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Ann Coulter Proves Small Bang Theory -- She's Only A Particle Of (Doesn't) Matter



Oh, it doesn't get more priceless than this. When someone is a parody of themselves, a drunk playing a drunk or a pothead playing a pothead, they often miss the subtleties of performance, and thus come across as fake. Not so with Ann Coulter. She's a fake playing a fake and does it with such aplomb that you want to give her a standing ovation.

You've heard of the Big Bang Theory? Well, it deals with atomic fusion and the creation of mass -- in Coulter's case, mess.  Here's definitive proof that there is a gene for insanity. If you want to watch particles, or morons collide -- check this out, Coulter and Piers Morgan. You won't be sorry.


SNL 'Piers Morgan' interviews 'Chris Christie' about 'Bridgegate'



Where would we be without Saturday Night Live?

This is a 'cold open' of a 'Piers Morgan' interview of 'Chris Christie' via


VIDEO-- Meghan McCain: "I'm kinda done with Chris Christie."


not into you smaller

I've been writing about what a self-serving phony New Jersey Governor Chris "I Never Met a Photo Op I Didn't Like" Christie is for a long, long time:

I've done everything I could to open the eyes of voters-- especially Democratic voters-- who allow New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to bamboozle them into believing he's a charismatic, Just Like You moderate. Your kind of guy!

In reality, Gov. It's My Photo Op and I'll Verbally Abuse You If I Want To is a self-serving hypocrite. Let's expose him for what he is:

Now Meghan McCain is piling on. She was dishing the dirt with CNN's Piers Morgan, and guess who she is so over? That's right, Chris Christie, among others.


"Gay marriage has already won."

"A lot of people in the Republican party that really want to cling to the past and every time people say, 'I'm a bad Republican and your father was too moderate, I challenge these people to tell me what's gonna happen if we nominate someone like Rick Santorum, an extreme conservative on social issues."

Jeb Bush "is much more conservative than people realize."

"I like Marco Rubio."

"I used to love Chris Christie. I'm kinda done with Chris Christie right now. Ever since his speech at the convention... he just talked about himself the entire time..."

But she's totally into her dad.

Hey Meghan, what a coincidence, I'm done with Christie too! Then again, I was never not done with him. Sadly, we still can't be BFF because of that "I like Rubio" thing.


Video- Radio Host Alex Jones, Who Wants Piers Morgan Deported, Gets Crazed On CNN


Why is CNN giving this whackjob a platform? Ugh. Via.