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Secret pro-Scott Walker group jams phones of opponent Dem. Tom Barrett with spam texts


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The phone number in the above screen grabs belongs to Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett’s campaign headquarters. (link and link)

The secret plan was to bombard Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett’s campaign headquarters with calls in order to shut down their phones, just in time to screw with the get out the vote effort so badly needed by the Dems... in order to combat voter suppression and millions in donations by the Koch brothers.

It worked, according to Think Progress.

Welcome to Scott Walker World.


RedState trying to jam Coakley phone banks


By GottaLaff

UPDATE: Republicans were prosecuted for doing this in 2002. (thanks for tweeting me the link, Bob Cesca)

The antics never end, do they? First Brown files a criminal complaint against the Massachusetts Democrats, then a video surfaces of Brown implying that Obama was born out of wedlock, and now this:

Erick Erickson has posted the addresses of Coakley phone banks at [...]

the comments make various suggestions to show up and disrupt the phone banks. A couple of examples:

Jot down there callback number… put it on autodial…
Reminisce about “the good old days”…
Ask about their grandkids and family and ask if they’re voting for coakley… are any of them in the military? Why not? What’s wrong with that…
when they eventually hang up start calling them back on autodial to talk…

Anyone have access to any robocall setups?
just a thought… Off to conventionland again in AM… Good luck up North next Tuesday-don’t forget to be ready to call shenanigans etc...


Post callers numbers so we all can call them back. We can tie them up more!

Please read the whole thing over at Kos.

As I said in my last post, and at the risk of sounding redundant, classy stuff. The question is, what is the Coakley campaign going to do about it?