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BuyPartisan, literally!


BuyPartisan app logothere's an app for thatEver want to buy something at a supermarket but start having nagging second thoughts about which political party your favorite brand name supports? Guess no more, there's an app for that: BuyPartisan.

BuyPartisan app

Via iTunes:

BuyPartisan works like a nutritional label for your political values. Simply use your phone to scan a product's barcode, or just search by individual company or product, and you can quickly see the political contributions of each company's CEO, Board of Directors, political action committees and employees. Simply put, BuyPartisan empowers.

Here is an image of what you'd see if you checked out Coca Cola:

BuyPartisan app examples

Via the Los Angeles Times:

BuyPartisan, a free smartphone application developed by former Capitol Hill staffer Matthew Colbert, gives users the chance to learn more about the political leanings of the makers of supermarket items. [...]

The process is simple: Users scan a bar code using their phone's camera, and within seconds data are displayed on the screen. A red and blue bar breaks down the percentage of Republican and Democratic support the manufacturer and its employees provided, while a green bar signifies "other." [...]

Still in the testing phase, the app has some glitches that occasionally misread the bar code or match to the wrong company. An Android version is in the works.

So why is this becoming a "thing"? Simple:

"In light of Chick-fil-A and Hobby Lobby … people have become much more attuned to a company's deeper impact," Colbert said, referring to those companies' corporate support for conservative causes.

Before that whole Hobby Lobby mess happened, it was about who the Koch brothers controlled and/or supported. And way before that... well, the list goes on. I remember, as a tiny kid, my mom refusing to by Welch products because she said they were affiliated with the John Birch Society. Even at that young age, I recall feeling scared of the BoogeyMan Birchers. But I sure missed my grape jelly.

the more things change the more they stay same

Now not only can you can become better informed, but you can vote with your wallet.


GOP Women Are Re-branding Their Message And Asking All Women To Vote Democratic



It's no secret that the Republican party is having a hard time connecting with women -- actually they're having a hard time connecting with women, college-educated men, immigrants, people of color, the poor, the unemployed, non-evangelicals, pro-lifers, the uninsured, and non-racist white folks. Bottom line-- they got troubles in more than just River City. But have no fear. They plan to do something about it.

According to HuffPo:

WASHINGTON -- A group of GOP Congress members led by Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Wash.) on Wednesday unveiled a package of bills aimed at improving women's economic situations and attracting women voters.

They call it their "War For Women." Yes, that's the ticket, Ms. Rogers. A "war for women." That sounds so cool. Don't hold back. What is it? Do tell.

The proposals include tax credits for childcare, a bill that prevents retaliation against employees who ask about equal pay and a bill that allows employees to trade overtime pay for paid family leave and sick leave. Some of the bills are ones that have already passed the House, while others are new proposals.

Wait a minute. Why do those proposals sound so familiar? Oh, that's because those are the Democratic proposals that the Republican-led House has voted down.

The GOP's new women's economic agenda comes more than a year after the House Democrats unveiled their own agenda -- called "When Women Succeed, America Succeeds" -- which Republicans have consistently opposed. Republicans blocked the Paycheck Fairness Act earlier this year, which would have banned employers from retaliating against women who talked about their salaries with their coworkers and would have allowed women a longer window to sue their employers for pay discrimination based on gender.


What does all this mean? It's simple. Republicans are asking women to stand up for what's right, just and fair. The women of the GOP are asking women across the nation to cast off their "second class shackles" of Republicanism and vote Democratic. Yup, very simply that's what their plan is. And I like it.

Finally something that makes sense from the mouths of the "challenged" women of the Republican party. After all of these years of being led around by the nose rings of the old white men who run the GOP, the lemming females of the red party have finally seen the light. Hallelujah.

The Republican party, or what's left of it, now has a vision. And it's a solid one. If you're female and you want to vote your own best self-interest, vote Democratic this fall.



Does Speaker Boehner Really Hate The Pope?


Pope Francis

C'mon, you must be thinking, John Boehner's a Catholic. How could he hate Pope Francis? Even agnostic Bill Maher applauds the Pontiff from time to time. If you want to make of list of popular popes, you'd have to put Francis up there near or at the top.

