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Quickie- Almost Everyone Wants Rick Perry Out



I'm enjoying this immensely. Further on in the article it says that if Perry ran again (he's just stupid enough to do so), the D running against him would have a shoe-in.

Texas voters- even Republicans- have had enough of Rick Perry.

PPP's newest poll finds that only 31% of voters think Perry should seek reelection next year, compared to 62% who think it's time for him to step aside. He's among the most unpopular Governors in the country, with only 41% of voters approving of him to 54% who disapprove.

Perry could face great peril in a primary challenge next year. Only 41% of GOP primary voters want him to be their candidate again, compared to 47% who think it's time for someone else. And in a head to head match up with Attorney General Greg Abbott, Perry leads by only a 41/38 margin. What makes those numbers particularly worrisome for Perry is that Abbott only has 59% name recognition at this point with primary voters. Among voters who are familiar with Abbott- whether they like him or not- he leads Perry 55/33. That suggests the potential for things to get worse for Perry if Abbott does indeed go forward with a bid.


Quickie- Hillary Clinton More Popular Than Joe Biden



It's going to be interesting. Via.

A new ABC News-Washington Post poll finds Hillary Clinton is significantly more popular than Joe BIden.

Clinton's favorability rating is 67% as compared to Biden's 48%. The outgoing secretary of state also outperforms the vice president in intensity of sentiment with more than twice as many Americans see Clinton "strongly" favorably than strongly unfavorably - 35% vs. 14% - while Biden breaks even, 22% vs. 23%, in this measure.


Video- Fox's Carlson: Does Obama's Support Among Union Workers Mean His "Class Warfare Discussion" Is "Working"


Hey Sparkle Princess, he's always done well with unions like other Democrats! Via.