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Video- SNL: Senate Chaplain Barry Black: ‘Bless These Braying Jackasses’



Photo of the Day- Neil DeGrasse Tyson Votive Candle



For those who worship science I guess. Is it just me, or does the one behind him kinda look like it could be Princess Leia? Via.


Exorcise Those Yard Sale Clothing Demons! Says Pat Robertson



(A cross-post from our friend Anomaly100 at FreakOutNation.) Thanks, Anomaly!

Pat Robertson warns that our clothes could have demons attached to them, better to pray over them.

On the 700 Club, televangelist Pat Robertson cautioned his audience, saying that demons can attach themselves to material goods and therefore it’s not a bad idea to rebuke them before bringing them into your home. Yes, don’t we all have a picture of ourselves wearing ‘that’ sweater.


A viewer asked Robertson whether she should follow her mother’s recommendation to pray away demonic spirits over her secondhand sweaters.

Right Wing Watch reports, “Robertson recounted a story about “a witch who had prayed over a particular ring and asked for a spirit to come into it, and this Philippine girl was so attached to this ring, she had to buy it and all hell broke loose because she finally recognized what it was. Can demonic spirits attach themselves to inanimate objects, the answer is yes,” Robertson said.

Robertson added that people don’t have to concern themselves over whether every item they purchase is possessed by demons, but he added: “Hey, it ain’t going to hurt anything to rebuke any spirits that happened to have attached themselves to those clothes.”

H/T @ComgenKDT (who I know has demons attached to his sweater)


Quickie- Anti Gay Rev Giglio Removed From Inauguration Program



Looks like someone at the inauguration committee smartened up and googled the man. Should have done it in the first place.

Louis Giglio, the anti-LGBT pastor who had been announced to perform the benediction at President Obama’s second inauguration, has been removed from the program, ABC News’s Jonathan Karl reported Thursday.

The move came after ThinkProgress reported Wednesday that in the 1990s, Giglio had given a lengthy sermon in which he advocated for dangerous “ex-gay” therapy for gay and lesbian people, referenced a biblical passage often interpreted to require gay people be executed, and impelled Christians to “firmly respond to the aggressive agenda” and prevent the “homosexual lifestyle” from becoming accepted in society.

ADDED- ABC News now reporting Rev Giglio pulled himself from the ceremony because he saw it was becoming a "distraction".


Video- Rabbi Shaul Praver sings Hebrew prayer at Newtown vigil


I have never heard anything more mournful or beautiful in my life.


Site Says 'Megaprayer' Could Ensure Romney Win


What exactly do they tell themselves when this stuff doesn't work?

Christian website says if enough Americans join in group prayer, Mitt Romney could win the White House Tuesday.

Acknowledging that President Barack Obama is ahead in the polls, the site says no amount of campaigning can lead to a Romney victory on Election Day, but that "megaprayer" just might.

As evidence, cites a verse from Matthew in the Bible, as well as a 2000 University of Maryland study that found group prayer could have a positive effect on the healing process, but that the issue needed further study.

Nevertheless, the site says it's certain that "if group prayer can heal people, it can change an election." It is unclear who is behind the site, which was registered Oct. 15 and has blocked efforts to ascertain the domain location. Some believe it is a Christian group supporting Romney, while others says it's a "poe" (or joke) site.


Who's delivering prayers at the DNC, and why it matters


Very interesting reading, hard work by Dan Gilgoff - CNN Belief Blog Co-Editor. And yes, I'm disturbed by it. Gilgoff gave so much great insight, I used a lot of his post, go read the rest, it's worth it.

Tuesday’s invocation (opening prayer): Metropolitan Nicholas, bishop of the Greek Orthodox Diocese of Detroit

Why he matters: Nicholas is a leader in a giant global movement that has a tiny U.S. presence, with the Greek Orthodox representing a fraction of 1% of the U.S. population. But Nicholas is a symbol of the country’s rich religious diversity, opening the convention with a nod to minority religions.

Tuesday’s benediction (closing prayer): Jena Lee Nardella, executive director of Blood: Water Mission

Why she matters: Nardella represents the young evangelical demographic that the Obama campaign is targeting in this election, knowing that older evangelicals are largely locked up for Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney. Nardella started Blood: Water Mission, which focuses on combating the HIV/AIDs and water crises in Africa, at age 22 with the Christian music group Jars of Clay.


Thursday invocation: The Rev. Gabriel Salguero, president of the National Latino Evangelical Coalition

Why he matters: Salguero is cutting an increasingly high profile in America’s Hispanic community, a crucial Democratic bloc whose evangelical ranks are swelling and who tend to be socially conservative but liberal on immigration reform, education and economic matters. Getting those voters is a top priority for Obama in swing states like Colorado, Nevada and Florida.

Thursday benediction: Timothy Dolan, Roman Catholic Archbishop of New York

Why he matters: As the nation’s highest-visibility Catholic official in a year when the Catholic vote may tip the election, Cardinal Dolan is in high demand by the political parties. Just last week, he was in Tampa, delivering the benediction for the Republican National Convention. Dolan has blasted the Obama administration for compelling insurance companies to provide free contraception coverage to nearly all American employees, but having the cardinal follow Obama on Thursday is a way for the president to show he isn’t at war with the Catholic Church.