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Colbert v Hillary Clinton - What a Match!



“The Colbert Report” on Tuesday night, showcased one of the funniest moments of Hillary Rodham Clinton, as she did a surpreeze Pop-In for a name-dropping festival and some chortles.

A wry Stephen Colbert commenced the segment with an ascerbic review of the audio-book version of Clinton’s new book, “Hard Choices.” From MSNBC.

“This book is 656 pages of shameless name-dropping,” Colbert says, before listing off a handful of instances where Clinton mentions world leaders and singer Bono in the book. “I just don’t buy any of this. There is no way on Earth one woman can be in so many places at once!”


Then, Hillary Clinton, the former secretary of state,  walks on set … and the pair face off in a battle of the name-droppers.

From Carl Lafoon, commenter over at messnbc, a wise statement on political reality. Realism is not a Republican strong suit. And by goddess, they want everyone to know about it. Repeatedly.

She is not even running and she is clobbering the Republicans. We see examples of the Republican Party self destructing almost every day.

Today they refused to even address a FIX to the Border Issue.
They did agree to sue the President with details to be provided at a later date. The fact that they have no standing ie they were not injured seems to have evaded their logic.


Have a giggle, Comedy Central had the hilarious footage, via Hula and Morning Schmoe, here.


Then the conversation got even punnier, as only Colbert can execute flawlessly. They shared a few other One Uppers.

“I know Raffi. He’s such a cutup. Especially when we go camping with Oprah,” Colbert says.


“Oh, does that surprise you?” Colbert asks.

“No. ‘O’ is just what all her real friends call Oprah,” Clinton answers.


“I know Paul McCartney.”

“I will have you know, Madame, I once did an entire show with President Bill Clinton,” Colbert says.

“I hate to break this to you Stephen, but I’ve met him, too.”



Time to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment


nina turner portia boulger equal rights amendment voter suppression event

Back in 1972, the Equal Rights Amendment, which guaranteed equal rights for women, passed both houses of Congress but couldn't get enough states to ratify it. As a result, women today are still struggling for equal rights. In 2014. Still struggling to be treated equally. Um what? But... but... Republicans say there's no War on Women.

Luckily, women who are abandoning their binders have discovered they have many strong allies, including one with a particularly effective voice: Ohio State Senator Nina Turner, who is currently hoping to unseat Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted.

My Twitter pal Portia Boulger took part in a kickoff event at which Sen. Turner was the keynote speaker, a fundraiser calling for voters' rights and the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment. She emailed me this enthusiastic comment:

Power! Unity! Magic! That’s what we all experienced as we sat spellbound listening to Ohio Senator Nina Turner speak. Those who were fired up when they entered were ablaze when they left. The lady is on FIRE! Because of her willingness to join us, there are many more who are joining our fight to build a nationwide campaign to extend Voter Rights and ratify the Equal Rights Amendment.

Regular readers know how important fighting voter suppression and standing up for women are to The Political Carnival (scroll). The Progressive Democrats of America are helping us fight these battles:

equal rights amendment event voter suppression

Via Progressive Democrats of America (PDA):

Turner also supported the PDA in its efforts concerning the Equal Rights Amendment, calling it “a beautiful thing” and noting that the best way people can get their voices heard is when they go to the polls.

“We are all equal when we go to vote,” Turner said. [...]

“Women have been relegated to second-class citizens,” Turner said.

Tammy Simkins, co-founder of ERA Action, told attendees that people must be united and that her grassroots organization is seeking to “bring attention to the fact that women are not equal in 2014.”

She added that she believes voting rights “are under attack” and that change is needed.

The Tea With The Friends Of Alice Paul took place on March 22nd. At about 9:40 in the video below, Tammy Simkins said that 9 of the 15 unratified states are pushing ERA legislation at the state level. She also said that Elizabeth Warren and Sherrod Brown are backing federal legislation, which brings the total number of senators supporting the bill to 34:

More at The Chillicothe Gazette.


Study: Women make better corporate leaders than men


duhThere goes that whacky Los Angeles Times again, quoting a study that states the obvious. The study is from the International Journal of Business Governance and Ethics and was conducted by researchers at A.T. Still University in Arizona and McMaster University in Canada:

Women make better corporate leaders than men because they are more likely to make fair decisions when competing interests are at stake, a new study has found.

well duh

Women leaders take a cooperative approach when making decisions, the study says. But check this out:

Male directors, who made up 75% of the survey sample, prefer making decisions using rules, regulations and tradition, the survey found. Female directors, by contrast, are less constrained by rules and more prepared to “rock the boat,” the researchers found. 

