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Photos- Sacramento Unite Against the War on Women


My friend Cathleen went down to Sacremento this past weekend to check out the Unite rally and took in the sights. Some great signs in there.


Photos- President Obama Gets Really Into Reading “Where The Wild Things Are”


Just too adorable, more photos here, video of the whole family reading a different book here.

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#OccupyCongress: "Issa called the police on constituents when they showed up and asked for a jobs bill."


Photos by Asher Huey

From a protester with Asher Huey: Darrell Issa called the cops, other congress members are closing and locking their doors, the hallways are starting to fill up with sit in protesters, etc.....

From Asher via email, with permission:

I'm on the ground at The Peoples Camp live tweeting it. Issa called the police on constituents when they showed up and asked for a jobs bill. They were escorted out of the capitol.,

There are currently delegations sitting in at over 40 different offices. Elton Gallegly has locked his door. Kyl told his staff that he will not meet with them. McConnell's office is having people sit on the ground.

This came through the back end about Elton Gallegly's office. They promised to let them in and speak to them, then called the police.

Good jobs LA and constituents locked out of his office he refuses to open the door and meet with us . Folks are organizing knocks and demand that we are allowed to sit and meet in his office.

Staff person had his back to the group and refused to answer any questions . We are doing mass knocks every 5 mins .

GOP Rep. Reichert has actually met with constituents.

I'll update if and when I can. Thank you Asher!

Here is a piece from The Hill that Asher linked me to.


Joe Walsh's office is playing Fox News for the visitors.

That just about says it all.


There was a group of 5 pastors in Rep. Denham's office waiting to speak with him. They were kicked out.


Rep. Bass is meeting with constituents, hearing stories about unemployment. The crowd outside of Gallegly's office is growing. Police asked to speak to a leader, they said they didn't have one. Apparently he's inside of his office hiding and won't come out.


Rep. Gallegly finally let one person in to his office and met with her. Just one. Occupy Miami (@occupymia) and other's found out Rep. Sam Johnson was having a high dollar fundraiser. They interrupted it. Over 60 people showed up to protest it.


Rep. Gallegly tried to sneak out the back. They caught him and asked what he was doing for the unemployed. He responded that he was giving 700 toys to needy kids. He wished everyone a "Merry Christmas" and had a police escort to the elevator.


PhotOh! Priorities


A fellow blogger friend of mine posted this photo that's making the rounds (please hop over and take a look). She titled her post "Dear Media: Is that a REAL scandal in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?"

That inspired me to add a few more to the list:


PhotOh! Never Seen Before, Donald Trump's Palace, er, Home


I get emails, and one of them linked me to this page and invited me to share it with you.

I usually try to ignore him, but since Donald Trump is flapping his big lips (just as his very bizarre ball of hair flaps in the wind) about making a run for the White House, I thought it might be of interest to share what was in the email, these exclusive (and never before seen, personally taken) photos of Donald Trump’s Palm Beach estate.

I'll post just two of them. Click here to see more photos and analysis of Donald Trump’s Palm Beach Home.  Photos are from Jeff Lichtenstein marketing Admirals Cove real estate in Jupiter, Florida and Palm Beach homes for sale in Palm Beach, Florida.

He'd never get nominated, but if anyone were tempted to take this rather deranged excuse for a potential candidate seriously, they should consider that King CombOver is about as far from "real America" as anyone can get.


PhotOh! President Obama speaks at memorial service in Tucson, Arizona


Photo via

Here are screen grabs from President Obama's speech honoring the victims of the Arizona shooting (follow that link for excerpts, this one for video of the entire speech):


Happy Obama Photos & Video


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