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VIDEO: GOP #NCGov #McCrory accused of ducking children delivering petitions; he was playing catch, er, "in a meeting"


mccrory protest kids petition education public schools

mccrory protest kids petition education public schools wagon

Rose Higgins:

"I think their mentality is, in your face, 'Na na na na na na. Have your little hippy protest and we're going to carry on with our day.'"

More than 50 public education advocates accompanied by several children pulling little red wagons schlepped petitions signed by 16,000 people to North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory at the State Capitol.


ABC affiliate WTVD:

They asked to see the governor, and were told he was in a meeting.

And by meeting, they meant he was playing catch with Chief of Staff Thomas Stith and a state trooper. Of course, his story is that the photos of him tossing a ball around were snapped after the petitions were delivered. Uh huh.

Kim Genardo, McCrory's communications director:

"Taking the advice of First Lady Michelle Obama, the governor each day attempts to get some exercise, yesterday throwing the baseball and today walking from NC State's campus back to the Capitol.

"Governor McCrory will be back out tomorrow throwing the baseball perhaps with children who share his All-American passion."

Ohh, we get it now. He's a Michelle Obama fan who gets sudden urges to heed her advice whenever he gets wind of activist kids, kids who aren't as "American" as the kids who "share his all-American passion."

See what a coward role model Gov. McCrory is? He not only dodged children delivering petitions about cutting funds for their education and then implied they weren't real Americans, he also taught them that lying, avoiding, and deceiving are the keys to handling anyone who disagrees with him.

Family values, right Pat?

McCrory North Carolina playing ball

family values my ass

Other Pat McCrory/North Carolina Moments:


If at first you don't secede, try, try a petition


Question: What do these states have in common? Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee, Oregon (!), Kentucky, Montana, North Dakota, Mississippi, North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, New York, New Jersey, Colorado, Arkansas, South Carolina, and Missouri.

Answer: Their residents have expressed (at the very least) an interest (at the very least) in seceding from the United States. As you can see by the petitions above, thousands have signed on.

Why? Because apparently President Obama, not Willard Romney, is a poopy head. Or something.

Wait. New York? Joisey?

Texas, for one, may want to think about their Latino population, because I have a feeling they may disagree. As for the secessionists among us, how about you move to a hermetically sealed bubble far far away, since creating your own reality seems to be your ultimate goal. The rest of us are just fine where we are.

Per Gawker:

As unilateral secession was ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, it remains to be seen if this movement is more than a toothless temper tantrum thrown by armchair revolutionaries.


Virginia Dems ask Justice Dep't. to investigate GOP firm for alleged voter fraud


It has now been widely reported for some time that Strategic Allied Consulting was hired to register voters in Florida, Virginia, Colorado, North Carolina and Nevada. Mitt Romney paid political consultant and longtime GOP operative Nathan Sproul owns the firm.

It has also been widely reported that Strategic Allied Consulting has been engaging in fraudulent GOP registration efforts.

Someone do something already! Oh wait:

The Hill: Several Virginia Democrats have asked the Justice Department to investigate allegations of voter fraud surrounding a GOP firm working in the Old Dominion and other battleground states.

Reps. Jim Moran, Bobby Scott and Jerry Connolly say recent allegations of registration fraud by Strategic Allied Consulting in Florida — combined with last week's voter-fraud arrest of a Republican operative linked to the firm in Virginia — merit a federal probe to determine if the episodes "are connected and constitute a broader conspiracy of voter registration fraud." [...]

Founded this year by longtime Republican strategist Nathan Sproul, Strategic Allied Services was paid millions of dollars by the Republican Party to manage get-out-the-vote efforts in swing states including Florida, Virginia, Colorado, North Carolina and Nevada.[...]

"While the Republican National Committee and five state committees have severed their relationship with Strategic Allied Consulting, we are concerned that the alleged illegal practices may be continuing under its subsidiary Pinpoint," the lawmakers wrote to Holder.

It's about time someone gets busted for all these repeated attempts to suppress the vote. And it's about time we nationalize our voting laws.


