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Note to Readers: Update on @PaddyK 's broken arm, surgery, and complications


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So many of you have asked about how Paddy's been doing since she fell and broke her arm. She had surgery to have a rod inserted, and that went well.


What didn't go well was the amount of bleeding that occurred twice following the surgery, starting on her trip home from the hospital.


That was remedied, and she is fine, but she has to keep her arm immobile, in a sling, until the wound heals. And of course, she's in pain and on meds, which means she's in a pretty good mood. Oh, but I kid. Sort of.

So I'll be holding down the fort for awhile longer, with the invaluable help from my dear friends lwdgrfx, Cathi Peyton Erman, and FreakOutNation's Anomaly.

Please be patient with the slower pace and different content (which is really cool, IMHO) until Paddy has the use of her typing arm again.

And please send wine. I need it.


Note to Readers: Paddy is back in the hospital. Posting will be limited for awhile. /// Please scroll down past this 'sticky' post.


note to readers smallerPLEASE NOTE: Paddy fell and broke her arm, and is currently in the hospital. I'm on my own here, so please be patient with the minimal posting overnight and in the morning, since I'm in California and Paddy usually gets all the early news up before I'm awake. This note will stay up for awhile, all our posts are under this one.

Thank you. Love, Laffy


Note to Readers


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Paddy (@PaddyK) is in the hospital... she's okay, but they found an irregular heartbeat, so they're keeping her over night to check it out. Why was she there to begin with? Her back was killing her, so off she went. She's now in a morphine stupor waiting to see what's up with her ticker.

So, if you will indulge us, posting will be slow to non-existent until I am done with my weekly stint on the Nicole Sandler radio show this morning. I usually don't start posting on Tuesday mornings until at least 10 am PT, so please bear with me.

Meantime, I'm trying to find guest bloggers to tide us over.

Thanks for your patience. I'll keep you posted on Paddy.


NOTE: Bumped up and edited.


Paddy's Big Ceiling Leak


paddy leak

Paddy won't be able to post tonight. On top of needing a new computer (which thanks to your generosity, she'll be getting soon!), her computer area has now been flooded. A pipe broke upstairs, her ceiling collapsed, and water whooooshed all over the place.

Good times, good times.

So please forgive the light or non-existent posting tonight. I have my dad to tend to, and Paddy's... all wet.

Many thanks.

(Oh, and that photo up there? That's generic, Paddy's leak was worse.)