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AUDIO: Rep. Bobby Franklin's (R-Ga) anti-abortion home answering machine message


Great catch by Gawker:

Golly willikers, he sounds so chipper, doesn't he?

Georgia Republican Rep. Bobby Franklin thinks miscarriages are actually secret murders and that paper money is a fraud. [...]

As Mother Jones first noted...  he put the number on his web site here.

I wonder how much "encouragement" he'll get. Probably enough to cause him to change his phone number.

Thanks for enabling my madness, er, calling to express your support for forced birth! Great to hear from you! Okay then! Buh-bye now! Have a good day!


House Proposal Would Ban All Abortions In Iowa


How many times have we heard howls and wails by conservatives kvetching and whining about their fear of Big Government?  Beware, they ominously warn in Beckian tones reminiscent of the Jaws theme, because soon, there will be a big, socialist government takeover of our very lives... the lives that apparently start at conception.

Oh my god! Oh my god! Run! Grab your guns and skedaddle as fast as your little legs can carry you, straight to... where? The nearest voting booth? Your local gun shop? A church? A nearby Wal-Mart? A militia group?

But wait. Isn't telling a woman what to do with her uterus an intrusion by lawmakers? Why yes. Yes it is... until men have the ability to get pregnant, that is. Then all that bossing around of women and their silly reproductive rights would be likely to stop:

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP)A House panel has approved a measure that would ban all abortions in Iowa.

See, apparently a few Iowan officials know for a fact that life begins at the moment of conception. They decided that. Government decided that.

Opponents say the plan would prohibit many forms of contraception and could have many other unintended consequences.

Oh good. More unwanted babies. Great idea, what foresight. That, in addition to making abortions illegal, should lead to, um, more illegal abortions.

The Republican who wrote the proposal says it's important for the Legislature to go on record as favoring protecting life. So I gather she's also opposed to the death penalty. And in favor of President Obama's health care plan.

Chipping away at legalized abortion is once again all the rage for the GOP. Not jobs, not the economy, not education, but forcing pregnancy upon women who would prefer to make their own personal decisions about their own lives.

Hey Boehner, where are the jobs?

H/t: barelyberlee


VIDEO- Nita Lowey: "No federal funds are used for abortion, period!" Yet GOP wastes time on that instead of jobs.


Earlier, I mentioned that Nita Lowey was on MSNBC and quoted her as saying, “Let’s get on with the discussion of jobs.”

Here is the context. Short version: Why are Republicans anti-women?

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"I can't believe we're still debating this. They won't give up!"

"The only kind of abortions that can be supported... are forced rape."

"I don't question anybody's personal belief. .. But what right do they have to impose their personal views on all women?"

"This is really anti-women, it's not 'pro-life' to me."

"...Very extreme views..."


Paul "Kiss My Butt" LePage attends MLK event after turning down NAACP invitation


Governor Paul LePage (R-Maine) had said that he decided not to go to the state NAACP celebrations for Martin Luther King, Jr.  Day. And by "decided not to go" I mean he responded to his critics by uttering those now-infamous sweet nothings, “Tell them to kiss my butt.” And let's not forget his endearing “I am not going to be held hostage by a special interest group" sweet talk.

Such a sensitive little dumpling.

His excuse was that he had prior commitments. Oops:

But today, LePage backpedaled and attended an MLK Day breakfast in his hometown of Waterville. The breakfast, which LePage attended in the past as mayor of the town, was not sponsored by the NAACP, but by Spectrum Generations and the Waterville Rotary Club. And while he didn’t speak, LePage praised King’s life to reporters:

Dr. King is someone who spent and ultimately gave his life making sure that people got a fair shake regardless of race. We have come far through the years, but the journey continues to make Dr. King’s dreams a reality,” LePage said. “I urge all Mainers to work as one for a better life for all.”

Aw, looky there how he revealed his MLK side to everyone.

What might interest you is that, despite that protesty "special interest" declaration, LePage attended a rally that was sponsored by a special interest group, the anti-choice Maine Right to Life Committee. They must have held him hostage.

Go over to Think Progress to read about the convoluted squirmitude that he tries to pass off as justification for his hypocridiocy.