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bad day how's your day going

Dear Wonderful Readers,

Presenting our big bummer Note O' the Day:

Poor Paddy is huddled with her space heaters, trying to survive in minus-kajillion degree Indiana weather (See? She's cold! And it's winter! So she should be cold! So clearly, there's no such thing as global warming, duh!).

David is very flu-ish, feels like crap, so he can't do anything but lie in bed and feel completely miserable. Ugh.

That leaves yours truly whose day is crazy, but will try to make every effort to hold down the fort.

Hence, apologies for the spotty entries, wishing both my TPC pals a speedy thaw/recovery, and asking for your kind patience.

Thanks for understanding. Hopefully we'll be back in full swing tomorrow.

As for all of you, please stay warm and well,



Note to Readers


note to readers smaller

Just a quick note to our wonderful readers:

For personal reasons, I'm cutting back on the number of posts I write every day. As you know, TPC pumps out product every day, all day, including holidays.

Paddy and David will still be churning out news, commentary, and information on a regular basis, but since my dad died, things just haven't quite been the same. Priorities are changing, and I feel a need to alleviate stress where I can. I've pushed myself to maintain a self-imposed fast-paced schedule since 2007, but something's gotta give, as the saying goes.

It's you, our amazing, supportive, loyal readers that keep all three of us going (and Lucian, our tech wizard and all around cool guy). We appreciate you beyond words.

This won't be a huge change, just fewer TPC posts. I'll likely still be all over the Twitter Machine, still be on the radio with Nicole Sandler every Tuesday morning, and still be fighting like hell for progressive causes.

Thanks, that is all. Not a biggie. Now, back to writing.


Laffy M.I.A.


note to readers smaller

Dear Everyone,

I thought I better pop up a quick note explaining my absence over the past few days.

I just had a physical, and it went pretty well, with one test needing a redo in a couple of months, so for now at least, all is well.

But the day after my physical, my shoulder and right hand became inexplicably painful, some kind of muscle strain, since it only occurs in certain positions. I can't attribute it to anything I did specifically, nor has it been responding to treatment.

I assume that it's from a combination of extreme stress building over the past couple of years due to my dad's illness and recent passing, along with pushing myself too hard. So I've forced myself to pop some muscle relaxers and stay off Mr. Computer until I can see some improvement.

I'm a total wimp, so the meds put me right to sleep during the day, but I am seeing minimal improvement, so I want to keep this up for a few more days.

There could be a million reasons for this, so to all you caring, sweet, pals of mine who love armchair diagnosing on Twitter, please don't feel you have to in this case (although I truly appreciate it). I have the finest doctors for that, and I do, despite my goofy pseudonym, have a lot of common sense and experience with this kind of pain, plus I've worked in doctors' offices and lived with Dr. Dad and his doctor friends for my entire life. I should get an honorary M.D. by osmosis.

For now, I'll be M.I.A. until I see a real change or until my doctors tell me to STFU and get back to work.

Until then, thank you for all your positive, kind words here, on Facebook, and on Twitter.

Please note: On Twitter, my LaffyBot will continue to automatically tweet "Miss This?" links to our TPC blog posts. Our Facebook page also has them up.

I'll check in from time to time when I am not comatose.

And please be good to Paddy and David whose posts are wonderful, thoughtful, hilarious, goofy, informative, and appropriately defiant when called for.

Your readership matters, so keep it up!

And I hope you all had a happy, safe Fourth! See you asap!



i love you so much


I don't know how to thank you


i love you so much

For two full days my Twitter stream and TPC Comments under Final Dad Report: To the so, so many of you kind enough to ask and care have been been filled with your compassion and kindness, your often intimate stories, and your wishes, love, and tear-inducing words of comfort.

I am overwhelmed. I cannot thank all of you enough for caring and sharing your own personal experiences, sorrow, wisdom, optimism, advice, and empathy. I've read every single message, and even though there is simply no way I can respond individually to all of you, I can offer you this, a heartfelt post brimming over with profound gratitude.

Consider this a huge hug for every single one of you who took the time and emotional energy to send condolences and soothing notes, emails, tweets, IMs, and phone calls.

It feels like I have hundreds of close friends and family right here with me at all hours of the day and night, whenever I need you... whenever we need each other. I don't know how to express my appreciation strongly enough, but just know you, every one of you, has made a difference.

I'm truly humbled and honored to be surrounded by such kindhearted friends, even though most of us have never met face to face. Please know it's mutual, that you can count on me the way you've let me lean on you.

I wish I could do a better job of communicating how much you've helped. All I can do is repeat the same two words:

Thank you.


TPC holiday note to readers


happy holidays animated gifchristmas holiday dessert snowman

First things first: Paddy and I wish each and every one of you a safe, warm, happy holiday filled with love and yummies.

As for this week: Both of us are under the weather, so posting has been a little slower than usual the past few days.

