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A Garber Personal New Year's Note


Happy New Year 2014

Well it's usually at Thanksgiving time that we all reflect on those things we have to be thankful for. Today, on New Year's Eve day, I've decided to do a little assessment of the past annum as it related to me. 2013 was perhaps one of the best years in my life. It was filled with good health, good friends and the opportunity to join all of you here as a regular daily contributor on The Political Carnival.

It's also been a year filled with surprises, one of them that reflects on my future contributions at the Carnival. I've been offered and accepted a teaching position which will impact the number of posts I'll be making here. I won't be gone as you could never remove my love of this site and all of it's readers. Rather I'll be limited in my writings here while I tend to the formative university minds that will be in my trustworthy hands. This opportunity to cultivate voracious young creatives seeking a future in the entertainment industry in which I've been blessed to serve for a very long time, was one too great to pass up. I had two mentors as I broke into the show business arena. They've both passed on but what they taught me was immeasurable. Now I hope it's my opportunity to pay it forward.

A special tip of the hat to Laffy and Paddy for encouraging me and supporting my accepting the new assignment. I hope that perhaps a little less of me will make my posting here a bit more special. Please continue to give the greatest support to these two fine women who toil arduously to bring you the world every day. They pour out their souls so you can always stay on top of everything newsworthy with a visit to the Political Carnival.

So thank you all.

Here's to a wonder 2014 -- to your health, prosperity and happiness. Happy New Year!!!



Why GottaLaff's posts are MIA



NOTE TO READERS: I cannot access WordPress for some reason, so my posting will be spotty at best. Other than that major and frustrating glitch, I'll be MIA today because I must be at my dad's to meet with hospice medical workers who will be checking in on him from time to time, a huge relief and a service completely covered by Medicare. 

This is just one more reason why Medicare is so appreciated and so valuable. 

To those who are not familiar with what's going on, my 93-year-old father has been on a very slow decline since he suffered a series of tiny strokes a couple of years ago. He's not in any imminent danger, but we felt it was better to give him all the care we can before his health deteriorates any more, before he is beyond help. I highly recommend this to anyone in our position. These people are the closest thing to angels I can imagine. 

Thank you to @AliKat747 for her guidance and information on how hospice care isn't only for those at death's door, but is there to make patients more comfortable well before that moment comes.


Holiday Posting


Today will probably be very slim picking since it will only be me, so go hug an ugly relative, kiss a baby and enjoy all the good thing life keeps on giving us. I'll be around.


Light Thanksgiving Posting Today


We're going to holiday posting today due to the usual hoopla necessary for the implementation of Thanksgiving. Once again, we're really thankful for you guys. Go cook something, and while you're waiting for the turkey to brown, here's some Thanksgiving Day links to poke thru.

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