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"No atrocity/crime trumps my gun rights." Well, no gun rights should trump MY right to stay safe/alive.


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Today's Los Angeles Times letter to the editor, because our voices matter:

Re "Aurora, one year later," July 20

One counter-protester near a ceremony in Aurora, Colo., carried a sign reading "No atrocity/crime trumps my gun rights."

Perhaps I am naive to think that the person carrying that sign might reevaluate his or her attitude toward gun rights if his or her parent, sibling or child had been murdered in that Aurora theater, or at Sandy Hook Elementary School, or at Columbine High School. Or accidentally killed in his or her own home, and with his or her own weapon.

If the sign-bearer did not reevaluate his or her attitude within the context of such a personal tragedy, then I understand why those of us promoting rational regulations controlling access to all types of weapons in this country — including those with a reasonable place only within a military context — are doomed to failure.

Jana K. Shaker


What do you want to bet that the sign-carrier considers him/herself a "right-to-lifer."

right to life my ass pro life

These people are the true pro-lifers: For 200 Hours And Counting, Sit-In At Florida Capitol Demands Stand Your Ground Repeal.


Video- Anti-War Protestor Interrupts John Kerry's Senate Confirmation Hearing



TIME "Person of the Year" is from Occupy L.A.


Yesterday TIME revealed their "Person of the Year", as I posted here. What I didn't realize is that the person in the image is an Occupy Los Angeles protester who was "a little embarrassed to see her picture on the cover of Time."

The woman pictured is Sarah Mason, a Highland Park resident and an active member of Occupy L.A.

Street artist Shepard Fairey designed the cover. Fairey, who created the Barack Obama "Hope" posters before the 2008 presidential election, based his image on a photograph taken by Los Angeles photographer Ted Soqui, who says he took Mason's picture during a Nov. 17 financial district protest outside of the Bank of America tower.


Please read the rest of her story at the L.A. Times site.


VIDEO: TIME Person of the Year 2011


"Contagion of protest..." Well said.  I hope it continues to be catching.

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VIDEO: Bill O'Reilly hits protester with umbrella; then, oops, O'Reilly's comb-over gets windblown


Please hop over to TPM for the whole story, plus a video of an interview with the man who confronted and then got hit by big tough guy Bill O'Reilly in the process. This should provide you with some fine entertainment before you link over:

There you have it. Bully the Clown, who ClusterFox viewers believe to be a real live journalist, whacks a citizen journalist with an umbrella for asking a simple question. But we got the last laugh when Bill-O's comb-over got blown off his air-filled pinhead.

That little incident brought back fond memories of this old chestnut:

H/t: Keith Olbermann


Shrimper protests Gulf liability cap by dumping oil on herself


(PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images)

During today's Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearing, a protester--who happened to be a fourth-generation shrimper, one from the Gulf-- expressed my anger for me, and probably for most of us, but not in the way we might have. She dumped oil all over herself.  Blech... Way too messy, but it made the point and got attention:

"We're tired of the bailouts and we're tired of being dumped on in the Gulf," protester Diane Wilson yelled ...

She also gets kudos for interrupting the dreaded senator from Alaska, Lisa Murkowski.

And then she was arrested.

Murkowski opposes lifting Big Oil's $75 million liability cap. I bet she has a dedicated phone line to Former Half-Gov Oblivia McBathesInOil.

Wilson's written statement:

"I am seeing the destruction of my community and I am outraged [...] I am also seeing elected representatives like Sen. Lisa Murkowski blocking BP from being legally responsible to pay for this catastrophe. ... This is outrageous."

BP and other oil companies make billions in profit, and pay out huge salaries to huge executives with very small... minds. There should be no caps.

There should also be no drilling. If it takes pouring oil on oneself to make that point, then so be it.