a widely praised book, ole Rupe would be devoting the entirety of one of his schlock papers to pimp that intellect.

Hell, they'd probably light up the Empire State Building with their mug too! (click to make larger)