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VIDEO-- Nancy Pelosi: Dems can win the House. Oh, and she's totally into Hillary.


yes we can

pelosi on winning back the House

If Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) were to become Speaker again, the House will finally pass a bill. And not just "a" bill, but a bill or three that would actually help this country instead of doing what the GOP does, and create gridlock in order to make President Obama look bad.

When she was Speaker, here's what was accomplished in two years:

accomplishments under Obama Pelosi

Since John Boehner became Speaker? Nada. Zero. Zip:

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Now The Hill is reporting that Nancy Pelosi is optimistic that Democrats will "of course" gain seats and may regain control of the House:

In a sit-down interview in her office in the Capitol, the House minority leader stopped short of predicting that Democrats would regain the lower chamber in the 2014 midterm elections, but she had no hesitation in saying what she would use a majority for. [...]

[S]he vowed her party would “of course” pick up seats next year. It is the first time Pelosi has guaranteed that Democrats will cut into the GOP’s majority. [...]

And although the odds are stacked against Democrats taking back the House, the shutdown has boosted Democratic hopes.

“I’ve changed my prediction … from, ‘We’re working to win the House’ to ‘We can win the House,’ ” Pelosi said.

One of her priorities would be a bill that would significantly expand federal childcare benefits.

And per the Hill, Pelosi "can barely disguise her delight at the thought of a Hillary Clinton White House. It would align the first female president with the Democrats’ women’s empowerment agenda." In fact, she even hinted that she might endorse Hillz.

Pelosi on Hillary Clinton

Let's just win the House first, okay? Okay.


John Boehner Endorses Chris Christie For President


Boehner - Christie

Well, he didn't come out and say so in as many words, but certainly Christie's actions prove that he and the speaker of the house have the same agenda.

It wasn't that long ago Boehner said, " we ought to be judged on how many laws we repeal."

Well, taking that one step to the forward, the Speaker has looked at how many bills a governor has vetoed to mean the same thing. Stopping big government. Veto, veto, veto -- no, that's not a typo of Veni, vidi, vici -- though that is the way Boehner leads. And certainly the way Governor Chris Christie has bullied his way around his state. He doesn't care about the people of New Jersey...? With the bombastic governor of the Garden State, it's as if he's getting ready to sing an aria, "Mi-mi-mi-mi!"

veto the bill

Here's a non-complete list of Christie's veto record:

Christie vetoes gay marriage bill in N.J.

Christie vetoes bill to expand early voting in N.J.

Christie vetoes medicaid expansion bill in N.J.

Christie vetoes minimum wage increase bill in N.J.

Christie vetoes family planning bill in N.J.

Christie vetoes gun control measures in N.J.

So, with a voting record like that, and keeping in mind, these vetoes came after these bills passed both houses in the New Jersey legislature, how can Boehner not back New Jersey's "I don't give a poop" governor?