VIDEO-- Nevada man registering voters: "I'm working for the Republican party... I don't get credit for Democrats."


Via KOLO 8, a man registering voters in Nevada may have gotten the Republican Party in a heap o' felonious trouble. A viewer caught this on his cell phone:

"Could you do me a favor? Mark non-partisan on there. I'll get credit for it. I don't get credit for Democrats."

"I am a Democrat. So I still do Democrats if I have to, but I'm working for the Republican Party. I have to get two an hour and I don't get credit for Democrats."

A spokesman for the Romney campaign says to his knowledge, they had only volunteer, no paid voter register people in the field last Friday. He acknowledged that independent groups have had voter registration drives.

The spokesman must have been referring to the lingering embarrassment for the GOP.

This kind of think is all too familiar: VIDEO: Voter registration volunteer: “We’re out here in support of Romney, actually… We’re working for the county clerk’s office.”

H/t: Greg Ostravich


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Will GOP theft of democracy succeed once again?


Your DOUBLE Daily Dose of BuzzFlash at Truthout, via my pal Mark Karlin. My post and links to other posts about this issue here (scroll):

You remember the ACORN cause célèbre of the rabid GOP attack squad on claiming voter fraud (which is technically different than voter registration fraud). ACORN was a target because it was an organization that engaged in voting registration outreach to the poor and minorities as part of its empowerment mission.  The Republicans built a trumped up case against ACORN -- with the ludicrous media frenzy over misleading sensational tapes taken by the convicted and on probation James O'Keefe -- and got Congress to prohibit federal contracts with ACORN.  Eventually, the grassroots agency went bankrupt as a result.  No court convicted ACORN; it was trial by FOX.

Subsequent government investigations, including the Office of the Attorney General and the Government Accounting Office found no violations of the law committed by ACORN or misuse of federal funds. But the damage was done in killing off an organization that brought the powerless into the voting booth.

Yet, now there is a massive Republican scandal... and nary a word has been heard about it from members of Congress, the media in general, and conservative or even liberal activists. [...]

If it weren't for the caging scandal that denied tens of thousands of minorities the right to vote in Florida in 2000 – and the various GOP engineered election place voting snafus --  Al Gore would not only have won the national vote by more than a half a million votes (which he did), he would have won a decisive victory in the Sunshine State. [...]

Will the theft of democracy succeed once again?


And about that smoking gun concerning the Republican Party and the Romney campaign claiming they didn't know what Sproul was up to?

Sproul belies that very claim in an interview with the Los Angeles Times:

Sproul said he created Strategic Allied Consulting at the RNC's request because the party wanted to avoid being publicly linked to the past allegations. The firm was set up at a Virginia address, and Sproul does not show up on the corporate paperwork.

"In order to be able to do the job that the state parties were hiring us to do, the [RNC] asked us to do it with a different company's name, so as to not be a distraction from the false information put out in the Internet," Sproul said. 

In essence, Sproul is asserting that the Republican National Committee knew of his sordid reputation and told him to disguise his involvement in his legally questionable strategies to "register" Republican voters while driving down Democratic voter registration.

Meanwhile, in Florida, the epicenter of where the Sproul voter registration fraud scandal broke out, Governor Rick Scott (whose company committed Medicare fraud to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars, but he didn't go to jail due to 1% immunity) is still trying to disenfranchise people entitled to vote. [...]

Of course, if Scott can limit voting to the 38% of Floridians who approve of him, he just might win. He'll just need some assistance from Nathan Sproul.

Please follow the links for entire posts.


The GOP "waited until they were caught to do something about" voter suppression


Today's L.A. Times letters to the editor, because our voices matter:

Re "Suspicious voter forms easily traced in Florida," Sept. 30

How ironic that the party responsible for removing many barriers to voting used in the South after Reconstruction to prevent poor African Americans and poor whites from voting is resurrecting them in the form of voter ID laws, again to disenfranchise African Americans, the poor and the elderly, whom the GOP presumes vote mostly for Democrats. The cost of providing certified copies of birth certificates or naturalization papers, passports, driver's licenses or other form of identification will be a burden to many of these citizens.

