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Michele Bachmann may be sued over "Protect Religious Freedom in The Military" campaign


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See that image? Here's what the text says (bolding is mine):

What if our brave soldiers were told they couldn't practice their religion? That they were able to fight for OUR religious freedoms but they couldn't practice their own?

This may seem far-fetched, but unfortunately if some get their wish, it could soon become a reality.

You see, just last week Pentagon officials met with left-wing, anti-Christian activists to discuss military issues. And one of their biggest concerns? Not military readiness... Not sexual assault... Not the safety of our brave men and women... But religion and religious proselytizing in the military.

How radical are these anti-Christian activists consulting with the Pentagon? One of the activists in the meeting compared sharing the gospel to "spiritual rape" and "treason" that should be "punished."

If you agree that we cannot and should not prevent our military from practicing their own faith, then I hope you will sign the pledge and afterwards forward to your friends and family.

That's Michele Bachmann's "Protect Religious Freedom in the Military Pledge" that she shared in a fundraising email to her supporters. Watch out for those "radical left-wing, anti-Christian activists"! They're out to get you and turn you into godless, soulless, Satan-loving libs!

However, per Washington Whispers:

A series of media reports that allege the Pentagon could start court-martialing soldiers for their Christian faith has been debunked by the fact-checking website PolitiFact and even the Pentagon itself.

To quote Rick Perry, "Oops." But 'Chele didn't let a little thing like facts stop her. And Mikey Weinstein-- former Reagan administration lawyer and founder of the civil rights advocacy group Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF)-- had a thing or two to say about that:

Now, the man at the center of the court-martial allegations, Mikey Weinstein, says he may sue Bachmann for "propagating complete and utter lies."

As you can see, 'Chele called Weinstein "radical" and "anti-Christian" in the pledge. Mikey had a thing or two to say about that, too:

"About 96 percent of our members [at MRFF] are Protestant or Roman Catholic... of our unpaid volunteers, at least well over 80 percent are Christian... I say [to Bachmann]: Tell it to the judge."

Josh Glasstetter, research director at People For the American Way, said that Bachmann is forcing religion on people and that the military draws the line at "unwanted, intrusive attempts to convert others."

Did Michele forget about that "stay out of our lives" obsession of hers? Apparently she did, at least when it comes to her own beliefs being shoved down the throats of others.

Washington Whispers has more.


Cartoons of the Day- Grover's Losing It




Chart: Republicans do not care about the health and well-being of Americans


CNN: Republicans out-raise Democrats among gubernatorial committees.  Guess which states want to end legal abortions and demand trans-vaginal probes? Answer: Those with GOP governors and legislatures.

Now guess which states may turn down $258 billion in "Obamacare" funds, leaving 9.2 million Americans uninsured? Hint: Most of them have GOP governors.

Not a single Republican governor has pledged to accept the new Medicaid funds and three Democrats are also considering turning down the money.

Republicans are way more interested in defeating President Obama and obstructing bills that would benefit Americans than they are in the health and well-being of the country. The only beneficiaries they're interested in are themselves and their corporate donors.


Doonesbury: U.S. Representative "surrenders his manhood" to Grover Norquist


What would we do without Garry Trudeau?


Newt Gingrich makes new pledges about his own fidelity. And we should believe him... why?


First, this has to be asked: Why would anyone anywhere take any pledge by Newt Gingrich seriously? He couldn't even keep his own marriage vows, nor could he follow the rules of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Now for his latest lies political b.s. promises: He's signing a pledge that we're supposed to buy into, swearingtogod that he hates marriage equality and women's reproductive rights, but loves his own wife and only his own wife, and will never ever ever, EVER cheat again, ever in the history of ever.

Yeah, and I have some Sarah Palin books to sell you...

For some background on the pledge, there are links in this post. THE FAMiLY LEADER (per Think Progress, the lowercase “i” is meant to represent individual submission) provided a pledge for candidates to sign called “The Marriage Vow – A Declaration of Dependence upon Marriage and Family”.

It is a pro-forced-birth, anti-marriage equality, hell-no-to-divorce and porn, anti-Sharia, anti-you-name-it contract, brought to you by Bob Vander Plaats, Iowa social conservative extraordinaire. Here’s an excerpt:

Humane protection of women and the innocent fruit of conjugal intimacy – our next generation of American children – from human trafficking, sexual slavery, seduction into promiscuity, and all forms of pornography and prostitution, infanticide, abortion and other types of coercion or stolen innocence.

You get the idea.

Here's more on Newton Leroy's pledge-aroony from Think Progress:

Newt Gingrich has issued a statement affirming the Leader’s pledge to oppose marriage equality for gays and lesbians, deny women access to abortion, and reduce the debt. Read his full response here and the marriage excerpt below:

Defending Marriage. As President, I will vigorously enforce the Defense of Marriage Act, which was enacted under my leadership as Speaker of the House, and ensure compliance with its provisions, especially in the military. I will also aggressively defend the constitutionality of DOMA in federal and state courts. I will support sending a federal constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman to the states for ratification. I will also oppose any judicial, bureaucratic, or legislative effort to define marriage in any manner other than as between one man and one woman. I will support all efforts to reform promptly any uneconomic or anti-marriage aspects of welfare and tax policy. I also pledge to uphold the institution of marriage through personal fidelity to my spouse and respect for the marital bonds of others.

Newton Leroy Gingrich: Hypocridiot-O'-The-Day.


VIDEO: Grover Norquist, The Man Who Really Runs The GOP


The are going after Grover Norquist:

Via Chris Lavoie and WaPo's Joel Achenbach:


Former Reagan official: "The Republican Party has totally abdicated its job..."


Quote-O'-The-Day via Rolling Stone:

Modern-day Republicans have become, quite simply, the Party of the One Percent – the Party of the Rich.

"The Republican Party has totally abdicated its job in our democracy, which is to act as the guardian of fiscal discipline and responsibility," says David Stockman, who served as budget director under Reagan. "They're on an anti-tax jihad – one that benefits the prosperous classes."

However, the GOP must finally be aware of their embarrassing poll numbers: House Republicans now want out of Norquist tax pledge, and Grover's annoyed at them for pulling “that crap.”