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VIDEO-- Fox Biz's Neil Cavuto to liberal commentator: "It’s annoying how obnoxious you can be... Cut his damn mic!"


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Leave it to a Fox host to be abusive and cowardly. This time it's Fox Business host Neil Cavuto shouting, contorting, and getting all lathered up over Julian Epstein's attempts to be, you know, reasonable. What? Reasonable? On Fox? Oh come now.

Epstein was trying to get Cavuto to stop conflating all of the so-called "scandals" that conservatives have been obsessing on for months in hopes of destroying the Obama (and possible future Hillary Clinton) presidency. See: Dead horse, beating.

But Cavuto would have none of that, nosireebob! He was bound and determined to burst out of his skin and name-call, the surefire technique Foxers use when they have absolutely nothing to offer.

Neil, Neil, Neil, you are seriously losing it:


Neil Cavuto:

What part of Custer don't you understand?...

Privacy is invaded, or potentially invaded, institutions of all sorts doing pretty much the same thing. There is a pattern.

Julian Epstein:

If you want to conflate and combine all these issues, then you can do that. I just don't think it's a very thoughtful way of approaching it...


Drop the liberal thing and focus on the reality thing! ...


Because I want to talk facts, and you want to make these general broadsides, Neil.


Julian, you’re saying nothing and it’s offensive! ...


Okay, why don’t we speak about them specifically?...


Julian, why don’t you talk facts? It’s annoying how obnoxious you can be on the reality.


I am talking the reality.


I’m not going to play this game with you, Julian. You play the same damn game dismissing one incident...


No Neil, you’re playing the game too and — [overtalk]


Cut his mic! Cut his mic, he’s going nowhere fast. Cut his mic! Ben, I want to go back to you. Cut his damn mic!

Shorter Cavuto: PFFTIOWEKLsputterGZAKTPRYspitUDJWJLwritheZWQRT!!!!

"Julian, why don’t you talk facts? It’s annoying how obnoxious you can be on the reality."  Pot. Kettle. Obnoxious. Hey Neil, when will Fox start talking facts? When that happens, then maybe you can demand that of liberal guests who try to do just that.

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VIDEO-- Karl Rove: Stephen Colbert needs "professional counseling on his anger management issues."


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ABC News’ Benjamin Bell asked Karl Rove what he thought about the above question from a viewer via Facebook:

Via ABC news, to spare you from having to watch the entire video, the relevant segment about Colbert starts at about 3:13.


How do you feel about Stephen Colbert's big Canned Ham rendition of your head?

Karl Rove:

"Well, look, he’s an entertainer so he gets to be funny and exaggerate things and so forth.  Though I have to admit, when he took out the knife and started stabbing it, I think he might need a little bit of professional counseling on his anger management issues.

“I don’t know whether that was working out his inner feelings, or encouraging maybe someone to maybe mimic him or just sort of being funny.  But there was a little bit of, you know, anxiety in his stabs there, so...”

Below is the Colbert Report segment in question. Color me biased, but IMHO, Colbert the Comedian doesn't appear anxious or angry. Oh that's right, Rove is the master of projection.

I wonder what kind of management Karl Rove thinks he himself might need after all his lies and smear campaigns.

What kind of management might he need after making a total ass of himself on live TV as he went into full-on denial on election night, suffering a meltdown when Ohio was called for President Obama?

What kind of management would be appropriate after he “scared” people with “this Orwellian sense that black helicopters” will confiscate guns?

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GOP: President Obama should lead! How dare he lead!?




President Obama doesn't lead! He's weak! Weak!! What a crappy leader he is! Where are his plans? Why hasn't he sent us any plans?! Leadership my ass! Come on, Obama, jump in already! Reach out, why don'tcha? Try being strong for once! Fail!


What?! How DARE President Obama take the lead on immigration! The nerve! He calls that a plan?! What was he even thinking! Why, he's nothing but a Marxist commie French gay Kenyan dictator! Plan schman! Dead on arrival! Pushy, pushy, pushy! Fail!

Speaking of leading, when will Congress decide it's time to get back to work and fix a few of our problems?

And the GOP continues their quest for obsolescence.


VIDEO- Gingrich: Republicans hate President Obama, so his immigration plan is D.O.A.



ABC's Jonathan Karl gets a twofer today. First we saw him call out Paul Ryan’s hypocrisy on the sequester. Now we see him get Newt to say that the GOP will turn down any immigration reform by President Obama simply because they don't like him.

Yes, Newton Leroy Gingrich had no problem describing how Republicans hate Obama, so no way will they pass his immigration plan, despite what's good for the country and the people in it, despite the similarities in Republican ideas and the president's, despite his party's Big Political Reinvention based on a dire need for Latino voters, and despite the economic benefits of passing such a bill.

Marco Rubio poo-pooed it in pretty strong terms by calling the president's ideas “dead on arrival”:

If actually proposed, the President’s bill would be dead on arrival in Congress, leaving us with unsecured borders and a broken legal immigration system for years to come.”

Who won't compromise again, Marco? Who's been obstructing since Inauguration Night 2009? Oh that's right, your party. And under whose watch have illegal border crossings plunged? Oh that's right, our current president's.

Paul Ryan claimed that President Obama “seems to be looking for a partisan advantage and not a bipartisan solution." (The segment is at the beginning, the first two minutes of the video.) Project much?


Here's Newt Ginrich telling Karl that GOP disdain for Obama takes precedence over getting something accomplished for the good of the nation:


"I think there's a very important part of this that the Obama administration probably can't bring itself to deal with: an Obama immigration plan is not going to pass the House... Just as a Bush Social Security plan after '04 was dead because it was the Bush Social Security plan. So if you want to actually get legislation…"

Jonathan Karl:

"Can I ask you, will a Rubio immigration plan pass the House?"


"No, but I think a Rubio, the House Republicans and House Democrats have been meeting on immigration. I mean, I think there will be a House immigration bill that has a very substantial support that Boehner and Cantor and others will be supporting, and I think that negotiated with a Senate immigration bill that has to have bipartisan support could actually get to the president's desk. But an Obama plan led and driven by Obama in this atmosphere with the level of hostility towards the president and the way he goads the hostility, I think is very hard to imagine that bill, that his bill is going to pass the House."