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Sen. Rand Paul submits national "right to work" (for less) bill


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Via Paul's web site, this lovely press release:

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Sen. Rand Paul this week introduced the National Right to Work Act, S. 204, which seeks to preserve and protect the free choice of individual employees to form, join, or assist labor organizations, or to refrain from such activities.

"Every American worker deserves the right to freedom of association - and I am concerned that the 26 states that allow forced union membership and dues infringes on these workers' rights," Sen. Paul said. "Right to work laws ensure that all Americans are given the choice to refrain from joining or paying dues to a union as a condition for employment. Nearly 80 percent of all Americans support the principles and so I have introduced a national Right to Work Act that will require all states to give their workers the freedom to choose."

Sen. Paul's Right to Work Act does not add a single word to existing federal law, it simply deletes forced unionism provisions in federal law.

Due to six infringing and freedom-crushing provisions in the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) and the Railway Labor Act (RLA), there are currently 8 million working Americans who are required by law to pay union dues. These workers are not required to join a workers union but they are required to pay the dues; and if workers refuse to pay these union fees, they risk losing their jobs to Big Labor.

As you can see, Rand Paul is all about FREEDOM! What happened to being all about jobs? And fairness? And equality? And freedom to, you know, bargain? And having decent working conditions? And pay?

But see, as he introduces the idea of a new national "right to work" (right to work for less) bill, his emphasis is on FREEDOM! Did I mention FREEDOM?

freedom my ass

And don't get me started on "choice."

As NH Labor News reminds us:

They already have the freedom to pay the representation fee instead of joining.

This is exactly the opposite to everything we are taught to believe in the democratic process.  We can have all the debate we want but in the end, the majority rules.  Now they are taking the minority and placing them ahead of the majority.

This is an ideological and blatantly  anti-union piece of legislation.

It's worth repeating that it is already illegal to force someone to join a union.

But if FREEDOM of choice is so important to Rand Paul, why isn't he a proponent of women's reproductive rights?

rand paul on abortion

The text of the legislation is at Paul's site.


Sen. Boxer: "Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu: I am stunned by the remarks that you made this week regarding U.S. support for Israel."


My Senator, Barbara Boxer, posted this press release today on her website. You can read the whole letter here:

Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu:


... I am stunned by the remarks that you made this week regarding U.S. support for Israel. Are you suggesting that the United States is not Israel’s closest ally and does not stand by Israel? Are you saying that Israel, under President Obama, has not received more in annual security assistance from the United States than at any time in its history, including for the Iron Dome Missile Defense System?

          As other Israelis have said, it appears that you have injected politics into one of the most profound security challenges of our time – Iran’s illicit pursuit of nuclear weapons.

          I urge you to step back and clarify your remarks so that the world sees that there is no daylight between the United States and Israel. As you personally stated during an appearance with President Obama in March, “We are you, and you are us. We’re together. So if there’s one thing that stands out clearly in the Middle East today, it’s that Israel and America stand together.”

          Thank you for that statement. I am hoping to hear that statement again.


Barbara Boxer
United States Senator


Press Release: FBI raids GOP corporate "Airport to Nowhere"


Yesterday I posted something I hope will make the rounds, "FBI raids CA corporate, taxpayer-funded airport offices. 'Is this the House GOP’s Solyndra?'” in which I wrote:

FBI agents and other law enforcement officers raided an airport out here in SoCal, specifically, in San Bernardino. They poked around storage units and Scot Spencer’s home and offices. Spencer is a convicted felon who got a couple of no-bid contracts four years ago to build the airport.

Republican Rep. Jerry Lewis helped push through congressional earmarks and other federal money that funded the corporate airport project to the tune of over $100 million. Yet, oddly, Darrell Issa, who likes to refer to himself as the "oversight cop", isn't investigating this, because he's way too busy chasing his tail, and our president, over the Solyndra non-scandal.

Here is a screen grab of a press release about that raid from one of the county supervisors:

Airport officials had said that commercial passenger planes would be able to use the airport, but so far, only those corporate jets that we've heard so much about have enjoyed that convenience.

Welcome to Planet GOP Hypocrisy.

Let's hope this story has legs.

H/t: Reader Sanberdoo


White House threatens veto of GOP bill curbing Consumer Bureau powers


Elizabeth Warren is out, but not beaten; Richard Cordray is in, but not confirmed; and President Obama is challenged, but not yielding.

Via The Hill:

The White House announced Wednesday it would veto Republican attempts to curb the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). [...]

If Congress passes any legislation that undermines "the core reforms included in the Dodd-Frank Act," President Obama's senior advisors would recommend a veto.The CFPB, set to begin work Thursday, was created by the Dodd-Frank financial reform law.

Maybe the We Hate Regulation Party should read this.