With the Florida Republican Party's desperate registration efforts — highlighted by retaining a firm whose principal, Nathan Sproul, has faced allegations of election misconduct — and the GOP's current difficulties in Florida over fraudulent registrations, one can only be aghast at how far the party of Lincoln has strayed from the principles of Lincoln.

Gordon J. Louttit

Manhattan Beach


Let's see if any of the Republicans who called for ACORN to be shut down after the 2008 election will ask for the Republican Party to be shut down. And this is much worse than ACORN, which by law had to submit those suspect registrations, which it flagged. The Republicans didn't do likewise for their forms. They waited until they were caught to do something about it.

Alex Magdaleno



"The mess is a lingering embarrassment for the GOP"


As I posted yesterday, The Los Angeles Times, the Brad Blog, and are all posting about GOP election/registration fraud and hypocrisy. There is a "shady voter registration firm owned by Mitt Romney’s paid political consultant and longtime GOP operative, Nathan Sproul."

According to the L.A. Times, "Strategic Allied Consulting was hired to do voter registration drives in Florida, Virginia, Colorado, North Carolina and Nevada, and had been planning get-out-the-vote drives in Ohio and Wisconsin, according to Sproul."

And California Watch reported that "in a complaint filed last week with the county registrar of voters, the Democrats presented affidavits from 133 Democratic voters who said they had been re-registered as Republicans without their consent after they encountered petition circulators outside welfare offices and stores."

And then a few days ago, there was this memorable moment, one that was referred to in one of the Times pieces below: VIDEO: Voter registration volunteer: “We’re out here in support of Romney, actually… We’re working for the county clerk’s office.”

So much for Republican credibility and integrity.

Which brings us to today's reports from the L.A. Times. There are two:

Strategic Allied told Palm Beach County officials that the suspicious forms found there could be traced to one worker, William T. Hazard of Boynton Beach, according to sources familiar with the investigation. Officials identified 106 forms submitted by Hazard. [...]

Hazard said he was paid $12 an hour and not compensated for how many forms he turned in, so he said he would have no incentive to forge applications.

He said he was given "zero training." His only instructions were to approach people and ask whom they supported in the presidential election. When people answered with President Obama, he said, he wished them a good day. If someone said Mitt Romney, he asked if they were registered to vote. If not, he handed them forms to fill out, he said.

That is similar to the little antics in the post I referred to earlier about a young woman in Colorado who was only registering Romney supporters.

What is not in the revised online report, but in my morning L.A. Times newspaper, is this sentence:

But the mess is a lingering embarrassment for the GOP, which has pushed for new state laws to combat what party members say is a system riddled with Democratic voter fraud.

Mess, indeed. A big hot mess created by none other than the GOP who have made a concerted effort to disenfranchise Democratic voters.

But wait! There's more! The second article refers to those fraudulent GOP registration efforts in California and how it has created a "surge" in Republican registration in Riverside County:

Formal complaints filed with the state by at least 133 residents of a state Senate district there say they were added to GOP rolls without their knowledge, calling into question the party's boast that Republican membership has rocketed 23% in the battleground area. [...]

The complaints have also shined a light on the political committee behind the registration drive, Golden State Voter Participation Project, and its biggest donor, wealthy GOP activist Charles Munger Jr. Other donors include the California Apartment Assn., Farmers Group Inc. and Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturing of America. [...]

Democrats say bogus registrations are more than just an issue of workers trying to make an extra buck — that they're a trick to prevent the Democratic party from getting supporters to the polls as well as to draw more money to the area's Republican races. A statewide Democratic group gathered the complaints and filed them with the secretary of state's investigators. [...] A local Democratic group, the Riverside County Progressive Political Action Committee, alleged in a letter to county officials that the GOP registration drive there was "an overt and pervasive voter registration fraud effort."

Remember, all these "alleged" attempts to illegally affect the outcome of the November elections is coming from the party that is accusing Democrats-- and have accused the dreaded and now-defunct but totally vindicated ACORN-- of doing very similar, if not identical, things.

Again, the hypocrisy is astounding, the projection is Rovian.