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Speaker of the House Boehner Calling It Quits


I quit

Faced with an imminent crushing and humiliating defeat by his own caucus, Speaker of the House Boehner unexpectedly quit today. No, he didn't give up his Speakership -- only his obligations to run the House.  He's decided to throw in the towel, do nothing (something he excels at), and hang out a sign on Congress's door saying, "Gone Fishing. Be back in 5 weeks."

With no significant immigration bill to assuage the border fears he and his fellow Republicans fueled, he looks like he's a loser who's no longer got the control over his own people. Stick a fork in the old fool. He's done.

He can take solace in the fact that his leadership isn't the only one to take an embarrassing wallop by pulling his weak and ineffective immigration bill. The troika of House GOP leaders all were crushed. Washington Post reports:

The pulling of the bill marked an embarrassing failure in the first real test of the new leadership team that takes office Thursday following Virginia Rep. Eric Cantor’s resignation as majority leader.

Exiting a closed-door morning huddle at the Republican National Committee, senior Republicans had expressed confidence that the Boehner proposal would pass.

As recently as Thursday morning, hours before the scheduled summer break, Boehner had signaled he wanted a bill passed so the Democrats couldn't use the August break to pound away at the Xenophobic GOP. To ensure he could get conservative Republicans on his side, he was even ready to do away with the Deferred Action for Child Arrivals program (DACA) -- surely something that would would get the Tea Party right wing immigration haters on board. It was all but assured -- and then the collapse. Newly elected GOP House Majority Whip Steve Scalise dashed Boehner's hopes with the news that he couldn't drum up the votes. Out the window went the bill as well as any possibility of getting Latino or Asian votes in the fall.


So now Boehner and his two cohorts have five weeks to hide their faces before they're called back to spend three more weeks doing nothing and then going on their next scheduled break. The national budget, transportation, immigration, embassy appointments, education reform, long term unemployment -- all of these are now going unattended.

Well, Boehner's done. And truthfully so is the GOP as they used to be known. There are three parties now in the US running our government -- Democrats, the remnant Republicans, and the Tea Party.

Are you an unhappy Republican? If so, blame John Boehner -- but do it quick. He might retire before returning. His orange face is obviously not wanted in Washington D.C. anymore, unless it's on a Wanted poster for obstruction of justice and dereliction of Duty.


GOP's Secret Plan For Equal Pay To Women & Minorities?


Top Secret file50 years ago, President John F. Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act in an effort to abolish wage discrimination based on gender. Half a century later, the Obama administration is pushing Congress to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act, designed to make wage differences more transparent. Republicans in the House are against it, just the thought of women making the same as men for doing the same job in the same location is abhorrent to everything the GOP stands for. When the Paycheck Fairness Act came up for a vote this past April, Republicans immediately killed the effort by a vote of 226 to 192 -- party lines. No misogyny there!

The Republicans are constantly being accused of opposition to plans while never offering up an alternative. Well, this time they have one. Here's an advanced look at their secret Memorandum, smuggled out to us from UltraViolet:


Rachel, It's not Plagiarism, It's Derivatives



Over the past week or so it's been fun to see Rachel Maddow take on apparent Xeroxer-in-Chief, plagiarizer, the duplicitous, Rand Paul. He's in the middle of "Liftgate", the scandal. It's become evident and reported all over the news that Senator Rand Paul has an apparent Wikipedia addiction and his abundant uncredited usage of their copy as his. Time after time, just like in the song, (Sinatra, not Cindi Lauper), the Kentucky Senator has been proven to have lifted entire passages without referencing or crediting the source.

Now here at TPC, we work under the rule that you can quote, just attribute. It's pretty simple, and this way the point you're making is given some weight. After all, who knows me other than as a television/movie writer-producer-author-humorist. So when I discuss politics, science, culture, or just about anything else, it's valuable to show where that foundational information is coming from.

Of course, if the source is not the most reliable, like a rumor I heard at the grocery store or the barber, you should know that too. Then you can make up your own mind how much weight you want to give my musings. It's really not too tough to prove your points if what you present as facts really are. Generally sourcing is routine. It may take time, but the Internet is pretty handy for that. JAR (Just Ask Rand)

So shame on Rand Paul for not just taking the time and prefacing a point (even lifted word for word) with, "...And according to (fill in the blank)" then making the quote. That's not hard. And it can even boost  your presentation as you've added to your arsenal with the heft of the source -- even if it is Wikipedia. Hey, I admit it -- sometimes that's the quickest reference, especially when you're just looking for a simple definition or historical background on a person. Something like what years did Reagan serve as president? Wikipedia is fine for that.

Well, though this post is about plagiarism, it's not really about the Maddow-Paul feud and maybe even their duel. It's about our Congress and more specifically, the finance laws that are being plagiarized and passed behind our backs.

Yesterday I wrote about the Republicans defunding programs that protect us from illegal financial practices: When You Can't Beat Them, Defund Them 

Now to prosecute a banking institution you need to catch the banks red-handed. To do that you need the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) to press charges. They're our watchdogs. They, by statute, have the authority to bring about legal actions on the public's behalf.

See what I did there? I attributed the statement to it's source. Anyway, according to another source, consumer watchdog and commentator, Mansur Gidfar, reports that the Congressional financial market watchdogs, our protectors, have become afflicted with plagiarism of their own.

fox in chicken house

Congress seems to be in co-opting other people's writings and passing them off as their own. Sadly in this case, it's the good guys stealing horrible concepts and turning them into law to protect the bad guys. Our financial regulations. Our elected officials are letting the criminals literally draw up the regulations (which of course  favor them) and then passing them -- all while taking money and kickbacks from the B.G.'s. (bad guys)

Rather than blather on about how wrong this is, listen to Mansur. In a few minutes he'll have you pulling out your hair asking why we're worried about Rand Paul who just delivers lifted speeches. While we're fixated on that, we're doing nothing about our congressmen/women who are plagiarizing self-serving regulations from the people they're supposed to be protecting us from. Inadvertently we're becoming victims of the old diversion play.