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VIDEO- Promise to privatize Social Security gets loud boos



Via Think Progress, here is Rep. Rick Berg (R-ND) defending his plan to privatize Social Security at a Senate debate.

His opponent, Heidi Heitkamp, told him, “When you say ‘I’m going to fix it,’ you’re going to privatize it.” This audience apparently weren't convinced by euphemisms like "fix" either, so they booed. Loudly.

The Romney/Ryan plan should evoke the same response.


VIDEO- Ron Paul: "I want as much federal land to be turned over to the state as possible."


Some priority: allowing states and private companies to control and profit off of everything, including Mother Nature, because what really matters is satiating all that greed (public lands “should be returned to the states and then for the best parts sold off to private owners.”).

Why on earth is this guy trying to be the top dog of a government he hates?

Think Progress has a lot more, but these two sentences nailed it:

Perhaps most importantly, public lands are protected so they can be enjoyed for future generations.  Just imagine what the Grand Canyon would have been like if mining interests and the Arizona Territory had had their way in 1903 and mined it rather than preserved it.

Corporate Canyon.

The Black Hole.

All Mine, Mine, Mine (apologies to Hermie Cain).


Mitch Daniels sues IBM over welfare mess


If you didn't fracking want to privatize everything, you wouldn't have these problems there Mitch. So sad to see Mitch's '12 chances fade away...h/t Ben-

Regardless of who pays, there may be a political price for Daniels.

He came to office in 2005 as a champion of putting public business in private hands wherever it seemed to make economic sense. Ignoring critics who argued that welfare wasn't the right venue for such changes, and the fact that similar efforts had failed in Texas and Florida, Daniels announced the contract with fanfare in late 2006.

Now, the episode threatens to be a blot on his legacy as governor, and could tarnish his luster as a potential Republican candidate for president.