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In his final days in office, MS Governor Haley Barbour pardoned four convicted murderers


The sanctity of life, per Haley Barbour:

(Reuters) - Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour pardoned four convicted murderers who worked at the Governor's Mansion, releasing them from prison in the final days of his term in office, state officials said on Monday... In the executive orders Barbour signed, he wrote each "proved to be a diligent and dedicated workman."

The estranged wife of one of the pardoned was cradling their baby when she was shot in the head by Barbour's "diligent and dedicated workman."

"Pro-life" my ass.

You can read about the rest here.


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Flashback: Jeremy Giefer, accused child molester, got Pawlenty pardon to open childcare center


Let's take a nostalgic look back at more of that fine Tim "Truth (aka Lies) Campaign" Pawlenty judgment. Why, it seems like only a few years ago that this happened. From a December 1, 2010 piece in City Pages:

Jeremy Giefer served time in jail in 1994 for having sex with a 14-year-old girl. But you wouldn't know it to look at the record of the man now charged with sexually molesting his daughter more than 250 times over the last eight years.

That's because two years ago, Gov. Tim Pawlenty, Attorney General Lori Swanson, and then-Chief Justice Eric Magnuson unanimously voted to wipe Giefer's record clean, granting him a pardon extraordinary.

One reason Giefer wanted his record cleared? His wife wanted to open a childcare center in the house where they live--the same house where Giefer allegedly molested his young daughter throughout the six years prior. [...]

If Pawlenty's political opponents want fodder for an attack ad when the campaign gets dirty, they couldn't ask for much better than the story about how he voted to clear the record of a sex offender now charged with habitually raping his own daughter.

What could possibly go wrong? January 6, 2011, City Pages:

Susan Giefer has been issued a citation for helping her husband contact the teenage daughter he is accused of raping hundreds of times over the past seven years. [...]

This isn't the only time Susan Giefer has been implicated in her husband's efforts to contact his daughter: The Blue Earth County Sheriff's Department recorded a telephone call between Giefer and his wife when Giefer was in jail in which Giefer again sought to make contact with his daughter, again through a third party. [...]

Giefer is a free man again, for the moment, after posting an additional $100,000 in bail on Monday.

Vote for Tim Pawlenty, the tea party's very own "family values" candidate!

More here.

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