As for me, I am going on yet another Big Road Trip (scroll... and yes, let's hope it's not a repeat of the one I had two years ago... and yes, our house is in good hands) to San Francisco with my family, so we all better get over our miserable colds quickly (all of us caught this sucker). Especially because I'm meeting up with some wonderful new, and long time, Twitter friends in SF, which makes me so happy!

I'll try to post when I can, but I doubt it will be more than once or twice, because it's not easy when I'm out and about. (My little notebook is a pain, plus I'm never sitting in one place long enough to write anything.)

Hence, I've invited a few people to sub for me, including David Garber, Andy Marquis, and Chris Lamb. Hopefully, they'll be able to contribute while I'm gone.

So we will likely continue our lighter posting this week, given the time of year and both Paddy and me trying to recupe from our various sickitude.

Again, have a safe, warm, happy holiday week. Be good to Paddy and we'll be back to our regular posting schedule after the first of the year.

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christmas desserts holiday


A heartfelt thank you


In many ways, this has been a tough year, both politically and personally. Leaving politics aside, since I covered that here, let's concentrate on the personal.

All too many of us have emotional issues, health issues, family problems, money problems, you name it. And because we all understand all too well what it's like to suffer from any one, or all, of those, then even temporary respites from those often excruciating tensions are even more precious.

Over the past three years or so, I've simultaneously had to deal with the declining health of my dad and my mother-in-law on the home front while contending with an ongoing and very intrusive situation with someone who has done his level best to destroy my online friendships and professional reputation.

The bad news is, my dad's health will only continue to deteriorate, since tiny strokes forever damaged his motor skills and memory, while thankfully, his sharp wit remains intact. He's still hilarious, even through his devastating ordeal. Again, those who have been there for me and offered their kindness, good wishes, advice, and caring have my eternal thanks.

The good news is, my kids and Mr. Laffy are doing well, as are most of my friends.

And on the Internet front, slowly but surely people are figuring out who this very disturbed "progressive" (and his very few remaining supporters)-- who's relentlessly written about me and others-- really isĀ  and are abandoning him and repudiating his (their) smears. Despite that, it's been painful to observe, and so those who have supported me have my undying gratitude, as do those who have come forward to publicly acknowledge and apologize for their part in his still-ongoing rants.

Sometimes total strangers act like better friends than "real life" friends do, and that never ceases to amaze and hearten me.

To our wonderful readers who keep us going, who are generous with your time, encouragement, and your donations, we cannot begin to thank you enough.

To my buddies on Twitter who have helped me through the unpleasantness (including swatting away those pesky RWNJ trolls) over the years, you are angels and I appreciate you more than you can ever know. And thank you, Twitter pals, for your insights and political commentary, your very helpful links and personal stories, and of course, your jokes, even the groaners. Your voices really do matter.

And speaking of voices that really do matter, it's nearly impossible to express my thanks to Rachel Maddow for what she does, how she does it, her humor, her genius for communicating and informing, and for the encouragement she has given me personally.

And to Nicole Sandler, Angie Coiro, Ed Schultz, Lizz Winstead, Lawrence O'Donnell, Melissa Harris-Perry, Chris Hayes, Martin Bashir, Ari Melber, Nina Turner, Joy Ann Reid, Keith Boykin, Rosie Perez, Catherine Crier, the Stephanie Miller Show, Jacki Schechner, Randi Rhodes, John Dean, Joan Walsh, Jonathan Capehart, Sally Kohn, Martha Plimpton, Thom Hartmann, the Occupy Movement, and so many others who I'm forgetting (for which I apologize), thank you for fighting for all the right causes and standing up for those whose voices are often ignored, and doing so with ferocity, fire, smarts, humor, and heart.

We need more progressive voices out there, so let's make that happen. Then we can thank ourselves.

One more thing, one that I should have put right at the top: Nobody, but nobody, has a better partner in crime than I do. A big fat heartfelt thank you to Paddy.


A blog's gotta do what a blog's gotta do


PLEASE NOTE: Paddy's under the weather today and won't be around, so I'm on my own... and not only am I sleep-deprived, but to make this day just letter-perfect, my cable keeps going out. I'm expecting this to be a spotty posting day, so please bear with us. Thanks!

Okay... yes, it's that time again. It's fundraising time here at TPC. It's a necessary evil, but a blog's gotta do what a blog's gotta do.

Now, now, no you don't! Come back here, we both know you don't suddenly need a drink or a snack or have to emergency-text your BFF. Please just take a second to read this short post, it'll only take a minute.

If you like the news and stories we bring you, please, please consider donating, since our expenses go way beyond what we can afford out-of-pocket.

We continue to have these quarterly fundraisers very reluctantly. Reluctantly because:

1. We seriously hate asking, and...

2. We know how hard it is to part with money these days.

We appreciate our wonderful readers every day, donations or no donations, so please know that. You are the ones who inspire us to keep going. You are our motivation. You are our reason for existing.

However, existing requires upkeep and payments to hosts and servers, so despite our reluctance, we must ask for your help.

Many, many thanks.

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