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U.S. Evangelical Air Force


Our friends at Truthout always have a zillion good posts, but this one by Mike Ludwig caught my eye, in a disturbing, WTF kind of way:

Results of the so-called "Climate Study" leaked to the press, and "353 cadets (almost 1 out of every 5 survey participants) reported having been subjected to unwanted religious proselytizing, and 23 cadets (13 of them Christians) reported living 'in fear of their physical safety' because of their religious beliefs," according to the MRFF.

See what I mean by disturbing?

Mikey Weinstein, a USAFA graduate and MRFF founder, told Truthout that USAFA Superintendent Lt. Gen. Mike Gould was dishonest about the results of the Climate Study, and told the public that everything was fine at the academy without releasing the actual results. He said it's time for a legitimate investigation of the "fundamentalist culture" in the academy.

Nothing like a little daily Bible bullying. It's not like one's god on his/her own wouldn't be intimidating enough, but apparently the Christian Cadets thinks he/she needs a little push.

How American of them to force their religion down their fellow cadets' throats. If that's their idea of joining the military to protect freedoms, they have a pretty perverted idea of what the word "freedoms" means.

An e-mail via an anonymous cadet, in part:

"I keep 'Christian' books and 'Christian' CD's in my room so others will be fooled and leave me alone and not suspect that I'm not actually with the USAFA 'Christianity is the Only Way' program here, even though I consider myself to be a Christian."

Don't pray, don't tell.

"Our daughter was methodically brain washed into believing that she was unsaved in the Catholic religion," the anonymous parents wrote in an email to the MRFF. "During spring break 2009, she urgently asked that we read the Bible everyday in order to 'receive the grace of God and be saved.' This manner of speech took us completely off guard."

Get down and give me 10 Lord Is My Shepherds!

And then pray something can be done about this.


Jesus Guns, the Sequel: "Uncle Sam had seen fit not to give us a 'pussy 'Jewzzi'"


By GottaLaff

(Via. Click to enlarge)

Remember the Jesus Guns? Weren't they special? Well, now we have the sequel:

And what they will never tell you on Fox "News", and probably not even on CNN or MSNBC, etc. is contained in the following three emails sent to Mikey Weinstein of the Nobel Prize-nominated Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), following an ABC News exposé last week on the bible versus that are encoded on the rifle scopes made by Trijicon, Inc., and used by our military serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

You'll have to follow the link to read the e-mails, but I'll give you some nasty, hate-filled, bigoted, startling little details from the weevils who need to be exposed right out loud:

The soldier shares an appalling alleged account of his superior officer's description [of the Jesus Gun] [...] All the better, said the officer according to the soldier, than what they might have received since "Uncle Sam had seen fit not to give us a "pussy 'Jewzzi' (combination of the word 'Jew' and Israeli made weapon 'Uzi')"."

Jewzzi SIR! Yes SIR!

To be more specific:

[T]he senior NCO said that the private's rifle was also something else; that because of the biblical quote on the ACOG gunsight it had been "spiritually transformed into the Fire Arm of Jesus Christ" and that we would be expected to kill every "haji" we could find with it.

You can read the rest here.

Meantime, I would like to dedicate this post to those who saw nothing wrong with a few innocent little Biblical inscriptions that would never really cross the line or even see the light of day.

And if all this doesn't convince the doubters, imagine substituting the name Jesus Christ with Allah.

Still poo-pooing us "alarmists"? How's about this:

He said that the enemy no doubt had quotes from the Koran on their guns but that "our Lord is bigger than theirs because theirs is a fraud and an idol". [...]

This senior NCO was apparently also the head person of a conservative, crazy Christian group called the "Christian Military Fellowship" and made a big deal about the importance of joining to everyone. He told us all that we MUST read a book called "Under Orders" in order to make it through this combat deployment and said he had many copies for everyone.

Nope. Nothin' wrong with that. He was just bein' neighborly, doing unto others, and loving his fellow man.


Marine Corps "Concerned" About "Jesus Guns"


By GottaLaff

(Via. Click to enlarge)

For background on prayers being secretly inscribed onto military weapons, see my previous post.

How nice to know the Marine Corps is concerned. Are they drumming up a few prayers for Jesus Guns out of that concern? Maybe they can have something special inscribed on the next batch:

"We are aware of the issue and are concerned with how this may be perceived," Capt. Geraldine Carey, a spokesperson for the Marine Corps, said in a statement to ABC News. "We will meet with the vendor to discuss future sight procurements." Carey said that when the initial deal was made in 2005 it was the only product that met the Corps needs.

Now, now, what's wrong with militarizing religion... or religionizing the military?

Wait for it...

However, a spokesperson for CentCom, the U.S. military's overall command in Iraq and Aghanistan, said he did not understand why the issue was any different from U.S. money with religious inscriptions on it.

Just FYI, Trijicon, who makes the sights, has a $660 million multi-year contract for up to 800,000 sights.... for the Marines and the Army.

U.S. military rules specifically prohibit the proselytizing of any religion in Iraq or Afghanistan and were drawn up in order to prevent criticism that the U.S. was embarked on a religious "Crusade" in its war against al Qaeda and Iraqi insurgents.

Rules, schmules.

Maj. John Redfield, spokesperson for CentCom:

"This does not constitute proselytizing because this equipment is not issued beyond the U.S. Defense Department personnel. It's not something we're giving away to the local folks."

Ohhhh, well then! Our bad.

But ABC News was able to find repeated references to the Biblical citations in on-line discussions of the gun sights.

Oops. What's the opposite of our bad? Our good?

Back in 2006, on a self-described "Armageddon Forum," a number of users discuss the Bible references. "Seems there's a different verse on each model," writes Mr45auto. "They chose some whoppers too!"

And here's one from a 2006 thread on a gaming forum:

"DoD contractor puts bible verses on it's (sic) products."

There were more like this, even on YouTube, where a video about the verses got nearly 20,000 hits. Here are a couple of comments from that very page:

"I love it. I love it. Yes, Trijicon, those guys are Christians. On all of their different sights they have verses on there."

"For those of you who aren't Christians, well, you know, get over it."

It's good to know how concerned everyone is. I feel somehow comforted and no longer feel the need to worry one whit about the separation of church and state.