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Heads up, Dems!



Wisconsin Governor: Scott Walker (R), at 48%, is in a virtual tie with Mary Burke (D) 47%: Rasmussen Reports.

Democratic challenger Paul Davis is at 51%, beating Republican Governor of Kansas, Sam Brownback, who's at 41%: Rasmussen Reports.

Rasmussen has been described as a "conservative-leaning polling group."

Hey Wisconsin, remember this?

Hey Kansas, remember this?

what's the matter with kansas

Heads up, Dems! You know what to do: Help get as many people as you can registered and to the polls. Get out the vote. Without a huge turnout, without Democrats swarming to the ballot box, we cannot win.

It's up to you.

gotv don't complain vote


Great American Heroes



Alan Grayson at Sexy Liberal 12-10-11 copy

Nicole Sandler with Congressman Alan Grayson at the Sexy Liberal Comedy Tour in Ft. Lauderdale, December 2011

Our first Great American Hero today is Congressman Alan Grayson. Although he represents Florida's 9th District, he really represents us all! Even in the time of the greatest gridlock in DC, Congressman Grayson - a member of the minority party in the House - has written more legislation and had more amendments passed than any other member, for two years running!

He joined me on the show this morning to talk about some of the work he's done since we last spoke. A sampling of his accomplishments follows:

On the NSA/surveillance/privacy front:

  • He’s passed legislation to protect encryption standards from the NSA 
  • He passed an amendment to the Department of Defense Appropriations bill (H.R. 4870) to prohibit NSA from interfering or weakening encryption standards promulgated by NIST. Grayson called NSA’s subversion of NIST’s standards “extremely dangerous and noted that NSA’s efforts rendered everyone’s security vulnerable to exploitation. “It’s naïve to imagine that if you introduce a weakness into a system you will be the only one to use it. My amendment would address this issue by prohibiting the intelligence community [which includes NSA] from subverting or interfering with the integrity of any cryptographic standard,” he explained. The amendment passed unanimously and earned support from Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, the Sunlight Foundation, and others.
  • In a Science, Space, and Technology Committee markup he passed an amendment removing the statutory requirement for NIST to consult with NSA in developing encryption standards. The amendment allows NIST to continue to consult NSA when necessary. The Huffington Post called Grayson’s effort a “landmark amendment,” while ProPublica wrote that it“puts NSA on notice over encryption standards.” Access said the amendment would “help support data integrity by ensuring that the standards used to protect all internet users are not artificially weakened.” The Center for Democracy & Technology hailed it as a “positive step that will help to restore the credibility and scientific objectivity of NIST.”
  •   He’s pushing the FCC to protect the privacy of Americans’ phone calls, following a Newsweek report claiming that IMSI catchers, a relatively cheap device that impersonates cell phone towers, can intercept phone calls and text messages.
  • He’s been going after former NSA Director Keith Alexander, who stands to make millions off of his work in the cybersecurity sector. Read one of Grayson’s letters here. There’s been a good deal of coverage on this – for example here, here and here.

And in other areas:

Yes, I'd say "hero" is a perfect description. Find out more about Congressman Grayson and donate to help keep him working for us at


Stephanie Kelton on The Nicole Sandler Show at Netroots Nation Detroit, July 2014

Our second hero today followed Congressman Grayson immediately on the show. Stephanie Kelton, Ph.D. is Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Economics at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. She is also Editor-in-Chief of the top-ranked blog New Economic Perspectives .  

Today we spoke about the new buzz-term and heinous practice known as Corporate Inversion Taxes, as well as a bit about Modern Monetary Theory, why the US should carry debt and how to fix the economic mess we're in.

After hearing what she had to say, I asked her to run for office. Stephanie Kelton is, indeed, a hero who would serve us well in public office!

In the second hour of the show, I spoke with our regular Thursday morning heroes:

Amy Simon of She's History told us about Lily Ledbetter and her fight for paycheck fairness.

And Stephen Goldstein, author of The Dictionary of American Political Bullshit returned with another "No More Bullshit Minute." Today, we exposed the bullshit phrase, "According to a Recent Poll."

