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Dem Rep. asks Park Service if Sarah Palin received special -- and expensive -- treatment


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First Margaret Thatcher flat out rebuffs Former Half Gov RingBells McBusTour, and now a Congress member has questions about her "family vacation" and whether she enjoyed the Statute of Liberty and Paul Revere's teenage "hang outs" on the government's dime.

Yeah, right, she'll run for president, that would end well.  Via OregonLive:

Suggesting that Sarah Palin's recent tour of historic sites was anything but a low-cost family get-away, Rep. Earl Blumenauer on Tuesday asked the National Park Service if it extended extra services to a private citizen.

He also demanded that Palin should reimburse the government any additional cost caused by her high-profile visits to Gettysburg, Independence Hall, Fort McHenry and other iconic sites on a swing along the Northeast last week.

A Park Service spokesman said that Palin "assured us it was a family trip."

He went on to ask:

"What exactly was this bus tour supposed to be? If it was a political campaign event, then it is inappropriate for any federal resources to be used. If it was just a family vacation, then she shouldn’t be entitled to any special treatment beyond what the average American family would receive."

Maybe Palin considered it to be an extension of that crazy ride of Paul Revere's she claims to know so much about. Clearly, she and her entourage were simply firin' warning shots and ringin' bells to alert all Republicans along her route to hang onto their guns before President Obama started snatchin' them away! She was performing a public service, nothing more. She's an American hero.

One if by sham, two if by spree.

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Doubling down on the stupid there Sar? Seems like the Lesser Idjits came to the rescue of the Queen Idjit, looking for any scrap to defend her with.