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Video- AZ's Sheriff Arpaio sending armed posse to protect schools


Ah yes, Arizona's very own racist nutjob is sending his minions out to protect their schools, locked and loaded. What could go wrong? Via.


Arizona's Sheriff Arpaio using Hollywood actors for armed "immigration posse"


Sheriff Tough Guy has resorted to taking on fake deputies to intimidate them danged brown furriners and enforce his version of the law:

"America's toughest sheriff," Phoenix’s Joe Arpaio, is creating a new armed "Immigration Posse” to combat illegal immigration, and Hollywood actors Steven Seagal and Lou Ferrigno, along with Dick Tracy and Wyatt Earp, have signed up.

So a cartoon villain is using Hollywood characters to chase away bad guys who often aren't as creepy and evil as he is. Desperate much? Wackydoodle ever?

And what was that the GOP keeps saying about elite celebrities?

Hyp. O. Crites.

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