So why then is Christian Republican Speaker John Boehner taking a stand against the pope? Why is he persecuting the Holy See?

There's a piece of legislation stuck in the House, bi-partisan in its origin, that simply congratulates Pope Francis on his March 2013 election and recognizes “his inspirational statements and actions.” There shouldn't really be any hesitation in passing this, should there? According to The Hill, all that's holding it up for the past 15 months is the "white smoke" of agreement by Speaker Boehner. He's not giving it.

Hmm. Something wrong with the leader of the Catholic church, Mr. Boehner?

The answer to that should be read as "yes." But to the Speaker's defense, he's not alone. It seems the entire Republican party, yes the GOP has a cross up their collective white asses when it comes to Pope Francis. You see, the Pope's teachings and the GOP's are diametrically opposed. In short, the Republicans are heathens.

Only 19 of the 221 co-sponsors are Republicans. The dearth of GOP members on the measure could be attributable to assertions that the pope is “too liberal,” according to a Republican backer of the legislation.

On the issue of the Pope being too liberal, the Vatican leader speaking from the teaching of the New and Old Testament, has come out in favor of redistribution of wealth, he's against "trickle down economics," for compassionate handling of the child refugees at our borders, aid to the poor, health care for all, and he's indicated an openness to civil unions.

Sorry GOP. Those stands aren't being liberal. They're being "Christian." And take that from a Jew. Oh, not me or Francis, I'm talking Christ.

Keep in mind, the GOP is the party of no Jews in the House -- with Cantor being voted out. Is that a coincidence, or has the party shown it's tendencies to be exclusive -- or should I say, anti-Semitic.

God will forgive Boehner, I'm sure. But He'll also expect some changes in order to allow Johnny-Boy through the Pearly White Gates. The first of those is contrition, followed closely by some bi-partisan legislating. There's still a chance for the Ohio congressman. I'm not so sure though for the Republican Party. Their destruction of the  ticking time bomb of the Tea Party may be too late to reverse.


Republicans Admission - Today There Is No Republican Party


going crazy

Well, some people are just plain party poopers. They're Donald or Debbie Downers when it comes to today's GOP. Need proof that the Red Party has gone off the deep end? Look at the reasons former Republican Governor Charlie Crist gives for his movement away from his former party.

Daily News America:

Former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist says he left the Republican Party and joined the Democrats because of racism.

"They're perceived now as being anti-woman, anti-immigrant, anti-minority, anti-gay, anti-education, anti-environment," Crist, who switched to the Democratic Party in 2012, told Fusion TV about the GOP. "I just wasn't comfortable."

Boy, that's an awful lot of "anti's" according to former Gov. Crist, who's not alone in that thinking. He's leading in the polls in Florida.

Further indications that the GOP has gone off the deep end and has nothing to offer America is their uniformed main target of Benghazi. It seems they've clearly lost the Obamacare wars and need something to rally their troops. And what better topic than a well-worn, already eight times investigated non-issue like an outpost in Libya? Talk about your beating a dead horse...

dead-horse gif

While Democrats are looking to take care of kitchen table and pocketbook issues like minimum wage, fair pay, non-discriminatory employment practices, long term unemployment and the biggie -- immigration reform -- the Repugnants are sticking with Benghazi.

The other day, on Morning Joe, Donny Deutsch  suggested that pocketbook issues weigh more heavily on voter's minds at the polls than Benghazi does. Republican CNBC anchor Brian Sullivan attempted to disagree, but in doing so, skewered himself and his affiliated party.

It's always fun to see people heap mud into the wind and have it blow back into their faces.

Over the past few days polling information is indicating that in the deeply Republican south, a number of Democrats are pulling even or ahead in their 2014 midterm election polling over GOP rivals. There's still a ways to go, but when you see Republican Brian Sullivan's rant above, you can start to see why. As the Benghazi hearings eventually commence, I think you'll see even more dissatisfaction with the Grand Old Party.

You can tell how desperate the GOP has become when they dispatch Karl Rove to go on the air and claim Democratic front runner Hillary Clinton has brain damage. Perhaps he should have his oversize head checked, because the words coming out of his mouth sure resemble the ramblings of a troubled, perhaps damaged mind.