Tomorrow, we'll wrap the week with Florida's Judge David Young, discussing the recent rulings in favor of marriage equality and how to figure out who to vote for in judicial races. And for Flashback Friday, my 1996 interview with -and performance by- Sting! Talk to you then, Radio or Not!


Darkhorse Candidate Soars Into Lead In Kentucky Senate Race


Gil FulbrightPhoto courtesy of Represent.Us

It's that time of year when campaign ads are starting to infiltrate and pollute our radio and TV viewing. Candidates sling accusations and innuendos causing more irritable bowel syndrome than the hash at the local greasy spoon. Isn't it time to take a serious look at how these campaign ads are put together and what they really say?

The people over at Represent.Us have done just that. They've chosen a candidate who's so real, so sure to garner a huge amount of votes with his write-in candidacy, that it could just spell disaster for Mitch McConnell.  This man, Gil Fulbright is so honest and sincere you just can't turn away. You will want to watch more than once. So go ahead -- check out Gil Fulbright (not affiliated with the similarly named scholarship), Phil Gulbright, or Phillip Mamouf-Wifarts. No matter what you call him, "Funny" is his middle name.


GOP: Women Okay For Supporting Staff But Not The Top Spot


crying woman

Well, it's only 2014 and two full years away from the next presidential election. The Democrats seem to have their heir (Hillary Clinton) and their spare (Joe Biden). Things are a bit  more cloudy on the Republican side.

They don't have any favorites for the top job yet -- lots of possibles and potentials, but that's about it -- no clear front runner. Their current list of damaged goods includes the likes of: Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, Mike Pence, Jeb Bush and perennial candidate Mitt Romney. (Don't count him out just yet. He has the field staff, organization and donor lists. He's also starting to make more and more public appearances and statements).

But one thing there does seem to be on the GOP side. Despite being unsettled for the top job, POTUS, there's an almost certainty for the number two slot. It's Kelly Ayotte.

Kelly Ayotte

Republican strategist and former McCain presidential campaign manager Steve Schmidt revealed his party's thoughts recently in The Daily Beast:

Ayotte is also one of the only female GOP top personalities that could counter a Democratic ticket with Hillary Clinton at its top, and at a time when the Republican party has been reeling from a number of scandals that have left the party vulnerable to the accusation that they are not savvy at courting the women’s vote.

“Ayotte could turn the ‘war on women’ narrative into a punch line,” said Schmidt. “In the category of those really talented women who can really break into the next level, I think Kelly Ayotte stands out. She has a lot of skills. There's no on-the-job training and she’s clears [sic] that hurdle.”

Well, it looks like we'll have another Sarah Palin running on the GOP ticket only this time she'll be the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz, after she got a brain. Perhaps.

So the Republicans think they have the answer to their women problem. If that was really the case, why aren't they talking about her for the top dog's chair? After all, she's as good or better than any of the male potential candidates. Wouldn't it be something if two women were heading the major tickets? I think so. But that, of course would mean the GOP's leader would be a woman, and I'm not sure the party is ready to accept that yet.

If this is really to be the best possible race, the Dems should go with a totally female ticket - Clinton/Warren. Together they'd be unstoppable.


Reverse Obamacare Horror Story -- It's Time This Got Covered


Beware of Obamacare

Obamacare is bad. The President's a liar. The president's healthcare plan is a "trainwreck." No hope for Obamacare, it's socialized medicine. Here come the death panels. Children soon will be dying in the thousands. "If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.

"N-word," please! And before you go ballistic, I'm talking NEWSPEOPLE when I use the "N" word.

All I'm hearing on the various news reporting outlets, radio or TV, cable or network, is about the failure of the rollout of Obamacare or the numbers of people being tossed off of their plans.

"Obama promised I could keep my plan if I liked it!"

"He lied. My plan got cancelled and the new one went from $102/month to $452/month."

"Obama should be impeached."

"The plan (actually a law) is anti-American. Eighty percent of America is against it."

Now hold your horses, cowboys and cowgirls. Let's just let the horses rest for a moment and and think this through before the posse stings up an innocent man.

cowboy posse 2

What the news organizations and the talking heads have been doing is sensationalism and focusing on the bad stuff. And there's plenty of that to fill a decade of Sundays. But in their zeal, these talking heads and Republican obstructionists are trying to run the table. They're focusing on one part, the technical part, more than anything else.

And the website has been a disaster. Truthfully, that's a huge strike against the people responsible. But put the blame where it belongs. If your iPhone drops a call, you don't go after the head of Apple? If your computer freezes while you do a Google search, you don't go after Google. Shit happens. An the thing to do is complain -- and the company will fix it. Hell, I'm constantly getting updates with patches for glitches in programs I've installed on my computer. Ever wonder why there's a version 2.0 or 3.5 to something you've downloaded? How about all those "updates available" messages you get when you're trying to check your email messages?

As for being dropped from programs -- nobody's being dropped from programs that qualify.

wrecking yard

If Obamacare was a used car, or even a new one, you have assurances and reliance that the car you purchase runs and meets all safety requirements. A certified, licensed dealer can't sell you a car that doesn't  meet certain state and federal standards. For instance, it has to have a catalytic converter for smog control. It has to have working head and tail lights. And let's not forget about seat belts. You can't legally sell a car without any of  those items.

Carry that over to the new standards of the Affordable Care Act. If your old insurance policy didn't qualify under ACA minimum basics that were passed by congress, signed by the President and upheld by the Supreme Court, then what the insurance company had to do was eliminate that plan.  So they couldn't offer it to you.

You weren't cancelled. Your old and un-qualifying policy wasn't re-offered to you because it's against the law to sell something that doesn't meet the standards. Again, this is basics, and shouldn't be that hard for people to understand. But somehow, for those "N-word" people, it's become elusive.

So then it comes down to how costly these qualified policies have become. Many of the stories of how the premiums have jumped have been debunked when scrutinized, examined for the facts. Sure, on the surface it may look like a higher rate (for a better policy, BTW) but then you have to figure in the federal subsidies you may qualify for.

Rachel Maddow, last night profiled just such a case. Now very few people will be as fortunate as this woman in Pittsburgh, but there will be others. And yes, there will be some folks who will have to dole out more than they used to -- but they will assuredly also be getting better coverage.

Here's the story. Healthcare for a family for $1.11/month? Are you sh**ing me? As it's not going to be the norm, but either are the horror stories that the "N-word" people are passing off as newsworthy.


So You Met Ted Cruz And Now You Know How It Feels, Goody, Goody


goody goody cafe

By now we're all aware, or should be, that the imminent dangers of a debt-ceiling default are over and on top of that, the government is once again funded - but just for a little while.

Hopefully the lesson learned is that you don't hold up the entire country over Obamacare or the mad rantings of a lunatic, Ted Cruz. He's the guy who eggs you on to toss a rock, breaking a window. Then when the owner of the house comes out, he points the finger at you and says, "He did it, not me."

Rachel Maddow last night was in perhaps her finest form when she put together the piece below. These 4 minutes will fly by as only Rachel M can make them do -- and you'll see the full hypocrisy and fruitlessness of the GOP's antics. Forget that Boehner's games cost the United States an estimated 24 Billion dollars. Yup, billion with a "B." This is what the Republicans games got for our money as well as a record low favorability rating.


What Planet Are Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin Living On?



It's evident to Chuck Todd and the Morning Joe crowd that there's a disconnect between reality here and the life on the planet where the two Republican stalwarts, Cruz and Palin find themselves.

Polls don't tell the whole story all of the time. But Chucky boy, who's career has been made by reading and interpreting polls makes some stark assessments of the GOP. And even conservative Joe Scarborough agrees with his interpretations of the numbers.

Only the galloping Canuck has problems believing them.

Canadian Ted Cruz

Denier Raffy Cruz thinks the polls that were cited were too Democratic skewing. Hmm. Todd pointed out that he was quoting from Republican polled people only -- no Democrats allowed. So is the junior senator from Texas accusing the pollsters of using plants, Obama infiltrators, like his did with the hecklers at the VVS convention a few days ago?

This assessment of the vacuum or bubble the Tea Party is living in makes for fun viewing. Check it out.

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