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Gun Zealots Are More Interested in Being Seen as Dangerous Than in Using Guns for Self-Defense


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Your Daily Dose of BuzzFlash at Truthout, via Mark Karlin:

The most frequent mantra of gun guys is that firearms (including assault weapons and semi-automatic handguns high-magazine clips) are necessary for self-defense.  One of the greatest ironies that undercuts this claim is that the most vociferous advocates of firearm self-defense live in rural and suburban areas with relatively little violent crime.  [...]

So what is it that is the center of the rabid attachment of so many aging white males to guns, particularly handguns? [...]

[G]uns are needed by white males to protect the imagined sovereignty of a white Christian patriarchal America, although how that would practically be achieved against the most advanced technological military in the world is unimaginable without regarding it as a psychic crutch against a changing social order.

But there may be another explanation – and none of these are mutually exclusive – for the ferocious, truculent grasping onto guns as if they were life vests to save a wounded psyche.

It may be this, and the clue emerged – from all places – in the written introduction to a "B" movie I was watching the other night: "The worst thing about growing old is that men stop seeing you as dangerous."

This may be the molten lave core of the overheated zealotry of male gun fanatics. They are not, in general, worried about using a gun for self-defense; they are more concerned about being perceived as dangerous.

That is not a distinction without a difference. It shifts the debate from arguing that one's life is imperiled without carrying a gun to "I need to carry a gun so that I am feared as a man should be."

That's not an issue of so-called Second Amendment Rights; it's a cry for massive national psychiatric intervention.

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