Hold on... Isn't it mostly male corporate types who despise government regulation (while insisting on laws forcing women to have babies against their will, of course) and hate oversight and rules (while forcing women to undergo unnecessary trans-vaginal ultrasounds, of course)?

But now we discover that the menfolk don't mind any of that as long as it's they who are doing the regulating.


Per the study, women leaders are also more likely to collaborate, cooperate, build consensus, are more inquisitive, and are more tend to see more than one solution to a problem.

So naturally, corporate boards would welcome them to their board families way more often than not, right?  

Globally, women make up about 9% of corporate board members, the study said.

Right. Got it. Check. That makes all the sense in the world.

By the way, with at least one female director involved, companies were 20% less likely to file bankruptcy and did better financially.

Ahem. The study's conclusion: Women are fairer, more reasonable, better leaders, are way cooler (I just threw that one in for fun), and make better corporate leaders than men.

sheen Duh Winning


Seven reasons why 2012 was the year of the women


Via UltraViolet.

Ignore the woman at the top of the post. We Dems REALLY love you, women!


The Most Dangerous Women in America, Then and Now


Nicole Sandler, a friend and my absolutely wonderful Tuesday morning radio host, connected me with Amy Simon (a listener, as it turns out), an absolutely wonderful performer, producer, and writer out here in Los Angeles, and I am so glad she did.

Both invited me to Amy's one-woman show, "She's History! The Most Dangerous Women in America, Then and Now" which I saw yesterday. It was well worth the calamitous ride home* and even more worth posting about.

Produced in collaboration with Women's Museum of California (correction below) The show is educational, touching, hilarious, and eye-opening. As the program puts it, "the show was inspired by motherhood, Gilda Radner, Lily Tomlin, Jane Lynch, Fabulous Forgotten Females (among many others), and dialog of historical women, including (among others) Bella Abzug, Shirley Chisholm, Susan B. Anthony, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Golda Meir, Eleanor Roosevelt, Lucretia Mott, Lily Ledbetter, Soujourner Truth, and Victoria Woodhull.

Mr. Laffy was the only man there.

The show has ended its run, for now, but I wanted to give you a few of the best quotes from a few American women who have made a real difference:

Lucy Stone to her daughter on her death bed:

"Make the world better."

Sarah Moore Grimké:

"I ask no favors for my sex... All I ask of our brethren is that they will take their feet from of our necks."

Anne Hutchinson on trial for preaching to women:

"What law have I broken?"

And my favorite, from Sojourner Truth:

"That little man says woman can't have as much rights as man because Christ wasn't a woman. Where did your Christ come from? From God and a woman. Man has nothing to do with him."


Amy not only brought these remarkably strong, women, true leaders, pioneers, and (s)heroes, to our attention, she brought them to life. Standing O.

*On the way home, our car literally stopped working in the middle of the Hollywood Freeway. We managed to coast to a busy three-lane off ramp, but came to a full stop on a dangerous curve. The 30 minutes waiting for the tow truck to show up were spent being terrified that a speeding car would ram right into us. The 45 minute, jouncy , non-air conditioned tow truck ride home (in 90 degree weather) not only cost us $200, but it was pretty traumatic to my years-old, pain in the ass slipped neck disks. Thankfully, the car's in one piece and in the shop, and we're also in one piece. Now we can't wait to see how much the Mystery Problem will set us back.

What a treat, huh? All too reminiscent of our terrible, horrible, no good, very bad Car Trip from Hell.

CORRECTION: The show is not produced in collaboration with the Women's Museum.  They are Amy's fiscal sponsor for the SHE'S HISTORY EDUCATION PROJECT. Amy is the sole producer of the show.


All-female U.S. flight squadron in historic mission over Afghanistan


Very, very cool. Actually made me smile on a Monday morning, which is usually impossible.

A squadron of American female Airman, called the Strike Eagles of 'Dudette 07', made history last week when they launched an air mission over Afghanistan.

The two F-15E jets roared off from Bagram on Wednesday, just west of the Pakistan border, and offered close air support for coalition and Afghan forces.

The quod, made up of two pilots and two weapons system officers, became part of the first mission in U.S. Air Force history to be planned, maintained and flown by women.

Lieutenant Colonel Kenneth Tilley, the 455th Air Expeditionary Wing historian, has confirmed that the flight was a moment which can rightly go down in the hitherto male-dominated record books.

Dudette 07 was set up to as an all female mission in honour of Women's History Month, which ended on Thursday, and is a huge fillip to equality in the military.

Major Christine Mau, a 455th AEW executive officer, celebrated the fact and told the U.S. Air Force's website: 'This wasn't a possibility when I started flying 11-years ago.


Video- President Obama at 2010 Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit