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Poll-itics-- Paul Ryan in one word: Thud.


ouchThis is what happens when you are tone deaf, when you keep returning to the same failed policies, and when voters are on to you. Take a look at how Paul Ryan, Boy Wonder, is viewed these days. Keep in mind, this comes from Rasmussen, a right-leaning pollster:

Even Republicans have a lower opinion these days of Congressman Paul Ryan [...]

[J]ust 35% of all Likely U.S. Voters now view Ryan favorably. That's down 15 points from 50% in August just after Mitt Romney chose him as his running mate.

Fifty-four percent (54%) have an unfavorable opinion of the Wisconsin congressman.

Paul Ryan

It gets worse. 23% gave him a Very Unfavorable.

rock bottom2

That sound you hear is a stunned Paul Ryan dropping his weights.

thud nancy and sluggo


Poll-itics: And they're off! Congress begins 2013 with 14% approval, GOP at 6%


nowhere to go but up

gallupwhat's not to like

Poor Congress. Everyone's always picking on them just because they never accomplish anything; and persist in playing political games instead of doing their jobs; and act like spoiled, entitled, tantruming brats; and continue to use the filibuster and other obstruction tactics more than any other Congress in the history of ever; and introduce anti-women's rights legislation instead of working on behalf of the Americans they represent who need, you know, jobs (aka "jobortion" bills); and parade in front of Tee Vee cameras when they should be bending over backwards to get this country out of an economic mess; and refuse to approve the president's judicial and cabinet nominees; and take more recesses than a kindergarten class; and... Shall I go on?

Did I mention the fight over Hurricane Sandy relief?

What's not to like?


Americans give Congress a 14% job approval rating as the new year begins, the lowest since September of last year and down from 18% in November and December. The disapproval rating for Congress is 81%. [...]

Republicans' approval of the job Congress is doing dropped to 6% in January, from 14% in December. This eight-percentage-point decline fits with the finding that rank-and-file Republicans had the most negative reactions to the fiscal cliff agreement reached at the end of the year. But Democrats' approval of Congress dropped by a similar degree -- six points, to 15% from 21%. Independents' approval rating was more constant at 17%, compared to 19% in December.

ouch smaller

In the broadest sense, one bit of good news for the new Congress is that its current job approval ratings are so low that they have practically nowhere to go but up.

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More at the link.


VIDEO: Meat Loaf sings his endorsment of Mitt Romney. No words...



I'm... speechless... no words...

That was, erm, painful, "brothah"!

And awkward.

Please note: New video added, the old one (below) was pulled.


Meat Loaf Sings Endorsing Romney America The Beautiful

DEFIANCE, Ohio - Mitt Romney rallied a large crowd in the high school football stadium here tonight after surprise musical guest Meat Loaf belted out an endorsement for the Republican presidential nominee to the crowd of 12,000 people.


VIDEO- Rachel Maddow: "This speech not only... was a bad speech... one of the most remarkable acts of political selfishness I have ever seen..."


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I watched Rachel Maddow's kapowie! reaction to Chris Christie's speech live last night and hoped NBC would post the video. They did. Enjoy!

"[T]his speech not only I think was a bad speech, I think that this was one of the most remarkable acts of political selfishness I have ever seen on a stage this big. This was a 2600-word speech in which he used nearly 1800 of those words before he first said the name "Mitt Romney," and as soon as he said Mitt Romney, he went back to talking about himself for hundreds more words.

"This was Chris Christie accepting the nomination of the Republican party for 2016, because Mitt Romney wasn't even interesting enough to talk about in the keynote address that is supposed to be more Mitt Romney's nomination. I find this speech to have been totally shocking, completely opposite to what I expected."

"...What the Republican party most did tonight was make the case for their bench, if not for the team on the field at least, the team that might be on the field in four years."


VIDEO- Robert Gibbs: Romney is "embarrassing." Daily Beast: He's "lame, annoying, a true wimp, a weenie, nervous, terrified, nasty, whiny."



That was delightful, Robert Gibbs, thank you! Then there's this from a rather lengthy, must-read article in the Daily Beast:

He’s kind of lame, and he’s really ... annoying. He keeps saying these ... things, these incredibly off-key things. Then he apologizes immediately—with all the sincerity of a hostage. ... But the one thing he never does? Man up, double down, take his lumps. [...]

Romney is the genuine article: a true wimp. Oh, there are some ways in which he’s not—a wimp lets himself get kicked around, and Romney doesn’t exactly do that. [...]

In some respects, he’s more weenie than wimp—socially inept; at times awkwardy ingratiating, at other times mocking those “below” him, but almost always getting the situation a little wrong, and never in a sympathetic way. The evidence resonates across too many years to deny... This guy is nervous—terrified—about looking weak. And ironically, being terrified of looking weak makes him look weaker still. [...]

Compounding matters, when pressed to the slightest degree about his inconsistencies, he can get nasty and whiny. [...]

But if Romney is elected? Be nervous. ... [A] weenie Republican—look out. He has something to prove, needs to reassert that “natural” advantage. That spells trouble more often than not.

I can't add much to that, other than the excerpts ring true, and it's becoming more obvious by the day.

Anyone who would still vote for this guy would be doing so out of loyalty to the party or hatred for President Obama, because it can't possibly be that he's someone they'd truly want in the White House.

Nobody is that blind. Well, almost nobody, especially if they read the Daily Beast article.

Here's Willard's response to some of the criticism:


Poll-itics: Newt Gingrich at a whopping 10% among registered Republicans


Via Gallup. Ouch:

Or to put it another way:


John Boehner: House GOP gets their "eyes get confused with [their] butt"


The Wall Street Journal has a lot of quotes from John Boehner, but here are two, erm, particularly interesting ones:

John Boehner is sighing. It's one of those days, or maybe epochs. He's just spoken to the House GOP conference. Some members are feeling fractious, disheartened. Time for a St. Crispin's Day speech. What did he tell them? "I told them they have ocular rectitis. That's when your eyes get confused with your butt, and it develops into [an unnecessarily fecal] outlook on life." [...]

"We got 435 members. It's just a slice of America, it really is. We got some of the smartest people in the country who serve here, and some of the dumbest. We got some of the best people you'd ever meet, and some of the raunchiest. We've got 'em all."

So to recap, a few of his fellow Republicans have a "fecal outlook on life" and Congress in general has some really, really dumb, raunchy members.

With friends like The Boehner...

I'd love to know what they're saying about him.