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Cartoons of the Day- Here Comes 2014!


Clay Bennett editorial cartoon

Clay Bennett


Randy Bish


Steve Nease


Video- Bill Nye the Science Guy to appear on 'Dancing With the Stars'



I laughed when I first read this, then I remembered a video from a while back of Nye at an after conference party. Looks like a punk baby to me.

He's got energy, and he knows how to do a choreographed dance. Got Bristol beat all to pieces already.

Bill Nye has a message for anyone who thinks he'll be easy to beat on the upcoming season of "Dancing With the Stars": He's The Science Guy, not Mr. Nice Guy.

"We're in this to win this," Nye said. "I mean, I went to a pretty tough engineering school and then I worked in children's television with 'Sesame Street' and 'Mr. Rogers.' I played in that league."

Besides, Nye said his scientific expertise is going to give him a leg up on his less scientifically methodical competition.

And, at least according to his professional partner, newcomer to the show Tyne Stecklein, it's not all just talk.

"He's a great student. He's very smart, obviously, which helps," Stecklein said. "He picks things up really quickly and he gets it and he enjoys it. And he works really hard."



Video Overnight Thread- Remembering 1986


When Stallone didn't look like a plastic surgeon's worst nightmare. ...and CASTLEVANIA!! CHRISSIE!! WANG CHUNG!! Too many memory dings to expound on. Via.


Video Mid Day Distraction- American Gets British Roommates to Try, Review American Junk Food


Gaw, they act like it's alien poo, not sugar loaded crap. Via.